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6 October 2023 |

PrideBet is still a relatively new betting and casino site in Ghana. Since its launch in April 2023 a lot of changes took place. Recently Golden Race Virtual Sports and Numbers Games were added onsite together with big free-to-play sports predictor games. But there was also a lot of movement in the games section.

With crash games becoming more and more players’ favourite casino games it comes as no surprise that PrideBet has recently also added additional titles in its crash games portfolio.

To make it easier for you to know which crash games titles you can play at PrideBet Ghana we give you a full overview in this article.

PrideBet Ghana Crash Games Selection

PrideBet Ghana boasts a broad game portfolio, from slots and instant win games to the exciting world of crash games. Their commitment to offering fresh entertainment options is evident, as they consistently seek out new games to add to their collection. At present, players can choose from 6 different crash games, with more in the pipeline.

Among these, players can find the ever-popular Aviator game by Spribe, as well as outstanding titles by Pragmatic Play and GoldenRace.

1) Aviator by Spribe

Spribe’s flagship game, Aviator, has been taking players on exhilarating journeys since its launch in 2019. Hundreds of players are drawn every day to the thrill of betting on the fate of a small red plane as it soars into the sky. You can place one or two bets before the plane takes off into the sky. As it ascends, the potential win multiplier increases. The goal is to cash out your bet(s) before the plane disappears, requiring precise timing and steady nerves. Make use of the auto cashout feature to enhance your chances.

2) Spaceman by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman is very similar to Spribe’s Aviator. Embark on an otherworldly adventure with this crash game at PrideBet Ghana. Witness the spaceman’s ascent into the cosmos, with higher altitudes promising greater rewards. Quick decisions on when to cash out are essential for success, as the crash can occur at any moment. Players who keep their composure can win up to x5000 their initial bet. The game features built-in cashout and 50% cashout options to help you succeed your mission.

3) Big Bass Crash by Pragmatic Play

Only a few days ago Pragmatic Play announced its brand-new crash game Big Bass Crash – and you can already play it at PrideBet Ghana. This new crash game, based on the beloved Big Bass slot series, takes fishing adventures to a new level.

Join the fisherman on his quest to catch as many Big Bass fish as possible while aiming for substantial wins. Timing is crucial, as players must cash out before the fisherman loses his net, leading to the crash.

Big Bass Crash delivers an immersive and socially engaging gameplay experience, complete with leaderboards for competitive play. Similar to Spaceman, Big Bass Cash offers a 50% cashout feature, allowing you to secure half your winnings while keeping the other half in play for the chance at an even larger reward.

4) Don’t Drop The Ball by GoldenRace

GoldenRace has just introduced its first-ever crash game in October 2023, with more titles on the horizon. Not many casino sites offer it yet but you can already enjoy “Don’t Drop The Ball” at PrideBet Ghana. In this game, the world’s favorite sport takes an exciting twist, transforming into a dynamic, fast-paced game with rewards of up to x1,000. Soccer enthusiasts and crash game fans alike will find this title enticing.

Like all other crash games, “Don’t Drop The Ball” offers simple yet captivating gameplay. Once you placed your bet the soccer player begins performing keepie-uppies. The longer the player keeps the ball in the air, the higher the multiplier rises, potentially leading to substantial wins. However, you must cash out before the player receives a red card and the game concludes. To aid in success, “Don’t Drop The Ball” features an Auto Cash Out as well as a 50% Auto Cash Out option.

5) Final Fist by GoldenRace

Drawing inspiration from GoldenRace’s immensely popular MMA Virtual Sport game, this crash game will put you directly into the heart of the boxing arena. In this arena, sheer physical strength alone won’t suffice. The true essence of the game lies in mastering the art of cashing out just in time to avoid a knockout blow.

6) Meteoroid by Golden Race

Head into space and go on a cosmic adventure! As the meteoroid flies through space your mission is to cash out before it explodes. If you manage to do so then you can walk away with an explosive win – up to x1000 your bet!

7) Bank Run by Golden Race

The fourth title of the GoldenRace Crash Games portfolio is unique in its theme. Instead of a plane, the orbit or sports this crash game is set in the Wild West. Can you pull of the heist and cash out your bet before the crash to rush away with a big win?

How to Play Crash Games at PrideBet Ghana

Want to start playing crash games yourself? Getting starting is as easy as the games itself, just follow the below steps:

  1. Register or log in to their PrideBet Ghana player account.
  2. Ensure you have a positive balance as crash games typically require real funds. If needed, you can top up your account by visiting the cashier.
  3. Then check the PrideBet promotions page for any special offers related to these crash games. Often you can participate in special Crash Games Tournaments or claim cashback as well as freebets.
  4. Now you are ready to play. Go to Games > Crash Games and then select your favourite title. Whichever game you pick always remember to cash out to claim winnings before the crash occurs.

We always recommend watching a few game rounds to get to know the specific game mechanics. While crash games are straightforward and easy to understand, they each have their own rules and features. Once you grasp the winning strategies, you can confidently place your bets. Don’t forget to cash out and collect your winnings before the crash occurs.

100% Welcome Bonus Up to GHS 500
Brand-new sports and casino betting site, great for soccer betting!
  • Great launch offers
  • Excellent sports book with great soccer odds
  • Aviator, slots and more

Experience the Thrill of Crash Gaming at PrideBet

PrideBet’s dedication to offering a wide variety of games ensures all their players have a diverse and engaging gaming experience. While Spribe’s Aviator remains a global favorite, other titles bring innovation to the table. With currently 6 exciting options available and more to come, players can expect an entertaining and rewarding gaming experience at PrideBet. Give PrideBet Ghana a go today and fly high for big wins!

100% Welcome Bonus Up to GHS 500
Brand-new sports and casino betting site, great for soccer betting!
  • Great launch offers
  • Excellent sports book with great soccer odds
  • Aviator, slots and more

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