Lottoland – safe online lottery betting now available in South Africa

4 September 2020 | ,

The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board has awarded Lottoland with two licences to operate legally in South Africa. Moving forward SA online lotto players can enjoy online lotto betting at Being fully licensed and regulated ensures that winnings will be paid in full and safe and secure processes are guaranteed.

About Lottoland

Founded in 2013 Lottoland is the leading operator in online fixed odds betting. The company with HQ in Gibraltar operates in 15 countries worldwide. Since 2018 Lottoland holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest online gambling pay-out in history. A record-setting €90 million pay-out went to a 36-year old German who was playing the EuroJackpot through Lottoland.

Lottoland online lotto betting offer

The launch of Lottoland in South Africa means that Saffas can now participate in more than 30 lotteries worldwide. This includes the SA National Lotteries like SA Lotto or SA Powerball but also many international lotteries. You can for example take part in the US Powerball, the EuroMillions or the El Gordo Christmas Lottery.

Moreover, players can participate in additional prize draws. Try Cash4 Life, where you can win R10,000 per day for the rest of your life. Or discover Keno 24/7 for your chance to with R1 million every 4 minutes. Games like these are exclusive to Lottoland and cannot be played at any other lotto betting site online.

How does lotto online betting at Lottoland work?

While you usually buy a lottery ticket for a certain lottery participating in the lottery via SA Lottoland is different. You will not buy an actual ticket and enter the official draw but bet on the outcome of a draw. So instead of playing the lottery you are betting on the lottery.

Similar to classic lottery playing you pick the numbers that you think will be drawn on your virtual play slip. But instead of buying a lottery ticket with your selected numbers, you place a bet on these numbers being drawn. If you guess correctly and your numbers are drawn, you will receive the same prize amount as the official lottery will pay-out. Lottoland is replicating the winning structure and you get the same amount as if you would have entered the lottery. Lotto Land pays your winnings directly into your online account.

What is Fixed Odds Betting?

With Lottoland you do not buy lottery tickets but place fixed odd bets on the outcome of a draw. Therefore, you are betting on the possibility that your selected numbers will be drawn and will get a fixed return.

Lottoland SA is licensed and regulated and hence 100% legal and safe. To get a license Lottoland needed to prove that renumeration of any amount will be guaranteed. Hence you will always receive your winnings. Furthermore, Lottoland has to prove that is has the right procedures in place for data protection, storage and processing. Lastly the company has to comply with responsible gambling and player safety regulations.

Start your lotto online betting experience

The launch of Lottoland in South African changed our online lotto betting experience. We can now participate in more lotteries and play for big worldwide lottery jackpots. Keep in mind that by playing at Lottoland you will not really enter a certain lottery. Hence the money you pay will not increase the prize pool nor help any charitable causes a lottery is supporting.

How do you get started?

Playing with Lottoland is simple. Open your online account, pick the lottery you want to participate in and your numbers and then place your bets. For more information about Lottoland and its offering please have a look at our detailed Lottoland review.

Lottoland is not the only online betting site in South Africa who offers you the chance to play lotteries worldwide. Have a look at other recommended lotto betting sites here.

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