Two Oceans 2024

12 April 2024 |

The Two Oceans Marathon, held annually in Cape Town, South Africa, features a challenging 56-kilometer ultramarathon and a 21-kilometer half-marathon. The event showcases stunning scenery along the Cape Peninsula route.

With its reputation as “the world’s most beautiful marathon,” participants experience the breathtaking landscapes while testing their endurance on the roads. Therefore the Two Oceans 2024 an epic event to have in our April 2024 Sport Preview.

When and Where 

Both the Ultra Marathon and the Half Marathon commence in Newlands and on a similar route. 

The Ultra Marathon embarks on a circular journey through Muizenberg, Fish Hoek, Chapman’s Peak, Hout Bay, Constantia Nek, and concludes its challenging route at the University of Cape Town campus. In instances if Chapman’s Peak Drives closure, an alternative path over Ou Kaapse Weg is taken. 

The Half Marathon leads participants along Edinburgh Drive (M3 highway), weaving through forest roads by Kirstenbosch, where they converge with Ultra Marathon runners before ultimately reaching the finish line at the University of Cape Town campus.

2 Oceans History 

The Beauty of Cape Town is captivating! The route being one of the most beautiful runs in the world. Since its inception in 1970, the Two Oceans Marathon has evolved into a premier event in South Africa’s athletic calendar. From its modest beginnings, the marathon has experienced significant growth, consistently selling out each year.  

The Half Marathon, boasting around 16,000 participants, it has earned the title of the country’s largest half marathon.  

Meanwhile, approximately 11,000 athletes annually take on the challenging 56-kilometer Ultra Marathon.  

The Two Oceans 2024 goes beyond the main races, with various activities held the day before, including fun runs for over 6,000 participants, trail running through Table Mountain National Park for about 1,000 enthusiasts, and an International Friendship Run along the scenic Sea Point promenade, offering international participants a chance to experience the beauty of Cape Town’s coastline. 

Fun Facts 

The Two Oceans Marathon boasts a rich history dating back to its inaugural race on May 2, 1970. Initially conceived as a mere training run to prep Cape Town athletes for the Comrades Marathon. 

The event saw 26 intrepid runners embark on the 56 km journey from Impala Park. Little did they know, they were laying the foundation for an iconic event that would draw over 9,000 participants in later years.  

The entry fee was a mere 50 cents, and only 15 runners completed the course, with Dirkie Steyn emerging victorious, running barefoot in a time of 3:55:50. 

In the following years remarkable milestones and developments were witnessed. In 1971, the race transitioned to Brookside, with the entry fee doubling to R1 and the number of finishers increasing to 31.  

By 1972, the event was officially christened “The Two Oceans Marathon,” with 96 of the 115 entrants toeing the line. Don Hartley claimed victory in a time of 3:25:12.  

1973 – 1979

The race moved to the Easter weekend, establishing a tradition for future editions. This pivotal year also marked the debut of a young doctor named Tim Noakes, who would go on to become a renowned authority in sports science.  

The Two Oceans Marathon persisted in breaking barriers and forging new paths. In 1974 Theresa Stadler became the first female entrant, inspiring others despite missing the official cut-off time. Additionally, that year solidified the race date as the Saturday of Easter weekend. Subsequent years brought further triumphs and innovations. The event’s popularity surged, prompting organizers to enforce stricter regulations.  

Janet Bailey garnered attention in 1978 by becoming the first woman to break the 5-hour barrier, setting a new women’s record. The race’s prestige continued to soar. Culminating in Hugh Amoore being awarded the first permanent blue number in 1979. Therefore a testament to his remarkable achievements in the marathon’s history. 

Two Oceans 2024 Favorites 

Gerda Steyn 

Her journey in the Two Oceans Marathon began quietly in 2016, with few outside her inner circle aware of her potential. However, her remarkable performance in the Comrades Marathon that same year hinted at her prowess as a future contender.  

By 2018, Steyn had emerged as a top competitor, securing her place in Oceans history with a decisive victory. The following year, she showcased her true potential. Coming within a whisker of breaking a decades-old record, setting the stage for even greater achievements. 

In 2022, Steyn faced her toughest challenge yet, navigating fierce competition and personal hurdles to clinch an unforgettable victory. With unwavering support from her family, club, and professional team, Steyn continues to redefine the boundaries of success in ultra-marathon running.  

As she prepares to embark on her quest for an unprecedented fifth consecutive win at the Two Oceans, her recent triumphs in record time hint at more marathon success to come.  

With the Paris Olympics on the horizon, Steyn remains focused on achieving new heights. Fueled by her passion for the sport and unwavering determination to leave a lasting legacy. 

Stephen Mokoka

A formidable force in South Africa’s road runner racing scene, prepares to tackle the Two Oceans Marathon. A race steeped in legendary performances and formidable records.  

Thirty-five years ago, Thompson Magawana and Frith van der Merwe set astonishing records in the marathon, widely considered unbreakable. However, as Mokoka ventures into the ultra marathon territory for the first time. His stellar track record and recent achievements suggest a potential threat to Magawana’s remarkable record. 

Mokoka’s meticulous preparation for the Two Oceans includes strategic training blocks and competitive races to hone his endurance and strength. Despite his formidable reputation, Mokoka approaches the race with humility and determination, focusing on gaining experience and enjoying the challenge.  With a new training regimen and support from his club, Hollywood Athletics Club. Mokoka is poised to push his limits and carve his name in Two Oceans history. He joined Hollywood Athletics Club in January 2024.   

As he sets his sights on the Paris Olympics, Mokoka’s journey at the Two Oceans Marathon marks a significant milestone in his illustrious career, with the potential to rewrite the record books and cement his legacy as one of South Africa’s road runner racing greats. 

Run into the anticipation!

As the Two Oceans 2024 Marathon approaches, anticipation fills the air, promising another chapter of excitement and triumph. With athletes like Gerda Steyn and Stephen Mokoka poised to make history, the event embodies the spirit of perseverance and achievement. As runners lace up their shoes and line up at the start, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of generations past. Therefore ready to write their own chapter in the marathon’s legacy of greatness.

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