What is online Keno?

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Let us give you some history on where Keno originated from before we plunge into what Keno actually is. The word Keno has Latin and French roots and it is guesstimated that the game originated in China. Subsequently an ancient city in time of war was saved by the invention of the game. Hence the demand of the game helped with the raising of funds to build the Great Wall of China. The game started with the Chinese playing the game on a sheet of paper with Chinese characters. Then in the nineteenth century the game was introduced to the US. Keno quickly caught on and became a beloved gambling game in America. 

Keno is a game of chance and very similar to both Lotto and Bingo, you predict your numbers that will be drawn at the next game. The ball numbers normally range from 1 to 80 and you are paid out in accordance with how many numbers you have matched in a draw and how much you wagered on the numbers. If your number is chosen as a result you win. Not many bookmakers offer these games as yet but it is just a matter of time before they will start appearing on most sites. Therefore it is highly recommended that you try online Keno games for free to familiarise yourself before you start betting your hard earned money. 

Online Keno wording and how to play

  • Spot: Each number you select is called a Keno spot 
  • The ticket, also reffered to as the sheet: has 8 rows and 10 columns
  • The Race: The game you are playing

First, select the spots (numbers) you think may win, you can choose between 12 and 15 on most sites. Then place your bets, each bookmaker may vary on the betting options. Afterwards choose your races and how many times you want to bet the same spot (up to 10 times). Players can place bets and watch via live video streaming the random draw of twenty balls out of eighty (Keno 20/80). Always check the wagering requirements and terms before playing. 

Difference between Keno and Lotto

In Keno, you are paid out according to how many numbers you bought and the way you wagered it initially. With a lottery, your prize depends on how many numbers you landed and how many other participants chose the same numbers as you. A big difference between online lotto and online keno is also how fast the games are played. 

As a beginner it is recommended to choose lesser spots at first and bet small amounts until you grasp the game on a higher level. The games are simple and straightforward therefore you will be playing confidently in no time. 

Lottostar currently offers their own variety of Kino games and they draw every 5 minutes. If you choose to play Kino 12 you have to select 12 numbers between 1 and 80, if you choose Kino 15 you have to select 15 numbers and so forth. We will go into more detail on these games in the Keno review. Lottoland have just added a new Keno game called 24/7, which is their version of Keno games. 

Golden Race is one of the providers of Keno in South Africa. They are a leading developer and provider of outstanding virtual sports and betting solutions. 

Keno is an appealing game filled with excitement and the main aim is to sit back and have fun. So have a look at our recommended bookmakers and operators who offer Keno and take your pick!

Where to play 

The following operators currently offer online keno or kino:

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We have reviewed the best Keno games and other lucky numbers games in our games section. Have a look through our reviews to find a Keno game that suits you.

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