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6 February 2024 | ,

The appeal of online slots is surging in South Africa, captivating players nationwide. Leading SA casino and betting sites are responding to this trending by curating expansive slot portfolios that cater to every taste. From classic favourites to cutting-edge adventures, players can enjoy a diverse array of top-tier slot titles by various providers.

Some of the offered slot games incorporate innovative features to enhance the gaming experience. One of them is the introduction of the “Buy Bonus” features in selected slots. This empowers players to skip the traditional wait for bonus rounds and purchase them directly, injecting a new level of thrill and strategy into slot gameplay. Below we have a look at the Bonus Buy feature in more detail and also list some betting sites that have these slots in their portfolio.

Understanding Slots with Buy Bonus

The Buy Bonus in slots refers to the option for players to instantly access bonus rounds or special features within a game by paying a predetermined amount.

Traditionally, you had to rely on luck to trigger the bonus rounds or other special features through regular gameplay, sometimes involving longer periods without significant wins.

The introduction of the “Buy Bonus” Feature addresses this challenge. Slot with this feature now provide players with the opportunity to experience the excitement of bonus rounds at their convenience.


  1. Time Efficiency and Instant Gratification: The primary benefit of Buy Bonus Features lies in the time saved. Rather than waiting for the random triggering of bonus rounds, players can opt for instant access, resulting in a more dynamic and engaging gaming experience. This feature is particularly appealing to those with limited time or seeking quick thrills.
  2. Strategic Gameplay: Buy Bonus Features introduce an element of strategy to slot gaming. Players can strategically choose when to activate bonus rounds based on their assessment of the game’s dynamics. This strategic aspect adds a new dimension to decision-making in slot play, allowing players to tailor their approach according to their preferences and risk tolerance.
  3. Enhanced Winning Potential: By purchasing bonus features, players stand the chance to increase their likelihood of winning significant prizes. Accessing bonus rounds more frequently may lead to higher payouts, making Buy Bonus Features an enticing option for those aiming for more lucrative outcomes.

Concerns and Criticisms

While Buy Features have proven popular among many players, there are some concerns and criticisms associated with this game mechanic:

  • Cost Considerations:
    Critics argue that the convenience of the Buy Bonus features comes at a cost. Hence frequent use can result in increased spending. It is therefore crucial for players to exercise caution and set responsible gambling limits to avoid overspending while pursuing instant gratification.
  • Impact on Game Balance:
    Some purists in the gambling community express concerns about the potential impact of Buy Bonus Features on the traditional balance of slot games. They contend that the random nature of bonus round triggers adds an element of unpredictability integral to the excitement of slot play.

Where to Play “Buy Bonus” Slots

Some betting and casino sites in South Africa have slots in there portfolio that have the “Buy Bonus” features.

One of them is for example Goldrush. This bookie offers you Buy Bonus Slots by Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil as well as Spinomenal, including the following:

  • Buy Bonus Yggdrasil Slots: Vikings Go To Vahalla, Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded
  • Buy Bonus Spinomenal Titles: Wolf Fang, Joker Win, Times of Egypt Trojan Tales, Queen of Ice
  • Buy Bonus Pragmatic Play Slots: Sugar Rush, Lucky Lightning, Buffalo King Megaways, Fruit Party 2
90 Free spins+ 100% Bonus
This casino and betting site is part of the renowned Goldrush Group and brings you awesome slots and live games fun.
  • Aviator and Blast crash games
  • Slots, Live Games & Betgames
  • Varied Lucky Numbers offering


Slots with Buy Features cater to players seeking instant gratification and furthermore a more strategic approach to slot gameplay. While this trend has its critics, it undeniably adds a new dimension to the world of online slots. Overall it offers players more control and customisation over their gaming experience. As with any gambling feature, responsible play is crucial. You should approach “Bonus Buy” Features with a clear understanding of your financial limits as well as gaming preferences.

Whether you go for slots with or without the buy bonus feature, enjoy playing slots across the best casino sites!

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