Goldrush Aviator Launch

28 June 2023 |

There is one game that everyone (including us here at Bet & Win) is talking about a lot: Spribe’s flagship game Aviator. The little red Aviator plane has taken betting and casino sites across the world by storm and has now landed on another SA betting site.

Goldrush has just added the Aviator crash game to its games portfolio. Now you can also hop onboard at and head for the skies for big wins.

How to play Aviator at Goldrush

Get ready to board the Aviator plane

To start playing Aviator at Goldrush follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, go to and log into your account. If you don’t have one yet, you can register a Goldrush account here.
  2. Similar to other SA betting sites that feature Aviator you can play Aviator at Goldrush only with real money. Therefore, if needed, you should top up your balance. To deposit Goldrush offers you various payment methods including vouchers (Bluvoucher, 1 For You etc), bank transfer, OZOW or debit as well as credit cards.
  3. Now you are set to board the plane and head for the sky. You can find the Aviator crash game easily accessible in the top navigation.
  4. Place your bets and cash out before the plane flies away.
90 Free spins+ 100% Bonus
This casino and betting site is part of the renowned Goldrush Group and brings you awesome slots and live games fun.
  • Aviator and Blast crash games
  • Slots, Live Games & Betgames
  • Varied Lucky Numbers offering

Gameplay Details

Aviator is quite an easy game to understand. Its simplicity together with the thrill of needing to cash out in time are 2 game elements that draw so many players towards it.

At the beginning of each betting round you need to place your bets. You can either place 1 or 2 bets in one go with the minimum Aviator bet amount being R1 per bet at Goldrush. Once the betting time is over the red Aviator plane starts its ascend into the sky. While doing so the flight curve increases which reflects the multiplier. The higher the plane climbs into the sky the bigger the multiplier gets. Now you are in control and your goal is to cash out your bet(s) before the plane flies off. Detailed gameplay information is also available in our Aviator review.

Cashing out in time is essential to win with Aviator at Goldrush. Hence make use of the Auto Cash Out functionality. By using it you can set a certain multiplier level and once reached the game will automatically cash out for you. As winning and loosing can be decided within milliseconds this feature can definitely support your betting success and is therefore one of the Aviator Game Tricks.


Can I play Aviator at Goldrush?

Yes, you can. The Aviator crash game has been added to in June 2023 and is now available to all players with a valid account.

What is the maximum payout of Aviator on Goldrush?

You can win up to R2 million per bet when playing Aviator at Goldrush. That applies to each bet and as you can place 2 bets in one go the max. winning is R4 million.

It’s time to play Aviator at Goldrush

Goldrush is becoming more and more a all-in one betting and casino entertainment site. With a wide range of slots, a wealth of live casino games and now also the Aviator crash game it’s time to join the fun at

90 Free spins+ 100% Bonus
This casino and betting site is part of the renowned Goldrush Group and brings you awesome slots and live games fun.
  • Aviator and Blast crash games
  • Slots, Live Games & Betgames
  • Varied Lucky Numbers offering

While Aviator is the world’s most popular crash game it is not the only disruptor game currently available at Goldrush. You can for example also enjoy Blast by Pascal Gaming. The Blast gameplay is very similar but instead of a plane a cannonball shoots off. Your aim is then to cash out before the cannonball blasts. For more information about Goldrush also have a look at our detailed Goldrush review as well as our various news articles.

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