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21 December 2021 |

The team at Supabets seems to never sleep. There is something new added to the the site’s online betting offering all the time. After the recent launch of more slots games, the revamp of the welcome bundle and constantly updated promotions Supabets has now added even more fun into its lucky numbers betting offering.

With Supabets SupaBillions South African punters can now take part in the most exciting international lotteries. Are you ready for some lucky numbers action with massive jackpots?

What is SupaBillions?

With Supabillions you can now take part in the biggest lotteries worldwide via Supabets. In addition to betting on sports, spinning the reels of slots and enjoying live casino games you can furthermore benefit from lucky numbers betting on the biggest global draws.

SupaBillions Lotteries

The following well-known lotteries from around the world are part of the Supabets SupaBillions offer:

  • US Powerball
  • US Mega Millions
  • SuperEnalotto (Italy)
  • EuroMillions
  • 6 aus 49 (Germany)
  • Irish Lotto
  • OZ Powerball
  • Euro JAckpot
  • Florida Lotto
  • La Primitiva (Spain)
  • El Gordo, the famous Spanish Christmas lottery
  • Cash4 Life
  • UK 49’s
  • SA Powerball
  • New York Lotto
  • OZ Lotto
  • Daily Million
  • Thunderball (UK)
  • SA Lotto
  • Bonoloto (Spain)
  • SA Daily Lotto

While you can join the SA lotto draws also by actually buying a ticket the international lotteries are usually not accessible. With Supabillions this changes and now South African punters can benefit from the big jackpots that are waiting to be won.

The most popular lotteries in this list are surely the USA Powerball and the US Mega Millions. The first is the biggest lottery with hence also the biggest jackpots. It has paid out record-breaking sums over the years. To play you have to guess 5 out of 69 numbers and then 1 extra number, the powerball, from 1-26.

R50 Free Bonus+100 free spins
100% African-owned and run bookmaker with a wide and varied offering
  • Wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Slots, Instant & Live Games
  • Lots of special features

How to play

You can participate in Supabets SupaBillions via your normal Supabets betting account. Follow these steps to possibly become the next big lotto jackpot winner:

  1. Register your Supabets account or log into your existing one
  2. Select the lottery draw you want to take part in. The Supabillions site is very user-friendly. Via the selectors ‘Jackpot’, ‘Offers’ and ‘Starting soon’ you can easily filter and make a choice.
  3. Pick your lucky numbers manually or use the “Quick Pick” option to choose them.
  4. Then click “Add to Slip”.
  5. You have the option to just join a draw once or opt in for Multidraw. With the latter you participate with the same numbers for a whole month but get a price reduction in return. If you know you want to bet on e.g. the US Powerball regularly then this is a great option to save some money.
  6. Next, confirm your purchase.
  7. Lastly, cross your fingers and don’t forget to check the Supabillions results page to see if you have won.

Special features

When betting on SupaBillions lotteries you can select special features such as Syndicate or Multidraw.


You can either play by yourself or join a syndicate. By joining a syndicate you unite with other players. This allows you to buy a bigger amount of tickets which therefore increases your odds. The more shares you buy, the bigger your part of the winning pot. Syndicates are a good way to manage your bankroll. Playing with others can also be quite fun. At the moment not many Supabillions draws have the Syndication tab activated but this might change over the next weeks.


If you want to play by yourself you can play just one single game at a time but also opt into multidraw. With the Multidraw option you subscribe for 1 month at a reduced price. If you already know that you bet on a certain lotto draw consistantly, then the multidraw subscription is great for saving some money.


Supabets has put together 5 combos. These combos are a pre-selected combination of multiple lotteries. Therefore, you don’t just enter one but several of the biggest world lotto draws at the same time.

  • Lion’s Head: Combo of US Powerball, US MegaMillions and UK49s.
  • American Heroes: US Powerball and US Mega Millions combination.
  • Pink Star: the Pink Star combo contains the UK 49s, the SA Powerball as well as SA Lotto.
  • Lekker Daily contains the following 3 lotteries: Irish Daily Million, US Cash4Life, and Spain’s Bono Loto.
  • Africa Millions: Play the best SA lotteries in one combo! Africa Millions combines the SA Powerball, SA Lotto and SA Daily Lotto.
R50 Free Bonus+100 free spins
100% African-owned and run bookmaker with a wide and varied offering
  • Wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Slots, Instant & Live Games
  • Lots of special features

Draw selection tips

When selecting your lotto draw keep the following in mind:

  • While bigger jackpots are usually more expensive the rewards can be massive.
  • Sometimes it might be better to pick the draws with better odds and aim for 2nd tier prizes
  • Consider Combos. Supabets offers you a variety of preselected combos which can increase your chances of winning.
  • Also consider playing less popular lotteries.

SupaBillions Scratchcards

Supabets Supabillions also contains scratchcards. At the moment there are 5 different scratch cards available:

  • Elephant Scratchcard – Cost: R1.50 per card.
  • Horseshoe Scratch – Cost: R1.50 per card.
  • Raid the Piggy Bank – Cost: R4.50 per card. Match 3 numbers to win up to R25,000.
  • Super Shamrock – Cost: R15 per card. Scratch for an instant win of up to R15,000.
  • Stuffed with €100s – Cost: R30 per card.
Supabillions scratchcards

Playing scratchcards is quick and fun. And with a maximum win of up to R200,000 the SupaBillions Scratch Cards are definitely worth a scratch.

Supabillions FAQ

What is the biggest lottery draw?

The biggest lottery draw worldwide is the US Powerball with billions waiting to be won in every draw. This lottery paid the biggest jackpot ever won in 2016 (a massive $1.586 billion).

Can I participate in global lottery draws on Supabets?

Supabets has just launched SupaBillions in December 2021. Hence you can join the biggest worldwide lotto draws by betting on their outcome. Start playing SupaBillions from your Supabets account.

What is the SupaBillions Multidraw offer?

With the multidraw option you can enter your selected Supabillions draw for a full month. If you use the Multidraw Subscription you get a price reduction. If you play a certain lottery constantly a subscription can make sense and save you money.

Supabets has definitely a great lucky numbers betting offering. For more details about the overall Supabets portfolio please also have a look at our detailed Supabets bookmaker review.

Aside from Supabets there are many other SA betting sites which are also a great choice for lotto betting, including Gbets and Lottoland.

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