Fred’s Hourly Powerball

17 December 2023 |

You can enjoy Lucky Numbers Betting across many of the best betting sites in South Africa. While many offer you great lotto draws such as the UK49s, GoSloto or betting on the SA lotteries some bookies offer you something special. One great example is Betfred SA.

Betfred has a range of exclusive lotto draws that you can therefore only play & bet on at Below we provide you all details about Fred’s Hourly Powerball. This game is not just your ordinary lottery; it’s a game of chance and excitement, available only on Betfred’s Lucky Numbers page. Before we go into the details one point that definitely sets Fred’s Hourly Powerball apart is its hourly draws, providing players with more opportunities to try their luck and win big.

Fred’s Hourly Powerball Details

Fred’s Hourly Powerball is exclusive to Betfred. It is a very unique lucky numbers draw as it plays every hour, every day of the year. Therefore you can join in 24 times a day for your chance to turn a small bet into a big lotto win.

Fred’s Hourly Powerball is a classic 5/50 lotto draw with the additional draw of 2 power balls. During each draw 5 balls, numbered from 1 to 50 are drawn from one chamber of balls. In addition 2 Powerballs are drawn from a second chamber, numbered from 1 to 12. Overall 7 balls are the result of each hourly draw. Fred’s Hourly Powerball gives you 3 exciting betting markets.

Available Betting Markets

1. Classic

You can pick up to 4 numbers from the available ones 1 to 50. Depending on your preference you have the flexibility to place your bets on 1, 2, 3 or even 4 balls in this Fred’s Hourly Powerball market.

1 Ball8.00
2 Balls100.00
3 Balls1500.00
4 Balls30000.00

2. Classic + Power

But the excitement doesn’t end with the classic option and in “Classic + Power” an additional element is introduced with 2 Powerballs drawn from the numbers 1 to 12. This allows you bet on the outcome of various combinations. The following table lists all combinations together with their potential returns:

1 Ball + Power50.00
1 Ball + 2 Power520.00
2 Balls + Power580.00
2 Balls + 2 Power5800.00
3 Balls + Power8500.00
3 Balls + 2 Power84000.0

For the daring players who opt for the challenge of betting on 3 balls + 2 Powerballs, the potential reward stands at an impressive R84,000/1. This tantalizing pay-out reflects the high stakes and excitement that Fred’s Hourly Powerball brings to the table.

3. Power

Lastly, you also have the option to simply bet on the outcome of the 2 drawn Powerballs:

1 Powerballs4.50
2 Powerballs55.00

That is to say, Fred’s Hourly Powerball offers various betting options to cater to different preferences. You can choose to bet on the ‘Classic’ draw, the ‘Powerballs’ alone, or combine both for a chance at even greater winnings. The game’s versatility allows you to tailor their bets according to their strategies and instincts.

How to play

Want to try your lucky numbers on Fred’s Hourly Powerball? Then head over to Betfred SA, register your player account if you don’t have one yet, and afterwards go to the Lucky Numbers Page. There you will find a wide portfolio of lotto draws from around the world. Fred’s Hourly Powerball draw is unique as it is happening every hour on the hour, giving you plenty of opportunity to join in.

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Fred’s Hourly Powerball Results

Each day there are 24 draws and if you are a lucky winner you can see the results straight away in your account. Alternatively you can access all draw results via the Results Page on the Betfred Lucky Numbers Page.

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Overall Betfred is a fantastic betting site for lotto. Alongside Fred’s Hourly Powerball you can get involved with another exclusive draw, Betfred’s Nifty50. Moreover Betfred SA has the best odds across a variety of lucky number draws in comparison to other betting sites.

For example on the UK 49s you can get the following odds:

  • 2 Balls (including Bonus Ball): 53/1
  • 3 Balls (including Bonus Ball): 470/1
  • Bonus Ball: 46/1

Make also use off the best odds on the SA Powerball, which are as follows

  • 1 Ball + Bonus : 190/1
  • 2 Balls: 110/1
  • 3 Balls 1700/1

Moreover Betfred SA gives you the best odds on SA Lotto:

  • 2 Balls (including Bonus Ball): 58/1
  • 3 Balls (including Bonus Ball): 525/1
  • Bonus Ball: 49/1

If you are interested in Lucky Numbers betting then you should definitely have a look at Betfred SA. With great odds and unique, exclusive draws this bookie definitely stands out.

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