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3 December 2022 |

If we could have a bet we would guess that you placed your last bet on a mobile device. Mobile betting is becoming more and more the new normal for us punters. We just love betting whenever and wherever we are, especially making use of live in-game last minute betting options.

Supabets is one of a kind bookmaker in South Africa, constantly improving its offering. Placing sports bets with Supabets just got even more customer friendly as this bookie now offers a data free app.

How to download the Supabets app

Step 1: Open your Supabet account

As a first step to start betting with Supabets datafree you need a valid user account. You already have one? Great, then you can go straight to step 2.

If you don’t have an account yet, register with Supabets here. The sign up process is very easy and quick and very much standard across all licensed bookies. Register by picking your unique username. Then enter your phone number, your email, First Name, Last Name as well as your ID type and number. Lastly, select a password and finish your registration by clicking ‘Submit’. Now you have opened your Supabets account. As it is standard in South Africa, the last step is to FICA your account, so it is fully verified. This also enables you to claim the Supabets Welcome Bundle.

R50 + 100 free spins + deposit bonuses up to R5000
100% African-owned and run bookmaker with a wide and varied offering
  • Wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Slots, Instant & Live Games
  • Lots of special features

Step 2: Download the Supabet Datafree App

Compared to native apps by other bookies, such as the Betway app, you can’t download the Supabet apk from the Google Play Store or Apple store. Instead you have to download the app from the Supabets page on your mobile. Click on “Data Free” on the Supabets mobile page.

Please note: the Supabets data free app is currently only available for Android mobile devices.

Before starting the download you have to do the following:

  • Go to the Settings icon on your Android device
  • Tap on Security -> Device Administration -> Allow Unknown Sources -> tick the box
  • Then tap OK on the pop up box

Once done, go back to the download page and click on ‘Datafree download’. Then follow the below instructions:

  • Tap OK on the pop up; this will start the app download.
  • Once the app has been downloaded, click Install.
  • Lastly, once the installation has finished, click open and login.

While this might sound a bit complicated you only have to download and install the Supabet APK once. Thereafter, you can enjoy data free sports betting fast and secure and moreover data-free.

Why should you download the Supabet Data Free app?

An app is not necessary mandatory for a great mobile betting experience. Sites like Gbets or Hollywood Bets don’t have a dedicated native app. But the Supabets app allows you to bet on sports data free which is considering the cost of mobile data definitely worth having.

What can you bet on in the app?

The Supabets data free app is currently only catering for sports betting punters. While Supabets offers a much wider range of betting entertainment currently only sports bets can be placed data free. That’s a bit of a shame considering that this bookie has so much more in store. Live Games, Slots, Instant Games and Scratchcards as well as lucky numbers and SupaBillions and many other sections are not yet available on the datafree mobile app.

R50 + 100 free spins + deposit bonuses up to R5000
100% African-owned and run bookmaker with a wide and varied offering
  • Wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Slots, Instant & Live Games
  • Lots of special features

Supabets Data Free App FAQ

How can I download the Supabets data free app?

The Supabets datafree mobile app is currently only available via the Supabets mobile page. Bet&Win put together a detailed guide on ‘how to download the Supabets app‘ for you. An apk download from the Play Store or Apple Store is currently not possible.

Is the Supabets mobile app available for iOS devices?

Sadly, the Supabets datafree mobile app is at the moment only available for Android devices. So if you bet mobile on your iPhone or iPad you are currently missing out.

Can I place my sport bets data free with Supabets?

Yes, the new Supabets data free app is allowing Android users to enjoy sports betting datafree.

Can I play slots with Supabets data free?

At this stage you can only place bets on all sports via the Supabets data free app. Any other betting entertainment such as slots, live games or lucky numbers is currently not accessible.

Is the Supabets app available for Android devices?

Yes, if you have an Android mobile device you can make use of the data free Supabets app to place all your sports bets. We have covered all details in our Supabets app guide. You can’t download the Supabets app from the Google Play Store but instead have to get it from a dedicated landingpage.

Why should I download the Supabets apk?

If you are betting mobile on an Android device and like sports betting then the Supabets app is a great to enjoy data free betting on the go.

Start betting on sports data free

Not yet sure if Supabets is the right bookie for you? Have a look at our Supabets review for a detailed overview about the full Supa Bets offering.

Hopefully this guide helps you to download the Supabets app apk. Enjoy data free sport betting! No data, no problem! Supabets has you sorted.

R50 + 100 free spins + deposit bonuses up to R5000
100% African-owned and run bookmaker with a wide and varied offering
  • Wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Slots, Instant & Live Games
  • Lots of special features

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