Weekend & Midweek Madness with Supabets

5 May 2024 |

Get Ready for Supabets’ Spectacular Midweek and Weekend Madness Promotions! If you’re a South African that loves the the thrill of betting, you’ll be ecstatic to hear about the latest promotions from Supabet.

This renowned bookmaker is always taking the betting scene by storm with new ideas. So buckle up as we dive into two of their most electrifying promotions: the Midweek Madness and Weekend Madness. These promotions are not just about winning; they’re also about making the experience twice as fun and rewarding!

Midweek Madness: Double Your Fun & Prizes!

Imagine having a shot at a whopping R250 000 prize pool every single week! That’s exactly what the Midweek Madness promotion offers. Furthermore from every Tuesday at 1PM to Thursday at 1PM, you can partake in this thrilling ride.

Here’s how the Midweek Madness works

  • Round 1: Place a minimum bet of R3, also if you wager the most, you could be the top winner out of eighty lucky players sharing the R250 000 prize pool.
  • Round 2: Again, with a minimal R3 wager, the player with the most spins takes home the crown.
R50 + 100 free spins + deposit bonuses up to R5000
100% African-owned and run bookmaker with a wide and varied offering
  • Wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Slots, Instant & Live Games
  • Lots of special features

Promo Terms and Conditions apply, ensure you read the full T & Cs on the Supabets Promotions page.

Key Details

  • Automatic entry to Round 1 post R3 bet on selected Habanero games within the tournament times.
  • Both rounds also require a minimum R3 wager to enter in this Midweek Madness.
  • Furthermore a total of eighty winners will share the R250 000 prize each week!
  • Tournament validity depends on a minimum of 300 participants.
  • If participation is low, don’t worry – your chance rolls over to the next tournament.
  • Winners also get credited within 48 hours post-tournament end.
  • Only real-money play qualifies for the tournament.
  • You will also need a valid Supabets Account to participate.

Not to many rules we would say which makes it an easy choice to want to participate. Also the Habanero games are fantastically fun slots to try out.

Participating Games

Prepare to immerse yourself in some of Habanero’s finest games including: Hot Hot Supabets, Hey Sushi, Santa’s Village, New Year Bash, Nuwa, Wealth Inn, Jump!, Egyptian Dreams Deluxe, Pumpkin Patch, and Mystic Fortune Deluxe.

Weekly Prize Breakdown

  • R30 000 – Position 1
  • R20 000 – Position 2
  • R15 000 – Position 3
  • R10 000 – Position 4
  • R7 000 – Position 5-14
  • R4 500 – Position 15-24
  • R2 000 – Position 25-34
  • R1 500 – Position 35-44
  • R1 000 – Position 45-59
  • R477 – Position 60-80

So that’s a Total Prize Pool of R1 250 000, with a weekly doling out of R250 000!

Weekend Madness: More Time, More Play!

When it feels like the weekend couldn’t get any better, the Weekend Madness promotion ups the ante with a generous R100 000 on the line! The action kicks off at 12h00 every Saturday and lasts until 12h00 on Sunday.

Getting Into the Fray

  • Minimum R3 per WAGER, and you could be the one boasting the highest number of wagers to win big!
  • Also all the awesome games from the Midweek Madness are included here too.
  • Automatically entered when you place a R3 bet on any of the selected Habanero games during the event timeframe.
  • The top 40 wagerers will share the R100 000 prize pool.
  • Furthermore ensure you have a valid Supabets Account that has been FICA’s as well.
R50 + 100 free spins + deposit bonuses up to R5000
100% African-owned and run bookmaker with a wide and varied offering
  • Wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Slots, Instant & Live Games
  • Lots of special features

Prize Pool for Weekend Madness

  • R30 000 – Position 1
  • R20 000 – Position 2
  • R10 000 – Position 3
  • R8 000 – Position 4
  • R5 000 – Position 5
  • R3 000 – Position 6
  • R2 500 – Position 7
  • R1 500 – Position 8-10
  • R1 000 – Position 11-20
  • R500 – Position 21-30
  • R200 – Position 31-40

This Madness tournament also requires a minimum of 200 participants, and yes, prizes roll over if need be. Winners enjoy their spoils within 48 working hours after the tournament’s conclusion.

Final Thoughts on the Midweek and Weekend Madness

In conclusion there are incredible prizes, exciting games, and endless fun. The Midweek and Weekend Madness promotions by Supabets are what every South African punter dreams of. Therefore they aren’t just promotions; they’re opportunities to get your adrenaline pumping, showcase your skills, and potentially walk away wealthier. So why wait? So dive into the madness and you might just emerge victorious and smiling all the way to the bank. Good luck!

Another great promotion is the Supabets SupaQuick Tournament where you also play Habanero slots for a win. Supabets currently have 9 Providers to choose from so you are sure to find a slot or 2 to your liking. From the latest Hacksaw Gaming to the wonderfully popular Pragmatic Play.

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