GoSloto – the Russian lottery

12 November 2020 |

When looking through the lotto betting offering on the best betting sites in South Africa one lottery is always featured prominently: the Russian lottery GoSloto.

We digged a bit deeper to evaluate why Russia Lotto is so popular and played from around the world and how to play it in South Africa.

Behind the scenes

GoSloto is a privately run lottery and operated by Orgolot with support by the Russian government. As it is organised by a national entity it is completely safe, legal, and regulated. You can only take part directly from Russia but many betting sites in South Africa offer various GoSloto lotto draws as part of their lucky numbers portfolio – and you can bet on the outcom.

One of the most popular lotteries within the GoSloto family is GoSloto 6/45. Other draws offered are GoSloto 7/49, 5/36, 6/36 and 4/20.

The different Russian lotto draws explained

GoSloto 6/45

Launched in November 2008 the aim of this lotto draw is, as the name suggests, to match 6 numbers out of 45. GoSloto 645 has 5 winning divisions. To win a prize you have to match at least 2 numbers (winning odds 1:7). If you manage to match all 6 numbers, you win the jackpot (winning odds 1: 8,14,060). A single ticket costs 100 rubles. There are two draws each day, one in the morning at 11:00 Moscow Time (AM 6/45) and one in the evening at 23:00 Moscow time (PM 6/45) and in average half a million tickets participate in each draw. The minimum jackpot is set at 10 million rubles and rolls over until won. This means the jackpot can grow to enormous amounts.

GoSloto 7/49

This version is a classic lotto game where you have to predict 7 numbers between 1-49 correctly to win the massive jackpot which starts at 100 million rubles. The draws take part 5 times each day. This lottery has five prize categories with different payout for 3, 4,5 and 6 matched numbers.

GoSloto 5/36

To participate you have to select 5 numbers from 1-36 in Panel 1 and one number between 1-4 from Panel 2. There are 5 draws daily and ticket, starting at 40 rubels, can be bought up to 20 minutes before each draw.

GoSloto 4/20

To take part in the GoSloto 4 out of 20 draw you select 4 numbers between 1-20 in Panel 1 and another 4 numbers between 1-20 in Panel 2. Draws take place twice per day with a single ticket costing 100 rubels. There are 12 prize levels. When you can match at least 2 numbers in each panel you win a prize.

How to play GoSloto from South Africa

To directly participate in a GoSloto lotto draw you have to be in Russia. Nevertheless, you can take part from South Africa by placing fixed odd bets on the outcome of the draws.

To start with online lotto betting you will need to have an account with a licensed South African bookmaker. If you need help, picking the right one for you have a look at our reviews of the best betting sites. You can find the available online lotteries usually in the Lucky Numbers section of your selected bookie. Various GoSloto draws are listed alongside other lotto draws such as UK49’s or French Lotto. Select the GoSloto draw you want to participate in and choose how many numbers you are going to predict correctly (most sites offer you 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers). Then either select your lucky numbers manually or use the Quick Pick option. The final step is to set your bet and place it via your bet slip.

Step by Step guide on how to play:

  1. Register or Log into your betting account
  2. Go to Lucky Numbers and select the GoSloto draw you want to participate in. As always it is advised to shop around for the best odds.
  3. Select your bet type (e.g. 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers)
  4. Depending on your bet type select up to 4 numbers either manually or use the quick pick option
  5. Decide on your bet amount. Online betting payslips will show you automatically your potential payout for a certain bet amount
  6. Place your bet
  7. Check the results! Most online bookies list the GoSloto results online straight after each morning and evening draw. Some even offer to send you a notification via email or text.

GoSloto FAQ

What GoSloto draws are available?

Gosloto 6/45 is the most popular lottery of the Gosloto lotto range. The are several subdivision lotteries including Gosloto 4/20, GoSloto 749 and Gosloto 5/36.

When does GoSloto 6×45 play?

The Russian GoSloto lottery has two draws a day, one in the morning and one at night, every day of the week

How much is the GoSloto jackpot?

The minimum jackpot of the Russian GoSloto 6/45 draw is set at 10 million RUB (Russian Ruble), which is over R2 million. If not won, the jackpot continues to roll over until won. This can result in massive jackpot amounts. GoSloto749 even has a minimum jackpot of 100 million rubles.

How to win GoSloto 6/45

The big benefit of GoSloto 6×45 is that you will only need to match 2 numbers to win a guaranteed prize. If you can match all 6 drawn numbers you hit the jackpot.

Why play GoSloto online?

GoSloto is a bit of a niche lottery but it is highly popular across the world due to the following reasons:

  • Ticket prices are relatively cheap.
  • There are a lot of draws each day and hence lots of chances to win. GoSloto749 and 536 draws are held 5 times a day while 645 and 420 draws are twice per day.
  • You can win really high jackpots; the minimum jackpot for Go Sloto 645 is set at 10 million rubles while the jackpot of 7×49 starts at 100 million rubles.
  • The odds of winning are very good as you need to match less numbers compared to other lotteries. For example, in GoSloto 6×45 you will only need to match 2 numbers to win a guaranteed prize.
  • The draws are happening live with results being available straight after each draw on bookmakers’ website. Some also offer notifications (via email or text) so you don’t need to look up the results yourself.

Interested in giving Russian Lotto a go? As already said when you play GoSloto online you do not enter the lottery itself but instead you bet on the outcome of the draw. This lottery is available at most licensed lotto online betting sites in South Africa and usually part of the Lucky Numbers offering.

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