Betgames announces new game

26 January 2021 |

Live Games and especially Betgames are seeing increased popularity and more and more players are drawn to these easy to play fixed outcome games. The games are quick and super fun at the same time and have spiced up our betting entertainment.

While we all like to play the currently available 10 Betgames the company has just announced the launch of a new eleventh game: Betgames Rock Paper Scissors.

The Betgames portfolio

Betgames has won many awards for its unique and innovative gaming entertainment. This includes the SBC 2019 award ‘Rising Star in Casino Innovation’. The current game portfolio covers simple games like ‘Wheel of Fortune’ or ‘Dice Duel’ but contains also quite dynamic card games such as ‘Bet on Poker’ or ‘Bet on Baccarat’. And of course the 3 Lucky games which combine traditional lotto with fixed odds betting.

The team at Betgames works really hard to bring us punters always new and exciting games. The last game title 6+ Poker jazzed up traditional Texas Hold’Em poker play by adding a little twist and tweaking the standard rules of poker.

Over the recent month the company has concentrated on giving some of its existing games a little overhaul. For example, we have seen ‘War of Bets‘ being revamped with new features and functionalities. With an improved user interface and the choice of full screen mode players can now more than ever immerse into this game.

All Betgames have the same characteristics:

  • Play anywhere: the games are available across all devices and due to modern responsive design work well on mobile.
  • Always on: you can play the games 24/7/365 and enjoy fast-paced gaming fun. All Betgames are quite short and therefore you never need to wait long for the next game to start. All games are available from the same game lobby. Hence you can easily switch between them and join the fun across multiple titles.
  • Real-time, live streamed betting entertainment with interactive element. The live dealers are not just good looking but foremost increase the factors interaction and fun.
  • Fast, fun and straightforward gameplay: all games are based on well-known game mechanics and are therefore easy to understand. You can watch the live stream for a few round to familiarise yourself with each game before joining in. Alternatively, each game has a detailed ‘How to Play’ guide.

Rock Paper Scissors

It comes as no surprise that the new Betgames’ game has the same above characteristics as the other games in the family. Therefore, we cannot wait to try the eleventh game title called Rock Paper Scissors for real.

How to play Rock Paper Scissors

The concept of the game as is exactly the same as one of our all-time favourite childhood games. You have 3 options: Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

Theses are reflected well within this Betgame. Rock is symbolised via a closed fist, Paper through a flat hand and scissors is represented as a fist but the index and middle fingers are extended to the front in V-form.

The standard rules apply in this online live game:

  • Rock beats Scissors (as Rock crushes Scissors)
  • Scissors beats Paper (as Scissors cut Paper)
  • Paper beats Rock (as Paper covers Rock)

For more details on how to play have a look at our detailed Betgames Rock Paper Sciccors game review. We cover everything from betting options to limits and rules.

Note: as of 25th November 2021 Rock Paper Scissors will be removed from the Betgames catalog. But in the meantime Betgames launched more games, including Andar Bahar as well as Satta Matka.

While the new Betgames game is live so far Hollywoodbets is the only bookmaker that features the game yet. We are sure this will change soon and soon the game will be available at more of the best SA betting sites.

In the meantime have a look at our dedicated Betgames section. Here you will find detailed reviews for all currently available 11 Betgames.

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