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31 October 2023 |

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the gaming industry, innovation and diversification are key to maintaining a competitive edge. GoldenRace is already a leading and well-known provider especially for its innovative virtual sports and betting solutions. Now GoldenRace has ventured into the crash gaming market.

The current most popular crash game worldwide is Aviator, the flagship title by games developer Spribe. Many companies have tried to gain their share of the market and while some titles are very successful no other game has yet reached the success of Aviator. Maybe the crash games titles by GoldenRace can change this.

GoldenRace Crash Games Overview

During October 2023, GoldenRace introduced four exhilarating crash games on a weekly basis. The first one was Don’t Drop the Ball, followed by Final Fist, Meteoroid and lastly Bank Run.

Below we give you a quick overview about these 4 GoldenRace Crash Games and moreover some guidance on where to play them.

Available Titles

Don’t Drop the Ball: Test of Precision and Timing

The first title is Don’t Drop The Ball. This crash game is a great mixture of the world’s favorite sport and crash gambling thrill. So if you are a fan of soccer and crash games then this one might be exactly for you. Expect great entertainment with this perfect blend of both worlds.

Once you have placed your bet the soccer player steps onto the pitch and shows of his keepie-uppie skills. The longer he can juggle the ball, the higher the multiplier rises. However, as with all crash games, you must strategically cash out before the red card makes its appearance.

Final Fist: The Ultimate Showdown

Final Fist, the second addition to GoldenRace’s crash games portfolio is inspired by the world of MMA. Transporting you directly into the heart of a boxing ring, this game demands more than physical strength. Strategic thinking is essential when tactically deciding the exit before the imminent knockout punch comes. The balance between risk and reward rests in your hands, or more precisely, your fingertips.

Meteoroid: A Cosmic Adventure

Among the newly released crash games, Meteoroid stands out as a cosmic adventure. In this explosive game you see a meteoroid flying through space. Can you cash out before it explodes while aiming for a big multiplier at the same time?

Bank Run: A High-Stakes Thriller

Rounding off GoldenRace’s crash games portfolio is Bank Run. This crash game is really unique and separates itself from others. It features a new theme as it’s set in the Wild West. Players find themselves in the middle of a heist and need to show that they can pull it off while cashing out before the crash. In this game everyone has a shot at a big win.


All GoldenRace Crash Games have the following features in common:

  1. Cash-out as well as partial cash-out feature: This functionality allows you to set a multiplier level at which point you want to cash out. You have the choice to either cash out your full bet or just a portion. If you use partial cash out then you cash out only part of your bet while leaving the remaining amount in play. This offers you a chance to secure some profits during the game without completely exiting. Therefore based on your assessment of the game’s momentum and your individual risk tolerance, you can strike a balance between locking in some winnings and also taking a chance for potentially higher returns. The cashout features provide you with some level of control over their gameplay and potential outcomes.
  2. All GoldenRace Crash Games give you the option to win up to 1,000 times your bet. However, reaching this maximum multiplier requires strategic thinking and a good portion of luck.
  3. Round History Feature: this functionality allows you to track your past performance. This can then help you to gain insights that can subsequently assist you in refining your gameplay and strategy.
  4. Lobby Bets Feature, allowing you to see who is playing at the same time as you.

Where to play

Even so some betting sites in South Africa feature GoldenRace Virtual Sports and Numbers Games none has yet added the newly launched crash games titles. But there are a variety of crash games available to you. Aside from Aviator you can try Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman or the big variety of Smartsoft Gaming titles, for example at Hollywoodbets.

Players in Ghana have more luck and can already enjoy the GoldenRace crash games at PrideBet Ghana.

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GoldenRace Crash Games – Verdict

GoldenRace has long been recognised for its commitment to delivering top-notch virtual sports and betting solutions. With an already established reputation for excellence and a loyal customer base, their entry into the crash gaming market has generated significant buzz and anticipation among gaming enthusiasts and industry experts alike. If the titles reach the success of Aviator will be seen.

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