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10 May 2023 |

We are sure most of you have heard of Crash Games either in a conversation, on a banner of an ad or somewhere online on a betting site. These games are short and fast and depending how daring you are feeling can be very rewarding. However it is a game of chance for sure.

Aviator is the most popular and most played crash game in the world at the moment – well done Spribe! Aviator has set a very exciting path for others to follow. In this article we will list the top crash games in South Africa and throughout other African countries for you. So why not try something new, fun and different?


As we have stated before, Aviator is the most played crash game at the moment. Spribe are ahead of the curve on this one. Aviator was first introduced to Hollywoodbets in South Africa and it took SA by storm. Have a look at our detailed Aviator Game Review on how to play this curve game and relevant FAQ.

The moment you begin to play, the aeroplane takes off. Furthermore the potential prize keeps rising as it ascends higher into the sky. But take care because if it flies off, you loose. Therefore, your goal is to withdraw money before the plane vanishes.

Quite a few best betting sites have followed suite and added this Crash Game to their portfolio. The latest one being 10bet South Africa.

Where to play in South Africa:


Spaceman was first launched in South Africa by 10bet, read our full article 10bet Launch Spaceman for more info. You can also play this great game at bet9ja in Nigeria and PrideBet in Ghana.

Pragmatic Play have created a wacky crash game that happens in outer space. You’ll need to maintain your composure as the countdown comes to the end and the Spaceman is launched into space with the help of stunning animation and graphics. There is a tiny spaceman who travels through space and when the spaceman stops flying, a crash happens!

Also read our Spaceman Game Review for more details and features available in this game.


JetX, the flagship title from Georgian developer Smartsoft Gaming, is frequently regarded as the first disruptor game because it was released in 2018. Before it became live on HollywoodBets in December 2022, JetX wasn’t offered on any sites in South Africa. Although you board a jet rather than a plane, the gameplay is precisely the same as on Aviator. Place your wagers and after that make sure to cash out before the jet catches fire. In Nigeria, JetX is available to play with Frapapa. Have a look at our JetX Game Review for more details on how to play and where.


This is a game by BetConstruct that you can play with great bookmaker Gbets or new-comer Betshezi. Blast has a new feature whereas after a player has placed a bet you can press the “cash out 50%” button and record a win on half the bet amount you made. Then you can continue the game by using the other half of your bet. With this game you can earn quite a penny if lady luck is on your side. All you need to do is make a bet and checkout before the Blast!

Where to play in South Africa:

Cash or Crash

This live game is available on most of the best betting sites in South Africa that feature Evolution games. Cash or Crash live game is based on a lotto draw and is equally quite basic. There are 19 green, 8 red, and 1 golden ball in the drum. Also the golden ball starts the bonus round and grants you an extra life. If a green ball is picked, make sure you cash out before a red ball is selected. Can you successfully ascend the 20-step ladder? Our Cash or Crash game review contains further details about this game.


Rocketman by Elbet can be played with Frapapa in Nigeria amongst many other type of crash games. The win multiplier will increase every millisecond as the rocket lifts off until – BANG! Keep a watch out for when that sweet spot approaches so you can easily maximise your earnings because if you are unable to collect your money prior to the explosion, all is lost.

The game Rocketman is thrilling and engaging, and it has a quick potential reward. It is the ideal approach to have fun and earn plenty of money thanks to its provably fair gaming system, extra features, and demo game that is available. This game is not yet available in South Africa.


To win and become the Paperplane champion, predict how far your paper plane will fly! Use the distance your paper aeroplane can travel. The bigger reward will be attainable the narrower the range you choose. Changing range is simple with the Over/Under button.To begin the game, click “Let it fly”! Paperplane is a Split The Pot game and available to play with a few bookies as listed below.

Where to Play in South Africa:

Where to Play in Africa:

  • Betway Ghana
  • Betway Tanzania
  • Betway Nigeria


This is a fun and fast version of the popular show “The price is right”. Like Daredevil and Paperplane this game is also part of the Split The Pot portfolio.

The Split The Pot games are all multistep, so you can pay out at various points throughout each game. Therefore, with these games, you are in charge of whether you wish to pay out smaller victories or have the courage to try for greater wins.

Where to Play in South Africa:

Where to Play in Africa:

  • Betway Nigeria
  • Betway Tanzania
  • Betway Ghana

Enjoy the best crash games!

As you can see from the above there are quite a few crash games to choose from in the meantime. There are many more crash games available. For example on Betway Ghana you can also play 1×2 Gaming’s Maverick as well as Comet Crash or NanaSky. The latter is a Betway exclusive but not yet available at Betway SA.

Are you ready to take to the skies and possibly win big? Have a look at our Crash Games Guide for some strategy tips, then pick your chosen best betting site and have some fun and entertainment.

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