Why you should start to play lotto online

4 September 2020 | ,

More and more lottery players are playing the national and international lotteries by buying their tickets online these days. But why should you play lotto online?

Reasons to play lotto online

There are many advantages of purchasing lotto tickets online over buying lottery tickets at your local shop. Here are our main reasons for playing the lottery online:


With an online lotto account, you can participate in the lottery anytime and from anywhere. This means you are no longer in a rush to get to your local retailer to get your tickets or waiting in a queue. You will never miss a draw due to being on holiday, not being able to get to the shop or other reasons. Playing lotto online is simple, easy and fast – especially if you play on your mobile phone.

More choice

While playing the SA National lottery games is great fun and offers big jackpot wins the world’s biggest lotteries are based abroad. Via your online lotto account, you can access a much wider range of lotteries and hence have more chances to win the big jackpots. Most online betting sites offer you the best international lotteries such as the US Powerball, the Russian lotto Gosloto or the French lotto which would not be easily available to you otherwise.

Safe money through bonuses and promotions

Online lottery betting operators offer you a variety of bonuses and promotions. This means you can get discount for ongoing lottery subscriptions or multi-draw buys. Especially for players who participate regularly online lotto can actually be a cost saving.

Higher winnings and odds

A good percentage of lotto jackpot wins happen via syndicates. Becoming part of a syndicate can bring you closer to your dream of winning the lottery compared to playing alone as the probability of hitting a jackpot increases with more tickets. Playing via an online lotto group allows you to cover more number combinations and to benefit of all members’ tickets while sharing the cost. You can join a syndicate quite easily via your online lotto account.

Never miss a win

When playing lotto online you will automatically know if you have won. While you can get notifications, you will also see all lotto results of draws you participated in conveniently listed in your account. No need to find the results of your draw and mark the numbers on your ticket. Your online betting site will automatically check the results for you. Just sign into your account and you will instantly see the lotto outcome, saving you time and hassle.

Claim your win instantly

Similar to checking the results claiming a win is also instantly and straight forward. When playing lotteries online your winnings are paid automatically and transferred to your account balance.

Keep a spending record

Playing the lottery also comes with expenditure. It is sometimes easy to lose track of how much you spend compared to how much you win. When you play online you have complete visibility of your spending and your wins and full control over your account.

Ticket record

In your online lotto account, you have a record of all your lottery tickets. This means that you can never misplace or lose your ticket ever again as it is safely stored.


All online betting sites listed at Bet & Win are fully licensed by one of the provincial gambling boards in South Africa. A license is only granted to operators that have passed strict terms and conditions and ensure a fair and responsible offering, player privacy and secure SSL-protected payment processes. Licenses are reviewed regularly. When you play lotto at a accredited online betting site you know you play in a legal, safe and trustworthy way.

As you can see playing lotto online comes with many advantages and over the past months, we have seen more jackpot wins by online players.

Where to play online lotto?

You now know that online lotto has many benefits. The next question is: what site should you pick to play? The team at Bet & Win has compared many betting sites and we only list operators that we would play at ourselves. Our reviews and top online lotto betting site listing together with our tips to choose the best lotto site for you are hopefully good starting points to begin playing lotto online.

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