PrideBet Progressive Jackpots Launch

21 March 2024 |

Are you one of the many players that recently discovered PrideBet’s betting portfolio? This still relatively new Ghana betting and casino site is constantly adding new markets and features. After free-to-play soccer predictor games and big pool betting soccer jackpots PrideBet has just added progressive jackpots to its portfolio.

That’s right, PrideBet has joined forces with Jooba Tech to bring you an exhilarating range of progressive jackpots, offering you more opportunities to win big.

Ready to ramp up the excitement in your gameplay? Keep reading to discover what the addition of Progressive Jackpots means for you as a PrideBet player and how you can be the first to win the inaugural jackpot: the Fire Jackpot.

Introducing the Fire Jackpot: Your Chance to Win Big!

The Fire Jackpot is the very first progressive jackpot on, and it’s sizzling with excitement!

Featuring the 5 popular Pragmatic Play slots Hot to Burn, Fire Stampede, Hot to Burn Hold and Spin, Fire Strike as well as Castle of Fire, this jackpot grows with every real-money spin on any of these fiery games.

It’s a must-drop jackpot, guaranteed to be won at any moment, giving you countless opportunities to hit it big with each spin.

And the best part? You don’t need any additional investment beyond your bet amount to win. Could you be the lucky player to trigger it for the first time?

How to Win the Fire Jackpot

  1. Log in to your PrideBet player account.
  2. Then ensure you opt-in to the jackpot for your chance to win.
  3. Afterwards start playing any of the 5 selected Pragmatic Play Slots.
  4. Watch the jackpot grow with every spin. As it is a must-drop jackpot you know you can hit the jackpot at any moment. This happens daily, on some days even more than just once.

For more details have a look at the PrideBet Fire Jackpot promotion page.

100% Welcome Bonus Up to GHS 500
Brand-new sports and casino betting site, great for soccer betting!
  • Great launch offers
  • Excellent sports book with great soccer odds
  • Aviator, slots and more

Progressive jackpots are very popular across the best casino sites worldwide and its great to see that PrideBet now offers them to their players. Actually as far as we can see it’s a one-of-a- kind offering in Ghana.

Unlike fixed jackpots, progressive ones continue to grow until someone wins. This can therefore result in big potential payouts. Furthermore, as the jackpot continues to climb with every bet, jackpots add an extra layer of excitement. While PrideBet’s jackpots are not as high as for example the Mega Moolah jackpot it is a great start.

Some progressive jackpots are “must-drop” jackpots, meaning they are guaranteed to be won by a certain point. The fact that this can happen at any point is definitely worth joining in. Especially given that unlike some bonus features or side bets, participating in progressive jackpots usually doesn’t require any additional investment beyond regular gameplay. For example, you have the chance to win the PrideBet Fire Jackpot with every bet you place on any of the 5 participating Pragmatic Play slot titles. As these are extremely popular they might be one of your favourites anyway. And now you can win an extra jackpot reward while spinning them. We would say that’s a win-win!

Become a Jackpot Winner at PrideBet

That is to say, with every new platform enhancement PrideBet tries to be very different to other betting sites in Ghana, including SportyBet or Betway. They are driven by the commitment to providing an outstanding, rewarding entertainment to their players.

The first PrideBet jackpot, the Fire Jackpot, is just the beginning. When speaking to the PrideBet team they have a lot more exciting progressive jackpots planned. The Jooba jackpot technology is very versatile and hence allows tailored jackpot experiences. Therefore jackpots can be available across any casino games and are not just limited to slots. Imagine an additional jackpot while playing Aviator or even on sports.

The Bet&Win team will update you once more PrideBet jackpots become available. In the meantime, if you like spinning the above Pragmatic Play slots you should have a look at the additional jackpot reward waiting for you at PrideBet.

100% Welcome Bonus Up to GHS 500
Brand-new sports and casino betting site, great for soccer betting!
  • Great launch offers
  • Excellent sports book with great soccer odds
  • Aviator, slots and more


What is the Fire Jackpot?

The Fire Jackpot is PrideBet’s very first progressive jackpot. It went just live on site and you can win it by spinning 5 selected Pragmatic Play slots, including Hot To Burn. Aside from your chance to win with every spin you can now trigger a progressive jackpot for even more cash.

What is a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a continuously growing prize pot. With every bet or spin it keeps increasing – until someone wins. Some jackpots are must-drop, meaning they are guaranteed and ready to be triggered at any moment.

We have to say, PrideBet’s continuous efforts to bring its players something new is very impressive. As PrideBet continues to expand and enhance its platform we can surely expect more exciting developments.

100% Welcome Bonus Up to GHS 500
Brand-new sports and casino betting site, great for soccer betting!
  • Great launch offers
  • Excellent sports book with great soccer odds
  • Aviator, slots and more

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