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20 November 2023 | ,

PrideBet is still a relatively new betting site in Ghana and you might not have tried them yet. Sporty, Betway as well as MSport offer great odds and while PrideBet is highly competitive you might for whatever reasons not joined them as yet. Aside from betting on sports as well as playing a wide variety of casino games, including Nr 1 crash game Aviator, PrideBet really want to offer its punters a varied range of other betting options.

A few weeks ago PrideBet launched its free-to-play jackpot games and today they launched Lucky Numbers Betting. That is to say, this sets them apart from many other betting sites in Ghana as this market isn’t yet widely available on mobile. Never tried lucky numbers betting? Have a read through this article to learn more about how betting on lotteries works and what is available to you at PrideBet.

What is lucky numbers betting?

Lucky Numbers betting involves predicting the outcome of a lottery draw. Compared to classic lotto betting you don’t actually buy an official lottery ticket but instead you predict the outcome of the draw and bet on it. It is very similar to sports betting and often offers similar markets. The main one is selecting specific numbers that you believe will be drawn. If you are correct, then you win a fixed return on your bet.

Fixed odds lucky numbers betting combines luck and strategy and therefore offers an exciting way to engage with different lotto draws around the world.

How to start Lucky Numbers Betting at PrideBet?

Eager to explore number betting and turn your personal lucky numbers into big cash wins? Then follow the below steps to start betting with PrideBet:

  1. Firstly, register your PrideBet player account if you don’t have one yet. Once registered or if you already have an account – login.
  2. Then navigate to the “Numbers” tab. Here you will find the full numbers betting portfolio. Search for a specific lotto draw such as France Loto or explore the draws by country or time. Furthermore you can see what’s trending in the “Top Draws” section.
  3. Once you have a good overview of which lotteries you can bet on choose your preferred one. Then explore the available betting options. The markets may vary between lotteries, but you always have the option to bet on the numbers you predict will be drawn.
  4. Make your predictions and enter your preferred stake amount. At PrideBet, number betting starts from GHS 1.
  5. Finally, complete your bet by confirming your selection and submitting your ticket.
100% Welcome Bonus Up to GHS 500
Brand-new sports and casino betting site, great for soccer betting!
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  • Excellent sports book with great soccer odds
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PrideBet Lucky Numbers Portfolio

PrideBet has an extensive list of nearly 60 lottery draws for you to bet on. You will of course find highly popular ones such as France Loto, the UK 49s as well as various American lotteries but might also discover a new draw to try your luck on. The below lotteries are all listed at PrideBet:

  • Belgium Lotto
  • Canada: Canada Atlantic 6/49, Canada Western 49 and various others
  • Chile: Chile Loto, Chile Pola 4 as well as Chile Ravancha
  • Columbia Baloto
  • Denmark Lotto
  • France Loto
  • Greece Powerball and Lotto
  • Hong Kong Mark Six
  • Ireland: Irish Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 as well as Lotto Plus 2 and furthermore Ireland EuroMillion Plus
  • Italy: Lotto Roma, Super Enalotto
  • Norway Lotto
  • Poland Lotto as well as Poland Lotto Plus
  • South Africa: various draws including SA Lotto and SA Power Ball
  • Spain: Spain Primitiva, Spain Bonoloto and furthermore El Gordo, the famous Spanish Christmas lottery.
  • UK: alongside the highly popular UK 49’s Teatime and UK 49’s Lunchtime you can bet on the UK Health Lottery, UK Lotto as well as UK Thunderball.
  • Various US lotteries: including Arizona Fantasy 5, Colorado Cash 5, Florida Lotto, New Jersey Cash 5 and many others.

Use your numbers to bet & win!

That is to say, the introduction of lucky numbers betting shows PrideBet’s commitment to innovation and entertainment. While you can bet across all bookies on sports online and mobile, lucky numbers betting is not yet widely available. Ghana has a vibrant lottery culture, with a variety of lotto draws available via the National Lottery Authority (NLA). However PrideBet’s lotto betting portfolio doesn’t include any of the national Ghana lotto draws (you still need to join these via the NLA point of sale terminals across the country) but instead you can now access and engage with top global lottery draws. Bet on the outcome of France Loto, the UK 49s or Irish Lotto simply via your phone in your PrideBet player account!

Numbers betting can offer you a similar great experience as sports betting with a diverse range of betting markets. While you can always bet on your favorite numbers, additional options like odd/even or bonus ball provide extra opportunity. Lotto betting goes beyond traditional tickets, offering a broader variety by allowing you to explore different betting options beyond selecting a specific set of numbers.

With hundreds of monthly lotto draws available, your lucky numbers await at PrideBet – explore this exciting new betting option today!

100% Welcome Bonus Up to GHS 500
Brand-new sports and casino betting site, great for soccer betting!
  • Great launch offers
  • Excellent sports book with great soccer odds
  • Aviator, slots and more

For more information also have a read through our PrideBet Ghana review as well as our various news articles. With daily free games, diverse promotions and now also lucky numbers lotto betting PrideBet offers you overall fantastic betting entertainment.

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