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Aviator is now available at Hollywoodbets. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for take-off with this innovative new  game.

Hollywoodbets recently became the first South African operator to launch a new type of game. Aviator brought to you by Spribe is what is known as a disruptor game. This social multiplayer game is exciting and packed with features not seen in many, if any other online casino or betting games.

Play Aviator game now but read on to find out all about this new game, how it works, frequently asked questions and some of the biggest wins since the game went live on Hollywoodbets.

Where to play Aviator

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For now, players will only be able to play Aviator at Hollywoodbets. Hollywood Bets is one of the most well known bookies in South Africa and frequently at the forefront of bringing new and exciting content to their players.

If you would like to give Aviator a go and don’t have an account yet, click here to register your HollywoodBets account now!

How to Play Aviator

The game is easy to understand. To start, players need to place a bet, or two. That’s right, in Aviator a player can choose to place 1 or 2 bets per round. Betting time lasts around 10 seconds between rounds.

Once you have placed your bets. The round will start. A plane will take off, creating a graph with a multiplier until such time the plane flies away. This ends the round.

The aim of the game if for you as a player to CASH OUT before the plane flies away. Should you place 2 bets, you need to cash out both bets before the plane flies away.

When you successfully cash out before the plane flies off, your bets is multiplied by the multiplier. Fail to cash out in time and you lose your bet/s.

Top Features in Aviator

Auto Bet and Auto Cashout

If you prefer not to place your bets manually after each round you can use the Auto Bet and Auto Cashout features. These can be used together or apart from one another. You can also choose to use these features on 1 or 2 bets each round. The Auto Cashout feature allows you to enter a multiplier level that you want your bet to be cashed out automatically once the selected multiplier level is reached.

Game Stats and Live Bets

The Live Bets bar is located on the left side of the game screen. A quick overview here will show you all other players currently in the game as well as their bet amount and the multiplier they cashed out on.

Player highlighted in green are those who have already cashed out during the current round. You can also see their win amount.

Access to your bet history is accessible through the “My Bets” tab as well as a historical data for Huge Wis, Biggest Wins and biggest multipliers. You can filter the wins by day, month or year.

In-game Chat

The game also has a in-game chat feature. When reviewing the game, the feature wasn’t live yet.

Having played this on other sites or even the game developer’s website the in-game chat in Aviator allows you to chat with other player in the game as well as showcasing biggest wins and multipliers of each round.

Aviator FAQ

Can I Play Aviator Online Casino Game on my phone or desktop?

Aviator was developed to play perfectly on all devices from phones to tablets and desktop computers. Your gaming experience will remain the same no matter on which platform you decide to bet on Aviator game.

What are the min and max bets on Aviator?

The current minimum bet amount at Hollywoodbets is R1 and the maximum bet R2,000. The maximum win amount is capped at R500,000 – which one lucky player already hitting it twice.

Is there a proven Aviator Game strategy to win?

Although Aviator was launched in 2019 the game still lacks proven winning strategies. The best odds we found was by placing two bets rather than one.

We placed 2 bets, one bet of R1 and another of R2. The larger bet aimed to cover the smaller one, while the smaller one aims to make a profit. So, as soon as the multiplier hit 1.50x, we cashed out the R2 bet. Doing so resulted in a cash-out of R3 covering our total initial bet amount. We then used our other bet to try and win as much as possible knowing we will definitely be break even.

Obviously, this didn’t always work as some planes really do take of quickly! But we still came out on top overall.
Remember, this is just an idea and there is no guarantee that it will work and you will win. We were keeping it fun as should you. We also know all outcomes are random and cannot be predicted.

What is the maximum payout of Aviator at Hollywoodbets?

Hollywood Bets recently increased the maximum payout of the Aviator game to R500,000. With bets starting from R1 you have now the chance of winning half a million. The sky is the limit!

Has anyone ever one the max. payout of R500,000 in Aviator?

Indeed some players of Spribe’s Aviator game hit the maximum payout of R500,000 at Hollywoodbets. One lucky player even hit it twice. Learn more about how to play this interesting new live game and read our game review.

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Aviator – Game Review Summary

After many exciting and fun rounds of playing Aviator, we did not find anything we did not like. We also tested on multiple devices and always had the same great experience. Often quality and functionality suffers when switching between different devices. Therefore it comes to no surprise that Aviator is one of the most playd online casino games at the moment.

With low minimum bets, the game is also accessible to all level of players. The Aviator game is easy to understand and play. Making use of the additional Auto Bet and Auto Cashout features is also very intuitive and adds an extra level of fun to your online casino game experience.

Aviator is quite a new betting game. This and the fact that it is a game of chance mean that there is no game strategy or game tricks recorded yet. The build-in features definitely help with a successful gameplay. Try to set the Auto cashout at lower multipliers as a start.

We highly recommend playing Aviator at Hollywoodbets. If you are new to online betting and want to know more about Hollywoodbets, head on over to our detailed Hollywood Bets review before opening an account.

If you want to know more about Spribe, the game developer behind this fun social multiplayer game, have a read of our Spribe casino games article.

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Leading South African sports and horse racing bookmaker - a must for every serious punter!
  • Great, competitive odds
  • Generous, regular promotions
  • Live In-Play, BetGames, Lucky Numbers

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