Rules of Netball

25 June 2024 |

Netball, a riveting and strategic game, often likened to basketball, has garnered a devoted following worldwide. The sport particularly thrives in South Africa, where it’s not just a game but a celebration of teamwork, speed, and precision.

South African netball has made significant strides on the international stage, marking its territory among the sport’s elite with grit as well as finesse. Therefore let’s dive into the dynamic world of netball! Therefore read this short guide to mastering the game with the rules of netball.

Netball Positions

Firstly every player in netball has a crucial role to play, with each position dictating their movement and area of influence on the court. So let’s break down these pivotal roles:

  • Goal Shooter (GS) and Goal Attack (GA): These are your point scorers, tasked with shooting goals from within the circle.
  • Wing Attack (WA): They feed the ball to the shooters and create scoring opportunities.
  • Centre (C): The engine of the team, connecting both defense and offense, and restarting play after a goal.
  • Wing Defence (WD): A hybrid position focusing on halting the opposing WA and safeguarding their third.
  • Goal Defence (GD) and Goal Keeper (GK): The dynamic duo responsible for protecting the goal circle and preventing the opposition from scoring.

When you start playing Netball you may start in more than one position until your preferred spot is found according to your skill set. Netball is massive in South Africa and played from a young age in school alongside sports like hockey as well as rugby. It is important to know the netball rules and positions if you want to play or place bets for that matter.

Basic Netball Rules to Keep You in Play

  1. Four Quarters: A match is divided into four 15-minute quarters.
  2. Seven Players: Each team fields seven players, each bound by their specific playing areas.
  3. Three-Second Rule: A player must pass or shoot the ball within three seconds of receiving it.
  4. Footwork: Once landing with the ball, the landing foot cannot be repositioned until the ball is released. So your landing foot MUST remain on the ground.
  5. No Contact: Physical contact between players is not permitted.
  6. Passing Distance: Players must remain at least 0.9 meters apart when defending a pass.
  7. Scoring: Only GS and GA can score by shooting the ball through the opponent’s hoop.

So as you can see there aren’t that many netball rules to remember however it does take some time to get use to. And with such a fast paced game you need to be sharp and follow the rules as the umpires are watching. Hollywoodbets run some fun Netball Promos on a regular basis, one of the latest was a Netball league Crossword Challenge where you could win tickets to the Telkom Netball league. So keep an eye on their blog and join in the fun to win great prizes.

Super 5 Netball vs. Normal Netball

There are just five players on the court for each team in Super 5. Therefore the quarters are shorter and there are rolling substitutions. As well as distinct scoring zones. By using Power Plays as well as Super Shots, players can even double or triple their point total. It’s quick, strategic, and also really enjoyable.

Other versions of netball exist, including as wheelchair and deaf netball, as well as indoor, beach, walking, mixed, and netball for people with disabilities.

Recognizing Foul Play

Foul play tarnishes the spirit of netball, as well as pretty much any other sport for that matter. Contact, obstruction, and intimidation are major infractions in Netball. Umpires vigilantly monitor for pushing, tripping, or using the body and arms to gain an unfair advantage. Maintaining sportsmanship is key, as penalties can swing the momentum and scoreline of the match. So ensure you know the Rules of Netball and behave in the heat of the moment!

Titans of the Court

The South African Netball Team, affectionately known as the Proteas, have been soaring. Recent years witnessed them clinching prestigious titles and giving powerhouses a run for their money. Notable achievements include stellar performances at the Commonwealth Games and the Netball World Cup, showcasing their tenacity and skill to the world.

With a blend of experienced stalwarts and rising stars, the Proteas are flying South Africa’s flag high, poised for even grander victories ahead. The are such a great team to follow and an excellent example for the younger generation. Showcasing the incredible skills we have to offer in South Africa. For some light reading have a look at our other Netball articles.

A New Era for Spar Proteas Squad

Netball South Africa is buzzing with excitement as it proudly unveils the first squad under the fresh leadership of newly appointed Spar Proteas Coaches, Jenny van Dyk and Zanele Mdodana. This announcement is more than just a list of names, it’s a declaration of intent as the team sets its sights on the 2027 Netball World Cup in Sydney, Australia.

After bidding farewell to several seasoned players, the national team underwent a rigorous selection process. In January, 30 hopefuls gathered at a training camp in Stellenbosch, vying for their spot on the team. The outcome? A dynamic 15-member squad that perfectly marries experience with youthful zest. Also featuring seven domestic heroes and eight international stars. Among them are nine veterans of the 2023 Netball World Cup campaign, including the indomitable Karla Pretorius, sharpshooter Ine-Mari Venter, midfield maestro Khanyisa Chawane, and defensive dynamo Elmere van der Berg.

Coach van Dyk, aware of the weight her decisions carry, spoke of the selection with reverence, “We understand that we are not only shaping a team but nurturing dreams.” She continued, “As we embark on a new season, the selected players are primed and motivated to excel.” The coaching duo is set to debut against Malawi in August, a match that promises to be as thrilling as it is pivotal.

Before the high-stakes season kicks off, the team will gather for their inaugural alignment camp next month, an opportunity for local players and training partners to sync up with the squad’s vision and strategy.

Spar Protea Squad

  • Ine-Mari Venter
  • Rolene Streutker
  • Elmere van der Berg
  • Kamogelo Maseko
  • Owethu Ngubane
  • Nichole Taljaard
  • Khanyisa Chawane
  • Refiloe Nketsa
  • Tarle Mathe
  • Jeante Strydom
  • Jamie van Wyk
  • Boitumelo Mahloko
  • Karla Pretorius
  • Nicola Smith
  • Ane Retief

This blend of seasoned pros and exciting newcomers forms a formidable force, ready to take on the world and carve out a legacy that could inspire generations to come. Watch out, netball world, the Spar Proteas are coming!

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