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14 July 2023 |

Aviator is an exhilarating and fast-paced crash game that takes players on a thrilling journey through the skies. The game combines simple mechanics with thrilling gameplay to create a challenging and rewarding experience.

With its addictive nature and easy-to-learn controls, Aviator promises hours of entertainment for both casual gamers and avid enthusiasts alike. We are excited to see Aviator on Playa Bets now as well. It definitely rounds up their casino and games section very nicely. Let’s have a closer look at Aviator at Playa Bets and how you can play.

How to play Aviator at Playa Bets

Currently, the most played online casino crash game is Aviator. One element that can help explain its popularity is the gameplay, which is incredibly straightforward and simple enough for even total beginners to learn. Start playing Aviator at Playa Bets by following these steps:

Step 1: Register / Login to your Playa Bets Account

To play Aviator at Playa Bets, you must first have a valid real money player account. You can sign up for a Playa Bets account here if you don’t already have one. Existing account holders can login with their username and password. In either case, proceed to Step 2 after logging in.

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Step 2: Launch the Aviator Game

The Aviator Crash game is at the top of the website between sports and in-play. Once you have logged in, click on Aviator to start the game. It’s usually a good idea to watch a few rounds before actively participating, regardless of whether you have played it previously on another South African betting site or are giving it a shot for the first time. Additionally, you might find some advice by reading through our Aviator game tricks guide.

Similar to other SA betting sites that offer crash games you play Aviator with real money at Playa Bets. Therefore, before placing your bets, make sure you have an understanding of the game.

Step 3: Start playing Aviator

You are prepared to take off when you have an account and have some moola in your account. As previously stated, Aviator is a really simple game. You have the option of placing one or two bets at once. At Playa Bets, every bet requires a min bet amount of R1. The maximum bet amount is set to R20 000 per bet. Moreover at Playa Bets the maximum winning amount per bet is a whopping R5 million! That’s higher than Betway and many other betting sites.

During the betting period, you place your bet(s). The tiny red aircraft then takes flight and soars into the air. The multiplier, which is represented by the plane’s flight curve, grows as it ascends higher into the sky. Now that you are in charge, your objective is to cash out your bet(s) before the plane flies off into the sky. Your bet is boosted by the multiplier if you cash out on time, and you win.

You should definitely use these 2 features in Aviator when you play at Playa Bets as they are available for your convenience:

  • The Autoplay feature helps you to stick to your set budget and automatically places bets for you.
  • Auto Cash Out: for many this feature is the key to success. For both of your bets you can set a multiplier level and once your selected multiplier is reached the game automatically cashes out for you. Thus Aviator is a really fast game and cashing out in time requires quick decision making. By setting cashout levels beforehand you can really concentrate on your game.

Win with Aviator and Playa Bets!

To celebrate this great launch Playa Bets are throwing a fantastic promotion into the mix. By spending R20 or more on Aviator during July you stand a chance of winning a unique experience. If you succeed in the lucky draw you will enjoy the thrill of a 45 minute personalised flight in a YAK aircraft. This adventure will take place along the Durban Coastline. So aside from great winnings in the Aviator betting game itself you might actually win a real flying experience! Every R20 Aviator bet will bring you 1 entry for the draw. Hence the more you bet on Aviator the more entries you will have. The lucky draw happens on 1 August 2023.

Mid month Madness

Playa Bets are really offering you a treat midway through the month! So on top of the comp for the unique flight experience they are offering the following promos from 14-16 July 2023:

  • Free Bets on Aviator: This weekend it will rain Free Bets valued at R10 each. Just bet R20 or more within 15 minutes prior to claiming and cash out with a 2.00x multiplier. Claim R15 000 in Free Bets – don’t miss the chance to win big!
  • 20% Deposit Bonus: Why not make your weekend a winner with Playa Bets Mid Month Madness Deposit Bonus! You can claim an incredible 20% bonus on all deposits up to R25,000 or claim up to 2500 Free Spins!

Promo Terms and Conditions apply, ensure you read the full T & Cs on the Playa Bets Promotions page.

Enjoy playing Aviator at Playa Bets

In conclusion, Aviator is a captivating crash game that offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience. It’s simple yet addictive mechanics, coupled with immersive visuals and sound, make it a standout choice for players seeking a thrilling challenge. Whether you’re a fan of casual games or a hardcore enthusiast, Aviator’s fast-paced action and endless replayability will keep you coming back for more. So strap yourself in, take to the skies, and get ready to crash your way to victory in Aviator!

Free R50 bet+ 50 free spins+ 100% deposit bonus
South Africa’s one stop betting destination with over 1 million sports betting opportunities; best Premier League Odds
  • Good bonuses with fair wagering requirements
  • Slots, Aviator and Live Casino Games
  • 24/7 support

Playa Bets is a great SA betting site and more and more develops into a full-stack online casino. More details are available in our detailed Playa Bets review. Furthermore have a look at our Playa Bets Promotions post for more details on all the promotions and competitions available to Playa Bets customers.

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