Betting Law

At we want you to have the best online betting experience possible. While we can’t ensure that you win we can help you find the best bookmakers available. Above all, we only list fully licensed online betting sites on our website. Furthermore we stand by the regulations of the South African gambling laws and how these relate to sports betting law.

Online gambling and sports betting law in South Africa

Firstly, we need to understand the definition of online gambling in South Africa. The South African National Gambling Board (NGB) draws a clear distinction between concepts of online gambling and online betting. The law is very specific on facilitating or conducting gambling transactions over the internet from South Africa. Online betting is legal with licensed South African bookmakers as it stands. On the other hand, current gambling law prohibits online gambling for example on slot machines. Only engage with provincially licensed operator websites or bookmakers. This being a sure and simple way to steer clear of any misinterpretations of the law and sports betting law. You would also be certain that the provincial regulatory bodies have approved the online betting content offered on these websites.

Which gambling regulatory bodies exist in South Africa?

On a national level, the National Gambling Board (NGB) has the responsibility to oversee regulation of gambling in the country. Also to maintain the moral and ethical principles, as it relates to gambling, of the country on a global scale.

The following nine regulatory gambling boards, on a provincial level, enforce control and regulation of gambling:

Based on the provincial location of their establishments, bookmakers with a physical presence have to be licensed in their locality. It is therefore possible for certain bookmakers to have more than one license. This is based on a physical presence in more than one province within the country.

Is online sports betting legal in South Africa?

Yes, provided that the online sports betting operator holds a license issued by one of the provincial gambling boards. We have also written a comprehensive article on this topic – is sports betting in South Africa legal?

Are online lottery purchases legal in South Africa?

Yes, under license some online sports betting operators also offer a channel into popular worldwide lotteries, including those in SA. See further details on our lotto betting online page.

Is online Esports betting legal in South Africa?

Yes, although not yet officially recognized as a sporting activity by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Esports as a concept has seen a tremendous increase in popularity over recent years. It is a form of arranged sport competition where contenders compete in multiplayer video games. Of course, you can also place bets on the outcome of these events. See our Esports page for a full overview of the best Esports betting sites.

Is my preferred online sports betting or online lotto website licensed in South Africa?

The regulatory bodies have the responsibility of imposing the regulations under the National Gambling Act of 2004. All of the online betting operators found on operate legally. They all operate under a license issued by at least one of the provincial gambling boards in the country. See here a list of the safest online betting sites.

Online betting and lottery operators usually like to promote the fact that they conform to and operate within the law. As such, operator websites would display a clear reference to the specific license(s) they hold, sometimes including a license number. The provincial Gambling Board, that issued the license, should have their name or logo appear on the website. These references generally appear at the bottom or footer section of the online sports betting operator websites. Or alternatively, either in the About Us or Terms and Conditions sections. Contact the support team if you cannot find a reference to licensing on their website.

Is it safe to bet online?

Yes, sports betting law protects you. The provincial gambling boards and the National Gambling Board (NGB) jointly ensure your safety. These entities respectively have responsibilities to:

  • ensure protection through enforcement of the regulation; and
  • oversee protection of the customers of licensed bookmakers in South Africa.

Where payments are concerned, approved services employ multiple layers of security. These safeguards exist to ensure that transactions take place in a secure and safe manner. Also ensuring that transactions adhere to regulatory exchange controls. Have a read through some other reasons why betting online is completely safe.

What are the potential consequences of gambling online in South Africa?

Simply put, interactive online gambling (e.g. on slot machines) is illegal in the country. The only exception being betting online through licensed South African bookmakers. Some of the consequences of not abiding by this law include:

  • having your bank confiscate your winnings before they even reach your bank account,
  • you will not receive your winnings,
  • facing criminal charges or prosecution which will impact the rest of your life.

Does have a gambling license in South Africa?

No, we do not require a license since we do not offer gambling or betting facilities on our website. Instead we offer impartial advice on various good, established, licensed online betting and online lottery operators within South Africa. This website acts as an affiliate to promote the offerings of the best online sports betting websites in the country. We adhere to a set of strict rules imposed by the operator websites through our engagement with these entities.

Gambling complaint resolution

At times, complaints arise due to misunderstandings of rules or terms and conditions. Thankfully, a dispute resolution process is written into the law. Have a read on what this process entails.

Responsible gambling in South Africa

The National Gambling Act of 2004 brought forth regulations imposed by the law. Establishments whether land based or online, have a responsibility to ensure that gambling and betting remains a form of entertainment. The targeting of gambling should not be aimed at minors, or anyone under the age of 18. Licensed online betting operators follow strict protocols to ensure:

  • customers are of legal gambling age;
  • customers are who they say they are (also see FICA); and
  • they have ways to identify problem gambling.

Bet responsibly, winners know when to stop. If you, a dependent or a family member may have a gambling problem, there are various ways to get help. The South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF) is a government backed charity. This body exists to promote responsible gambling in the country. The National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP) is an initiative by the SARGF. It offers treatment at no cost to the consumer, as well as industry problem prevention and support programmes. We have also listed some tips on how to stay safe while betting online on our responsible gambling page.

Self exclusion

The National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP) underpins self-exclusion intervention. Facilitated under gambling legislation in South Africa and as part of the initiative to prevent and treat problem gambling. The programme offers support for excluded persons and their immediate family members. Accordingly, anyone can request self-exclusion from gambling activities for a period of six months. Exclusion can be initiated through the provincial gambling boards or any licensed gambling operator.