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Virtual Jump Racing by Jika Sports Review

Virtual Jump Racing also known as steeplechase is a form of horse racing where horses jump over fences. Both exciting and very enjoyable to watch. Jika Sports have really done a great job in bringing this form of horse racing online. And now you can bet on it.

What is Virtual Jump Racing?

Virtual jump racing is a 3D rendered version of the popular horse racing discipline. During each race players get to bet on 8 to 14 horses taking on various obstacle jumps over 1000m. All races in this online version of the sport take place at the Milnerton racecourse.

Jika Sports ensure players stay engaged by using dynamic odds for each horse along with changing the number of runners in each race. The horse also changes from race to race and adds to the overall excitement and intrigue.

Where to Play

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How Do You Play Virtual Jump Racing?

Placing a bet on virtual jump racing is easy. Head on over to your favourite online sportsbook and log in. Once you are in, head on over to the Jika Sports section. The majority of the top South African bookies now offer Jika Sports.

Once on the Jika Sports section select the Horse Racing event and wait for the event information to load.

The race schedule displays 12 entries. The last 2 completed races as well as next/current race and then 10 events scheduled after those. Players can expand each race card by clicking on the + sign. Expanding the race card allows the user to see the horses that will run in the race.

When expanded, you can click in the respective boxes for the bets you want to place. Each bet selection then gets added to your bet slip. Once you have selected the bets you want to place, head over to the bet slip area. Now enter the amount you would like to bet on each of your bets. Confirm your bets and wait for the race to start.

Bets can also be placed on any of the future races. This means you can bet on up to 10 races at a time then sit back and enjoy the fun.

Players can also toggle between watching the race action via the event viewer or just wait for the races to complete and check the results in their account history. To switch the race viewer on or off simply click on the red camera icon in the top right corner of the game area.

What Bet Markets Are Available?

Jika Sports have tried to accommodate and provide online horse betting fans with as many of the bet types they would find at a real horse race.

Currently players can place bets on:

  • Winner: Select a runner to finish in 1st place.
  • Place: Select a runner to finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
  • Exacta: Player selects 2 runners to finish in first and second specific order.
  • Combination Exacta: Select 2 or more selections to bet that every possible combination of two of the selections may finish 1st or 2nd in order.
  • Quinella: Select 2 runners to finish 1st and 2nd in any order.
  • Trifecta: Select 3 runners to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in specific order.
  • Combination Trifecta: Select 2 or more selections to bet that every possible combination of two of the selections may finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in order.
  • Trio: Select 3 runners to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order.

Horse Rating and Last 5 Results

Knowledge is king when it comes to placing bets on the ponies. The same goes for placing bets online, even on Jika Jumps Racing.

With the race card expanded, players will see a horse’s rating and Last 5 race results next to their name. By clicking or hovering on a horse rating it will open a small popup. The popup shows you the lengths behind the winner in each of the last 5 races they ran or DNF.

Players will also notice that the 3 favourites in the race are indicated with a F1, F2 and F3 icon. As we all know, with horse racing, as with any other sport, you never know what can happen. So, make sure to also check the other information available to you when placing your bets. And above all, remember to keep it fun and stop when the fun stops.


How much time is there between races?

A race is run every 2 minutes. The current race is indicated with a NOW sash whereas the next race and the time before it starts show with a sash and countdown timer.

How do I see results for a completed race?

Punters can check the results in 2 ways. As the race screen only shows the last 2 completed races, the results for older races can be seen by clicking on the respective race in your completed bets section.

For the 2 completed races, users will see the position the horses finished in next to their horse number.

Where can I play Jika Sports Virtual Steeplechase?

Majority of South Africa’s best betting sites now offer Jika Sports. Check our the table at the start of the review for our recommendations.
If you are new to online betting or betting on virtual events head over to our review section to find a suitable online betting site for you.

Jika Horse Racing Steeplechase race results
Jika Horse Racing Steeplechase race progress
Jika Horse Racing Steeplechase betting options

Virtual Jump Racing – Game Review Summary

We really enjoy betting and watching the virtual steeplechase races by Jika Sports. With the dynamic horses as well as course outlay it never becomes repetitive or boring. At least if you do get bored of watching the races, you can switch off the video.

Jika Sports have done well in the presentation of this virtual sport. It also shows why their developer Kiron Interactive is a market leader in this space.

With the limited horse racing calendar as a result of the COVID pandemic, virtual racing does the job. Other Jika Sport titles such as Virtual Soccer and Virtual Horse Racing allows for a change of scenery should you need this.

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