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Globalbet Virtual Football game review

Virtual Football by Global Bet Game Review

As we have previously said, virtual games are making a big splash in South Africa. Many of us have seen Jika Sports on our favourite betting site but there is a new kid on the block. Global Bet and Supabets recently joined forces to offer you another great selection of virtual games. Here we review Virtual Football by Global Bet.

With a great selection of virtual sports, on virtual soccer you can bet on your favourite teams in the English, Spanish and Italian leagues as well as everyone’s favour clash of the champions, the Champions League.

Where to Play

For now, if you want to bet on virtual football by Global Bet there is only one place to go, and that is Supabets. It is well worth a punt.

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What is Virtual Football?

Virtual Football is a computer animation of a football game where you can place various bets on or against your favourite teams in the available leagues. Each match is condensed into short video. Highlights of the goals, near goals and misses all adding to the excitement.

The way Global Bet virtual football gets displayed to users stood out to us. This The way users can interact with the game is also a pleasure.

Players have 2 game options. On-demand or scheduled events. Below we explain the differences between the 2 options.

Scheduled Virtual Events

When you select scheduled events wait for the information to load. A table with clickable options for; Results, Table, Week X, Week Y etc. is then shown to the player.

Each round contains 10 matches, mimicking an actual football season. When a round is in progress, betting is closed. Users can continue to place bets on the next 5 weeks (rounds) of matches.

Once betting has closed for a round, the week is marked with a little lock icon meaning the round is underway. This is where the match animations are available to view. With 10 matches per round, users can also jump from one match to another to view highlights and look at the result of each of the matches.

By clicking the small feather icon on the animation screen, the display switches to no video and is now in “light” mode. Only the score is shown along with a timer for the match progress when in light mode, but it saves data. Users can also switch to full screen mode should the wish to do so.

Under the Results tab, users can enter a date range up to the last 72 hours to view the results of all completed matches. A great deal of information is shown here as well as odds on the betting markets for each of the games.

The Table header gives you the current season’s league table. The log table includes all the information on each of the team’s season performance. Position, Games Played, Won, Lost, Draw along with goals for and against. Points difference and the last 5 results for each time completes the available information.

As any punter will know, the more information you have, the more informed decision you can make on your next bet. Be it goals for, above or under, every bit of info helps

Push To Play (on-demand) Virtual Events

The Push to play event type is for the punter who wants to play when it suits them. Compared to the scheduled events, each with a start and end time, push to play puts you in control.

Players can select the teams to play against one another, if you don’t like the proposed match simply click on the “change teams” icon until you are happy.

Once you have selected the team and have placed your bets, simply click on Start match in your bet slip and wait for the match to start.

As with the scheduled events you can opt to view the full match highlights or no video at all. One difference you do have when in on-demand mode is that when in video mode you can skip scenes and don’t have to watch them all.

How To Place Your Bets on Virtual Soccer?

Placing your is simple. Simply log into your Supabets account. If you don’t have one yet, why not read our Supabets review and register your account today and claim a massive R50 welcome bonus.

Once logged in, head on over to the Virtual Sports tab and click on it. Wait for the screen to load, selected Football and start placing your bets.

Set your bet amount and confirm your bets and wait for the action to start. It’s as simple as that.

What Bet Types Are Available?

Global Bet have ensured that betting online on virtual football games are as close to the real thing as possible. There is a wide variety of the most popular football bets available to pick from and we have listed them all for you.

  • Winner – 1X2: Predict the result of the match. (i.e. 1 X 2). There are three possible outcomes.
  • Double Chance: Players predict whether the total goals scored in the match will be over or under a specific value. The game offers multiple configurations of this betting market.
  • Goal / No Goal: Predict if a goal will or will not be scored during the match.
  • Correct Score (Full Time): Predict the correct score for the match. There are 28 possible selections.
  • Total Goals: Predict if both teams will score a goal in the match.
  • Total Goals Under/Over “x”: Predict the winning team when the favourite is handicapped by the specified number of goals. The game offers multiple configurations of this betting market.
  • 1X2 & Under/Over “x”: The game offers multiple configurations of this betting market.
  • Home Under/Over “X” Goals: Predict if Team 1 will score over or under the number of goals specified. The game offers multiple configurations of this betting market.
  • Away Under/Over “X” Goals: Predict if Team 2 will score over or under the number of goals

Virtual Football FAQ

How Do I Toggle Between the Bet Options Views

As the Scheduled events each have 10 matches occurring at the same time, users can place any selection of bets on any of the 10 matches available. Swipe or click on the left or right arrows to navigate to a different match to place your bets.

How often does a new match start?

In the on-demand event, a new match starts every 3 minutes. Clicking on the next matches will also show you a timer to the start time of the match. Users can see the next 5 matches following the current in progress one.

In the Push To Play mode users pick when to start the match once betting is complete.

What is the difference between the different leagues in virtual football by Global Bet?

There is no difference in the way the game plays or the betting options. The only difference is cosmetic, allowing you as the user to pick and watch different games and give you more choice to bet online on virtual football.

Globalbet Virtual Football game play
Globalbet Virtual Football betting options
Globalbet Virtual Football result

Virtual Football – Game Review Summary

We love betting on virtual sports. Virtual football by Global Bet is no exception. The ever growing demand in virtual sports betting ensures more providers enter the SA market. And who says a little competition is bad, we think it will only improve the quality and offering we will see in the future.

As for Global Bet’s virtual football, we were really impressed. The visuals might not be as sharps as that of Jika Sports but this might also be down to our connection at the time of testing and we will be sure to test again and come back and update you on any change we see.

The overall product offering is great. We like the extra information provided to players to make informed decisions, it really added to the overall experience being able to see the league table with season to date progress and stats.

There might not be as many betting markets compared with the Jika Sports offering but this is not a bad thing, more is not always better and with what they offer you, all fitting on a single screen without having to scroll on your desktop – works for me.

So, if you are a fan of betting on virtual sports, and you want to try something new on the market, head on over to Supabets and give Global Bet a try. Let us know what you think, we are sure you will have fun.

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