PrideBet Aviator Game Launch

22 June 2023 |

Spribe’s crash game Aviator is one of the biggest success stories of the last few years. It is one of the most popular online casino games across the globe and therefore also in Ghana. Every day hundreds of players try to hold their nerve and cash out before the plane flies off into the sky.

Now the Aviator game has also arrived at brand-new Ghanaian betting and casino site PrideBet. The game is available alongside other crash games such as Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman and hundreds of slots in the PrideBet Gaming section.

How to play Aviator

Aviator is a very simple game. If you have never played it before you can watch a few Aviator game rounds on the PrideBet site before joining in the fun. Before each new game round you place either 1 or 2 bets. Once the plane takes off into the sky, the multiplicator (represented by the plane’s flight curve) increases. Your aim is to cash out your bets before the plane flies away. The longer the plane climbs the higher the multiplicator will become and therefore your potential winnings. But be careful as you will loose your bet if the plane flies off and you haven’t cashed out.

To improve your chances of winning the Aviator betting game has 2 great features that you should definitely use when playing at PrideBet or any other betting site:

  1. Place 2 bets! Within the Aviator game you can place not only 1 bet but 2 bets at the same time. Both can follow a different strategy. One common strategy is for example that your first bet covers your cost. Therefore you put the Auto Cashout function to the specific multiplicator you need to cover both your bets. The aim of your second bet is to make a profit. Hence you might have a higher, more risky multiplicator cash out level set.
  2. That brings us to the second feature: Auto Cashout. You need to make fast decisions when playing the Aviator game on PrideBet with regards to cashing out your bets. To make it easier for you it’s recommended you use the Auto Cashout functionality as you can set a certain level for each of your bets. Once reached your bets will automatically be cashed out, ensuring you claim your winnings at exactly your preferred point.

Play Aviator at PrideBet

Ready to join in the fun and fly to the skies with PrideBet? Then follow these steps to get started:

  1. Register your PrideBet account. The registration form is short and easy to fill in so within a minute you can successfully join. More details on how to register an account is also available in our PrideBet Account Guide.
  2. Similar to other casino games you can play Aviator only with real money. Hence head to the cashier and add some money to your PrideBet player account.
  3. Once done, go to the Gaming section, click on Aviator and board the plane.
100% Welcome Bonus Up to GHS 500
Brand-new sports and casino betting site, great for soccer betting!
  • Great launch offers
  • Excellent sports book with great soccer odds
  • Aviator, slots and more

The Aviator game is interesting for all players, independent of their bankroll. PrideBet has the following settings for the game:

  • Min. bet amount: GHS 0.50
  • Max. bet amount: GHS 10,000
  • Max. win amount: GHS 50,000

PrideBet offers all account holders the option to play Aviator in fun mode before then joining in for real money. It’s always good to watch a few game rounds, play around with the features and functionality and have a look at the betting behaviour of other players before joining.

PrideBet Aviator promotions

To celebrate the launch of the Aviator betting game PrideBet offers you some great promotions. You can enjoy free bets as well as cashback. Make sure you check you account inbox as well as SMS messages. PrideBet will also make it rain Free Bets on Aviator. The rain will start randomly during certain times and you can then collect free bets. What a fun feature!

Other Spribe Games

While Aviator is Spribe’s flagship title the company has a much wider portfolio. PrideBet has opted for the full portfolio and therefore you will also be able to enjoy:

  • Go Goal
  • Hi Hilo
  • Mr Mini Roulette
  • PI Plink
  • Di Dice
  • Hi Hilo
  • Ke Keno
  • Mi Mines

When looking at the games icon you always think you look at a periodic table of elements. Discover the great mixture of Spribe games!

Are you ready to fly?

Enjoy the newly added Aviator game at Pridebet and try it for yourself. You can win big with the minimum bet amount starting from GHS 0.50.

The Aviator betting game is a great addition to PrideBet Ghana’s gaming section. You can play it alongside Pragmatic Play’s games portfolio, including hundreds of slots titles as well as its crash game Spaceman. Furthermore you can enjoy virtual sports.

100% Welcome Bonus Up to GHS 500
Brand-new sports and casino betting site, great for soccer betting!
  • Great launch offers
  • Excellent sports book with great soccer odds
  • Aviator, slots and more

PrideBet is still a very new betting site and has only recently launched in Ghana. Hence their games portfolio is constantly expanding and we expect more to come soon, such as Evolution’s Live Casino games or NetEnt slots. For a detailed overview about the current offering also have a look at our PrideBet Ghana review.

Enjoy playing Aviator and many other games at PrideBet online, mobile as well as in the PrideBet app.

PrideBet is not the only betting site in Ghana that offers you Aviator. Betway Ghana for example also has it alongside many other crash games in its portfolio. Or try Aviator at Sportybet, Msport or 1xbet. For more details on how to play & win games like Aviator also have a look at our Crash Game Guide or our Aviator game tricks article.

100% Welcome Bonus Up to GHS 500
Brand-new sports and casino betting site, great for soccer betting!
  • Great launch offers
  • Excellent sports book with great soccer odds
  • Aviator, slots and more

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