Find the best online lotto betting site for you

4 September 2020 | ,

Playing the lottery online has many advantages and is a safe and legal form of entertainment in South Africa. With many betting sites offering lottery betting the question stands: which is the best online lotto betting site for you?

Tips to find the best online betting site

The Bet & Win team has reviewed many betting sites over the last few months, and we have put together a few tips to help you find the best online lotto betting site for you.

1) Variety of lottery offering

Depending on your own personal requirements some betting sites might suit you more than others. There are some questions that you might ask yourself before playing or betting on lotto online:

  • Do you want to play the National Lottery games or also participate in lotteries around the world?
  • Do you prefer to buy a real lotto ticket or would you like to try online lotto betting with fixed odds?
  • Would you want to play on your own or possibly join an online syndicate?

Please check that your chosen online betting site offers your preferred lottery games and is operating under a SA gambling license (see also point 5).

2) Bonuses and Promotions

Online betting sites offer new and existing customers special bonuses and promotions. There are different lotto bonuses advertised, ranging from free lotto bets, deposit bonuses and discounts to subscriptions. Others might even offer you a money back reward to enjoy a risk-free lotto game online. Depending on which lottery game you want to play some bonuses might be more or less applicable to you. While special rewards are great please make sure that you pick a site that offers the lottery you actually want to play in a safe way.

3) Ease of use

Playing and betting on lotto online should be simple, fast and convenient. Especially when you want to participate via your mobile device, a user-friendly layout and navigation is essential at any stage. Firstly, sign up and/or login should be straightforward. Secondly, you need to be able to access your preferred lottery within a few clicks. Thirdly, you should have your preferred payment method available. Lastly, you should get notifications if you have won and winnings need to be transferred into your online account immediately. The same applies for cash outs to your preferred banking option.

4) Payment Options

A good online lotto betting site must give you a variety of payment options to choose from. Most sites offer you deposit and withdrawal via debit or credit cards, e-wallets, pre-paid cards, payment systems and even cryptocurrency. Please also check potential fees and payment security, such as encryption, before deciding where to play.

5) License and safety

There are many lotto betting sites available that allow South African customers to participate in lotteries online. But not all of them are legalized and accredited by an official South African body. On Bet & Win we list only lotto websites that are fully licensed and regulated as per SA betting law. This might mean that you have less choice but gives you additional assurance that you are in safe hands.

For our analysis we also take the overall reputation, the track record and the reliability of an operator into consideration. Some sites definitely stand out in terms of their general standing, numbers of years in the industry and customer service. The track record is an excellent indicator whether a site can be trusted and treats customers fairly and responsibly.

Now it is your turn to find the best lotto site for you

Our detailed and objective reviews together with the above tips should give you a good starting point to find the best online lotto site for your individual preferences. Have a read and compare the different lotto sites. Then sign up with your favourite and concentrate on what you love to do: playing lotteries.

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