Esports Betting Online in SA

Esports has seen a surge in popularity and can offer you a lot of fun and entertainment. While esports betting is still in its early stages in South Africa a few operators have started to offer a variety of markets and competitive odds. We recommend choosing an online bookmaker who is fully licensed as per SA law. Esports betting online front image

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Esports (also known as e-sports, eSports or electronic sports) is a form of sport competition using video games. This sport saw a rise in popularity and these days millions are watching and betting on global tournaments. Although betting on esports is not yet widely available across South African bookmakers we highlight the ones that offer it in their portfolios with our top 3 Esports betting sites listed above. If you are new to esports betting why not have a look at our Esports Betting Strategy & Tips guide.

How to bet on Esports?

Esports betting is not very different from traditional sports betting. The most common basic bets are Tournament Winner or Match Winner. Although some bookies might offer you less known, game specific bet options, here are some of the more common bet types you might find:

  • Draw
  • Group Winner
  • Group Of Winner
  • Handicap Bet
  • Outright winner
  • Over/Under
  • Total Rounds

There are also bookies who offer Proposition Bets (prop bets). These types of Esports bets depend on a specific game, such as First Blood, where you are placing a bet on the team who scores the first kill of the match. Other special bets are Knife Round, Pistol Round or Map Winner.
Other prop bets you can take a punt on are

  • Number of kills a specific player might get in the match
  • How long a specific match might last
  • Longest kill streak etc.

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The growth of Esports has been phenomenal and new games are launched every year.

League of Legends is currently the most popular Esport game out there. This is mainly because it is free to play.

However, there are a few other games that dominate the scene and are very popular among viewers such as:

  • Dota 2
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
  • StarCraft II
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)
  • Call of Duty: Modern Welfare
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Rocket League
  • Fortnite
  • Mobile Legends
  • NBA 2K
  • Hearthstone

These esport games boast the widest audience and biggest prize pools. The combined 2020 prize pool for the top 10 eSports exceed $90,000,000. The 2020 prize pool for Dota 2 alone is a staggering $35,000,000. It comes as no surprise that some esports’ stars have become millionaires from their winnings.

Our recommended best Esports betting sites offer you a variety of betting opportunities.

2020 is an exciting year and full of great Esports tournaments and league action. From the League of Legends World Championship to the Fortnite World Cup all the way to The International 10 – all will surely bring us great entertainment.

Live streaming and live betting

Live streams are essential to enjoy esports. Additionally, live betting options allow you to get into the action at any point.

If you have never tried Esports betting before you might be unsure if it is for you. Have a look at our recommended esports betting sites for South Africa. Some new player bonuses can often be used on Esports bets as well. Hence you could use a risk-free bet to test if you like it. While there are currently not yet many e-sports related promotions available across most online bookmakers we are sure that these will be added soon following the increased popularity of Esports entertainment and betting.

Classification of esports as a sport

Labelling esports, essentially video game play, as sports is a very controversial debate. Esports doesn’t fit 100% in any existing definition of sport which summarises an activity that includes physical exertion, skill, competition and of course entertainment. Whether you see esports as a sport or not, you might change your mind once you give it a go.

Also have a look at our esports articles to learn more about what Esports is and how it differentiates from virtual sports. If aside from esports betting you also fancy giving virtuals a go then also visit our virtual games section where we have reviewed the best simulated sports games currently available in South Africa.