Betgames War of Bets game review

War of Bets Betgames Review

War of Bets by Betgames is probably one of the easiest to understand card games. Based on the ever-popular Casino War game, this variation offers players standard bets as well as some variations that make this live casino game great fun.

The land-based version of Casino War is also statistically the only card game where the player has more than 50% chance of beating the dealer.

War of Bets is offered across many of the best online betting sites in South Africa who have integrated the wider Betgames range. The below sites are currently our recommendation.

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War of Bets Gameplay Explained

War of Bets is effectively a game between the dealer and the player who battle for the highest card. When the dealer and player have the a tie, this outcome is also known as WAR.

The round starts with a player placing their bets on whether the dealer or player will have the highest card or if there will be war. After the first round of betting, the dealer deals one card face-up to both sides.

The side with the highest card wins unless there is a tie in which case both sides lose. Deuces (2s) are the the lowest value cards and Aces the highest.

Available Bet Types

Betgames offer players 4 bet types while playing War of Bets.

There are 3 main bets:

  • Dealer wins
  • Player wins
  • War (tie)

Players can also place bets on the colour of the card that will be drawn:

  • Dealer’s card will be RED
  • Dealer’s card will be BLACK
  • Player’s card will be RED
  • Player’s card will be BLACK

For placing bets on the suit of the cards, a bettor has a total of 8 options:

  • 4 options for the Dealer’s card, namely: will the card be CLUB or DIAMOND or HEART or SPADE.
  • 4 options for the Player’s card, namely: will the card be CLUB or DIAMOND or HEART or SPADE.

Finally, players can also place bets on the value of the cards. Below we have listed the available bets:

  • Dealer’s card value will be 8
  • Player’s card value will be 8
  • Dealer’s card value will be LESS than 8
  • Player’s card value will be LESS than 8
  • Dealer’s card value will be MORE than 8
  • Player’s card value will be MORE than 8
  • Dealer’s card will be a FACE card (J, Q, K)
  • Player’s card will be a FACE card (J, Q, K)
  • Dealer’s card value will be a PIP card (A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
  • Player’s card value will be a PIP card (A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)


What is War of Bets Live by Betgames?

War of Bets is a card game where the player and dealer aim to have the highest card. If there is a tie this is known as War. This game offers one of the highest cards wins.

How many rounds of betting are there in a round of War of Bets?

There are 2 rounds of betting in a game of War of Bets. The first round of bets can be placed before the cards are dealt. Players can place multiple bets on any of the available betting options. The second round of betting starts once the player is been dealt its card and the odds are updated. Bets placed in the first betting round do not influence the second round.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in a game of War of Bets?

Most South African operators we tried the game at offered a minimum bet of R1 and a maximum bet of R2000.

How many decks of cards are used in a round?

A standard deck of 52 cards is used in War of Bets.

Can one play in full screen mode?

One of the latest features added now allows players to switch to a more immersive full screen experience. The feature is available on both mobile and desktop devices.

Betgames War of Bets cards
Betgames War of Bets studio
Betgames War of Bets betting options

War of Bets – Game Review Summary

If you are a fan of the standard Casino War card game, you will enjoy War of Bets live by Betgames. The game offers punters more than the standard betting options and 2 rounds of betting.

If you are playing from your desktop, why not try the new full screen mode, the quick toggle buttons for the Suit and Colour bets a nice addition and add to the overall great gaming experience.

Each round of War of Bets is presented by a live dealer. The dealers also guides you through the game. You are informed of each betting round starting and ending and who between the dealer and player is in the lead.

Give Betgames Live War of Bets a go today. If you prefer something more technical such a poker, why not try Bet on Poker or 6+ Poker which are also part of the Betgames selection.

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