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23 November 2020 | ,

With so many games operators around it is often tricky for us players to understand who is who. At the end it possibly does not matter so much who is behind our beloved instant games as long as we have fun (and win). We recently started playing Mega 7 and therefore digged a bit deeper into HollywoodTV, the company behind this and many other fun live games.

About HollywoodTV

HollywoodTV is the live games division of the Golden Race group, a world leader of virtual sports and pre-recorded virtual sports betting.

Games meet live entertainment at Hollywood TV. Similar to watching our favourite game shows on TV the HollywoodTV live games bring us the entertainment home – and even better, wherever we are across all our modern devices. The games play well on desktp, laptop and Android and iOS smartphones.

All HollywoodTV games are broadcasted and streamed live 24/7 from the Hollywood TV studio. Using modern 4K equipment and technology the experience is excellent and very much what we are used to from lotto draws or other live game events. Each game is presented by a live host/hostess who either picks the balls or spins the wheel. The games are fully licensed and certified and therefore safe to play. They are ideal for some gaming fun in between other games, while passing some time or after placing your sports bets. As they are available 24/7 there is always a game waiting for you to bet on.

Big game titles

  • Mega 6: Pick up to 6 numbers from 1 to 49 and match 3 or more for a win.
  • Mega 7: Similar to Mega 6 you have to pick your lucky numbers between 1-49. But with Mega 7 you can pick up to 7 numbers for increased chances. There are various betting options available aside from numbers. Bet on first ball, colour or sum amongst others.
  • 1 Bet: 1 Bet is a very simple game. 1 ball out of 37 available balls is drawn per game. You have a huge variety of 31 betting options. Next to betting on numbers, you can also bet on colour, even/odd, higher/lower as well as intervals.
  • Joker Bet: is played with a standard deck of 54 cards with 1 blue and 1 red joker. 1 card is opened up at a time. In between each card you can bet on exact card values, colour, suit and if the next card features a number or not.

Aside from these games the following other games are also available by Hollywood TV: Super5, Keno, Keno Deluxe, Super 7, Spin2Wheels, Wheel Bet, 5 Bet, 7 Bet, Lucky 6, Poker Bet, War of Elements, Premium Roulette and Backgammon. For detailed reviews about live casino, number and lottery games please have a look at the Bet & Win games section.

All HollywoodTV games have in common that they are really fast paced. Each game lasts usualy less than 1 minute and a new game starts every few minutes. With additional jackpot options these games can bring good wins.

Play HollywoodTV games

You think, you have heard some of these game titles before? Indeed, many of the games are very similar to the popular Betgames (or the other way around?) and follow a similar gameplay. Hence, if you have a few minutes spare, check them out. World Sports Betting, Morris Vee and Sportsbet all feature Mega 7. For a detailed overview about which game is available on which boomaker also have a look at our games section. We have reviewed the most popular games in detail and provide you with a listing of which bookmaker features these.

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