Play Aviator at Betfred SA

8 July 2023 |

With the worldwide success of Spribe’s flagship game Aviator we see this game appearing now on more and more SA betting and casino sites. For a simple reason: we players love it!

Recently Playa Bets as well as Supabets added the game into their games portfolios but you can also enjoy Aviator if you are a customer of Betfred SA. Below we guide you through how to play Aviator at Betfred SA.

Play Aviator and Win up to R5 Million

With so many betting sites featuring Aviator these days one point that differentiate the offering is the maximum win potential per Aviator bet. Betfred is flying high and offers you the possibility to win up to R5 Million per bet on Aviator! That’s very comparable to Hollywoodbets and Playa Bets but higher than for example on Betway. Hence if you think you can hold your nerves and aim for a big multiplier then Betfred could be a good bookie choice for you.

How to play

To play the Aviator betting game at Betfred follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly register your Betfred player account or login to your existing one.
  2. Aviator can only be played with real money at Betfred. Therefore ensure you have a sufficient real money balance. If you need to deposit then Betfred offers you a variety of payment methods to do so.
  3. Afterwards open the Aviator game and place your bets.
  4. Ensure you cash out in time to win! If you crash you’ll lose your bet.

For more guidance on how to register an account have a look at our Betfred Account Guide.

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Aviator Gameplay and Strategy

One of the success factors of Spribe’s Aviator crash game is its simplicity. The game is actually very easy to understand and doesn’t require complicated strategies.

You have the option to place either 1 bet or furthermore 2 bets that the same time. The minimum bet amount per Aviator bet is set at Betfred SA to R1. Therefore betting is affordable. The betting round is quite short and therefore you need to make your betting decision quickly. One feature to support you is Autoplay. You can use it to set your bet amount and the number of rounds you’d like to participate in and then the system does the betting for you.

Once the betting time is up the game starts. Then the red Aviator plane heads into the sky. The plane’s flight curve represents the multiplicator and you need to decide when you want to cash out your bet. You could for example play it safe and cash out at a small multiplicator such as 1.5x. If you are more risk seeking then you might decide to cash out as late as possible to get a bigger multiplicator. The important point is that you need to cash out your bet(s) before the plane disappears. If you do so, you win. Otherwise you lose. To support your gameplay Aviator has another feature called Auto Cashout which you should make use of when playing at Betfred. With this feature you can set a certain multiplicator and once reached the system cashes out for you automatically.

We always recommend you to watch a few rounds of Aviator gameplay before joining in and placing your bets. For more details also have a read through our Aviator game review.

Cash or Crash? Enjoy Aviator at Betfred

Are you ready to head for sky-high wins and play Aviator at Betfred? Then head over to and start your gameplay.

up to R5,0001st deposit bonus
The world's largest independent bookmaker, offering great sports and games betting now in South Africa!
  • Lots of promotions and bonuses
  • Slots, Live Casino, Betgames
  • Extensive betting options

Aviator is a thrilling game that draws in thousands of players every day. Playing this crash game is very simple and furthermore highly addictive. Therefore we always recommend you to stick to your budget and play responsibly. You might also be interested in some of our gameplay strategies we cover in our Aviator Game Tricks Guide. Remember, Aviator is a game of luck!

Lastly, have a look through the offering of all the South African betting sites that offer Aviator. On some you can use for example your welcome bonus also for the Aviator betting game. Other bookies also have special promotions that you can make use of. For example at Playa Bets you can win a real flight experience when betting on Aviator.

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