Virtual Games

Betting on virtual games is very similar to betting on real-world sports events. But the variety is immense! From virtual soccer to virtual horse-racing and virtual motor sports, there is a game for everyone. We have reviewed the best games available for South African players!

Take roulette and add the thrill of virtual horse racing and you get Racing Roulette. It's awesome!
Get betting with Jika Sports Virtual Soccer! With great animation and odds, the excitement never stops.
With each obstacle the horses cross the excitement grows. Get your bets in now!
Virtual Horse Racing allows you to bet on the horses 24/7. Dynamic race tracks, odds and horses keep it fun.
Virtual Football by Global Bet allows you to bet on virtual football matches.
Globalbet's virtual basketball allows you to bet on virtual basketball games between America's top teams.

Virtual betting games

Virtual sports betting has seen a surge the start of the COVID pandemic. The cancelation and subsequent absence of real sports has forced us look for alternative betting options. In our search we tried betting on virtual games. While we are slowly seeing a return of live sports events, virtual sports is here to stay.

The expansion of the virtual games betting offer by many bookmakers is a direct indication of its growing popularity. Virtual sports are computer generated sporting events. The respective sporting matches, races or contests are presented in shortened version to the players on which they can bet.

Difference to real live sports betting

Betting on virtual games is pretty similar to betting on real-world sports events. The variety is immense as operators can schedule events at their heart’s content with most bookies offering virtual sports betting around the clock.

In addition, there a few additional differences between real and virtual sports betting:

  • Although no actual sports knowledge is required for virtual games as these are computer generated events, using available data can help you win.
  • External factors do not influence the outcome of an event. The weather, the pitch conditions or a player’s fitness can be very relevant for real sport events. This is not the case for simulated games.
  • In addition these games are always available and always on. Virtual Games are selfdom cancelled and in most cases can be played 24/7.
  • It is very easy to place bets. Betting markets are very similar to real-world betting and include for example match winner or first team to score. But with detailed instructions, placing your bets is straightforward. The ability to watch a few games via the live stream before actually placing a bet also adds to the excitement.
  • Faster betting: while we all missed real-life soccer and rugby games during the pandemic virtual sports events come with the advantage of fast betting. You do not need to wait for the kick off of your anticipated match but can place bets every few minutes.

Reasons to play Virtual Games

  • Fast-paced, regular game action
  • As a result of ever improving technology, the standard and quality of these virtual events are amazing
  • Big variety of available sporting types to choose from
  • Numerous betting options with most popular betting markets you would find on live sporting events.
  • Games are available anytime, anywhere
  • State of the art technology allows for these games to be optimized for mobile devices without compromising on quality.
  • Outcome of the games is determined by an electronic random number generator (RNG) which leaves out any external factors that could possibly influence a live event.

Virtual Sports portfolio

Virtual sports games are based popular real sports. The following games are usually part of the virtual sports portfolio of the best betting sites:

  • Soccer/Football
  • Horse racing/Steeple Chase
  • Dog/Greyhound racing
  • Motor sports, including car and motorcycle races
  • Tennis
  • Basketball and even trotting if you would believe us!

There are also quite exotic games on offer such as Camel Racing by Globalbet.

When betting on virtuals you have a great variety of betting options. You can bet on full leagues, bet on specific events or go as granular as you like. For example when betting on tennis you can bet on matches, sets or even individual points.

Some virtual game providers also develop Numbers Games alongside their virtual sports offering. This includes lotto-style games, Keno, Bingo or spin & win games. Jika Sports has just released its first numbers game Lucky Loot which is already a big success with SA players.

Game providers

Virtual games are are growing part of the betting offering across the world. Nevertheless, compared to e.g. slots games, there is still only a limited amount of providers around that specialise in Virtual Games.

In South Africa games by the following providers can be played:

We have researched the best games in detail and continually add more game reviews.

Virtual Online Games offer you a new type of betting entertainment. With these simulated games you can enjoy betting whenever and wherever you want. There is always a game or event available to you at any given minute. Hence, you never have to miss your dose of sports betting ever again.