Betway increases Aviator max. Payout

29 May 2023 |

Gaming provider Spribe has gained immense popularity in recent years, thanks to its innovative and engaging betting games. Among its portfolio, the Aviator game has captured the attention of players worldwide with its unique mechanics and the potential for substantial payouts.

This crash game is available on Betway SA for quite some time with a R2 million maximum payout, similar to many other betting sites that offer Aviator.

But Betway is simply Betway and wants to offer its players more. Therefore Betway has just increased the maximum payout on Aviator.

Moving forward you can really fly to high winnings as the new max. payout on Aviator is now R3 million with Betway. Even better, this applies to each bet. As you can place 2 bets in one go you now even have the chance to win a massive R6 million. Let’s delve into the thrilling world of Spribe’s Aviator and explore the Betway offering in detail.

How to play Aviator at Betway ZA

Want to head for the skies and claim a big one the way? Then it’s time to join the fun at Betway and make the most of the increased max. payout of R3 million. Hop on board and follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Betway SA account or register your Betway player account.
  2. To play Aviator you need to have deposited beforehand. Therefore ensure you have a positive balance or head to the cashier to top-up. If you are a new player and are about to make your first deposit, then you might want to claim Betway’s 100% casino games bonus up to R2,000 to increase your balance.
  3. Launch the Aviator crash game and place your bets. Betting starts from as little as R1 with the max. payout per bet being now R3 million.
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The Aviator betting game combines elements of chance and strategy. It takes inspiration from the thrilling world of airport runways and aircraft, providing players with an immersive experience. Once the plane takes off the multiplier increases continuously. The higher the plane flies, the bigger the multiplier and therefore your potential winnings. But remember that you needs to cash out your bet(s) before the aircraft crashes.

In order to hit the max. payout of R3 million on Aviator at Betway you need to definitely be able to hold your nerves. While this new maximum payout is very tempting keep in mind that reaching it will require impeccable timing and a massive stroke of luck.

Aviator Strategies

To optimise your chances of achieving a significant payout, you should familiarise yourself well with the Aviator game before betting. A good starting point is our Aviator game review, where we cover the ins and outs of this crash game.

While Aviator is a game of luck there are some strategic considerations when playing. Some popular strategies include:

  1. Conservative approach: Cashing out early, at smaller multiplier values, to ensure consistent but smaller winnings over time. This strategy minimises the risk of losing the entire bet but sacrifices the potential for larger payouts. So if you want to aim for the increased R3 million Aviator max. payout on Betway then this approach is not for you.
  2. Aggressive approach: Taking calculated risks and holding out for higher multipliers, aiming for a larger payout. This strategy carries a higher risk of losing the bet but offers the potential for more significant winnings.
  3. Moderation: Striking a balance between conservative and aggressive approaches, optimising the timing of cashing out. This strategy allows you to maintain a balance between steady wins and the potential for higher payouts.

We always recommend to make use of the Aviator features, especially Auto Cashout. Also have a look at our Aviator Game Tricks Guide.

Win up to R3 Million on Aviator with Betway

Betway SA is simply a really great betting and casino site. They know what players want and try to offer it. While most betting sites have a max. payout on Aviator of R1 million Betway really pushes the pedal to the metal. In addition to increasing the max. payout of Aviator to R3 million Betway also offers a wide range of promotions. These often include Aviator as well as other casino games. Can you hold your nerves and be the first player who will hit the maximum win amount of R3 million?

100% Sports Free Betor Casino Games Bonus
One of the world's leading bookmakers with an incredibly vast selection of sports and games.
  • Optimised for mobile + data free offer
  • Generous bonuses and promotions
  • Jika Sports, BetGames, Lucky Numbers


What is the max. payout on Aviator on Betway ZA?

On 29 May 2023 Betway has increased the maximum payout on Spribe’s Aviator crash game to R3 million. As you can place 2 bets per gaming round you can even win up to R6 million in total. The sky is the limit when playing Aviator at Betway.

Can I play Aviator on Betway in South Africa?

Indeed you can play the Aviator crash game at Betway in South Africa. Aside from Betway there are many other SA betting sites that also have Aviator in their games portfolio.

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