Goldrush Boland Super League

3 March 2024 | ,

Cricket Boland and Goldrush have embarked on an exciting journey together as they have just introduced the Goldrush Boland Super League. The GBSL is a vibrant community club-based T20 competition poised to ignite the passion for cricket across the Boland region.

Scheduled to commence on Saturday, 16 March 2024, the Goldrush Boland Super League promises overall exhilarating action as a total of 16 teams from the Boland area compete for glory.

These teams include 10 Premier League clubs, four promotion league clubs (to be determined by the conclusion of the current 2023/24 season), and furthermore two wildcard entries. The 16 teams are divided into 4 pools and only the top two contenders from each pool will then further advance to the quarterfinals in the hope to reach the final on 23 March 2024.

Let’s have a look at the details of the inaugural GBSL tournament.

Goldrush Boland Super League Teams and Pools

Each pool contains 4 teams and we will see intense battles. Below you find the full overview about the teams in each Goldrush BSL pool as well as the fixtures.

Pool A Teams and Fixtures


  • Krewe
  • Darling
  • Piketberg
  • Wellington

These four teams will play the Pool A GBSL Fixtures as follows on 16 March 2023 at Vredenburg/Saldanha CC:

Wellington vs Krewe09:00A
Darling vs Piketberg09:00B
Darling vs Krewe12:15A
Piketberg vs Wellington12:15B
Piketberg vs Krewe15:30A
Wellington vs Darling15:30B

Pool B Teams and Fixtures


  • Giflo Tiere
  • Paarl East
  • Bergrivier Young People
  • Paarl CC


The Pool B teams will play the following fixtures on 16 March 2023 at Paarl CC:

Giflo Tiere vs Paarl CC09:00A
Paarl East vs Bergrivier09:00B
Paarl East vs Paarl CC12:15A
Bergrivier vs Giflo Tiere 12:15B
Bergrivier vs Paarl CC 15:30A
Giflo Tiere vs Paarl East15:30B

Pool C Teams and Fixtures


  • Van Der Stel
  • Maties
  • Vics
  • Stellenbosch


These four teams will play the Pool C GBSL Fixtures as follows on 16 March 2023 at Stellenbosch CC:

Van Der Stel vs Maties09:00A
Vics vs Stellenbosch09:00B
Vics vs Maties12:15A
Stellenbosch vs Van Der Stel 12:15B
Stellenbosch vs Maties 15:30A
Van Der Stel vs Vics15:30B

Pool D Teams and Fixtures


  • Worcester United
  • Robertson
  • Caledon
  • Hermanus


The Pool D teams will play the following fixtures on 16 March 2023 at Worchester UTD CC:

Worcester vs Robertson09:00A
Caledon vs Hermanus09:00B
Caledon vs Robertson12:15A
Hermanus vs Worchester 12:15B
Hermanus vs Robertson 15:30A
Worcester vs Caledon15:30B

The way to the GBSL Final

Quarter Finals

The top two teams from each pool will then advance to the quarter finals, taking place at Boland Park:

21 March 2024

  • Winner Pool A vs Runner-Up Pool B (QF 1)
  • Winner Pool B vs Runner-Up Pool A (QF 2)

22 March 2024

  • Winner Pool C vs Runner-Up Pool D (QF 3)
  • Winner Pool D vs Runner-Up Pool C (QF 4)

Semi Finals

The winners from each Quarter Final will afterwards face each other on 23 March in the following matches:

  • Winner QF 1 vs Winner QF 3
  • Winner QF 2 vs Winner QF 4


The tournament will then reach its peak on 23 March at 18:00 when the winners of both semi-finals face each other. So who do you think will win the inaugural Goldrush Boland Super League?

Enjoy the Goldrush BSL

That is to say, the Goldrush Boland Super League will be a fantastic cricket event. The GBSL’s format ensures an equal playing field for all participating teams, fostering intense competition and furthermore thrilling encounters. So join the fun and attend one or more matches if you can. Goldrush promises the chance to win exciting prizes as well as giveaways to spectators.

If you can’t attend then you can also follow the action online. All matches of the Goldrush BSL will be broadcast live on YouTube, with detailed updates available on Boland Rocks as well as the Goldrush’s social media platforms. Hence, if you don’t yet follow Goldrush on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter then now might be a good time to do so.

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Both Cricket Boland as well as Goldrush are overall very excited about the Super League.

James Fortuin, CEO of Cricket Boland, expressed his excitement about the potential of this new competition and also the opportunity to strengthen club cricket in the Boland region. He thanked Goldrush for teaming up with Boland as a brand partner as their partnership is invaluable in realising the goals of this tournament. He added “I have no doubt that the Goldrush Boland Super League will be an aspirational tournament for the players, fans and those watching via live streaming, which is another component and value-add to this tournament”.

Dwain Powell, MD of Goldrush Online, added ‘’Goldrush is proud to put our name behind the Goldrush Boland Super League and is excited to partner with Boland cricket. We’re invested in developing Boland cricket as well as the broader community and aim to ensure that the Goldrush BSL spotlights up and coming talent, celebrates excellence and is highly enjoyable for everyone involved”.

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