Cash or Cash Live Review

Cash or Crash Live Game Review

Join us on an augmented reality blimp ride in Cash or Crash Live and aim to soar high over a metropolis with the possibility to win up to R5,000,000!

Evolution is back with a brand new and exciting game show for us to enjoy. Take to the skies in Cash or Crash Live where the game is set inside a blimp. Players are taken on an immersive journey over a series of bustling virtual worlds with chances of huge pay-outs. But be careful as it can all come crashing down very fast.

Where to Play

You will be able to play Cash or Crash Live at most bookies who offer Evolution Live games in South Africa.

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Why not try Cash or Crash by Evolution at PureBet, South Africa’s newest premier betting site. Read our detailed PureBet review and find out for yourself how much fun live games can be.

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Objective of Cash or Crash Live

Very similar to Spribe’s Aviator game which we recently reviewed which is available at Hollywoodbets, Cash or Crash Live works in a similar manner. Take a chance on the outcome of the next ball and cash out your winnings before it is too late.

The objective of the game is to move up a 20-step ladder paytable. As you climb higher so do your winnings!

A ball draw machine selects coloured balls at random. When a green ball is drawn you climb higher up the paytable ladder. When a red ball is drawn, you come crashing down. But, there is also the chance of a gold ball being drawn. The gold ball provides a shield that protects you from the next red ball drawn and can also increase the payouts on the paytable – all the way up to a breath-taking 50,000x your bet!

The ball-drawing machine contains:

  • 19 Green Balls
  • 1 Gold Ball
  • 8 Red Balls

As a ball is drawn they are separated from the remaining balls until such time the game round ends. A game round ends when a red ball is drawn, unless there is an active shield (gold ball) in play.

Game Play Explained

When a round is completed betting starts for the next round. Players can place only one bet at a time. Players will see the Cash or Crash paytable change to show them what their odds and possible win amounts are based on their bet amount.

Once betting time is over the ball machine will draw the first ball.

  • Green Ball will move a player a step up the pay table and potential winnings will increase.
  • Gold Ball a player will move another step up the pay table and again see potential winning increase and a one time protection against the game ending effects of a red ball is received. If the round continues after a Shield is broken, new multipliers replace previous ones and the pay-outs increase for even bigger winnings.
  • Red Balls will break any active shields and see the game continue on the same level as pay table. If there are no active shields, the round ends.

Making The Cash or Crash Decision 

When the ball draw machine draws a green ball players can select one of three options. Firstly, they can choose between TAKE ALL which will end their round and secure winnings up to that point. Secondly, they can select TAKE HALF and cash out 50% of their current winnings and continue the game with half of their current amount, thus giving them the chance to stay in the round and potentially win more. Lastly, if a player is feeling lucky they can opt to CONTINUE and keep playing with the full amount won up to that point and potentially win big.

There are also 2 small blimps, one green and one red on the sides of the pay table. These indicate the percentage chance of either getting a “good” or “bad” ball on the next draw.

Gold Ball and Shield Explained

When a gold ball is drawn, a Bonus Round is triggered. Players are no longer required to make a decision until such time a red ball is drawn. The round continues in quick-draw mode where players don’t need to make a decision and the multiplier increases takes you higher on your journey up the pay table until the shield is broken. 

Evo Cash or Crash FAQ

What type of game is Cash or Crash Live by Evolution?

Cash or Crash is a unique live game show where players decide to cash-out potential winnings or stay in the round and potentially win more!

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Evo Cash or Crash?

Looking at the top South African bookies who offer the game we saw a minimum bet of R2 and a maximum bet of R10,000.

How many rounds of betting are there in a round of Cash or Crash?

There is only one betting round, however there are a potential 20 levels to go up into in each round.

What is the maximum win amount I could win in a round?

The maximum win amount has been capped at R5,000,000 per round.

Cash Or Crash Live
Cash or Crash Live Game
Cash or Crash Live Screen 3

Cash or Crash Live – Game Summary

It is very difficult to create and launch a new and innovative Live game these days. We have seen numerous versions of prize wheels and wheel type games over the last year or so and to finally see a new game mechanic is refreshing.

The gameplay is easy to understand and the game does not fail to excite. Players can easily find information on how the game works, game history, sound settings and more.

The presenters in Cash or Crash Live are all well trained and definitely add a different dynamic to the game. As with real brick and mortar casinos, the dealers all bring something different to the game. This means that the friendly banter and chats during the game as well as the excitement for a big win all change with the presenters.

Add the fact that you could win up to a massive R5,000,000, yes R5 million and you have a recipe for a successful game.

We enjoyed playing Evolution Cash or Crash Live on mobile and desktop. The experience was slightly more fun while on a bigger desktop screen but none of the quality or functionality was lost on our phones.

Overall, we can’t fault the game and highly recommend giving Cash or Crash a try.

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