Soccershop Aviator

16 November 2023 |

With its blend of excitement, strategy and most importantly the potential for lucrative wins, Aviator has quickly become a favorite among online players worldwide. Now the Nr 1 crash game is available on most betting and casino sites in South Africa.

The same applies to SoccerShop. Soccershop also features the Aviator game and hence all its players can join the excitement and head for the skies for big wins.

Board Aviator at Soccershop

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet played the Aviator crash game. It is overall a very easy to understand and intuitive game.

When launching the game you can either place one or two bets. The minimum bet each on Aviator at SoccerShop starts from R1. Once your bets are placed the little red airplane is soaring into the sky, with a multiplier steadily increasing as the aircraft ascends. The goal is now to cash out before the plane flies off, implying the crash. If you manage to do so then your bet is multiplied by the respective multiplier.

The higher the multiplier climbs, the greater the potential payout. However, the risk of crashing also increases with each passing moment. The delicate balance between risk and reward is possibly the reason so many players are drawn to it.

How to play

Starting your Aviator gameplay experience on Soccershop is very straightforward. Log into your SoccerShop account, then click on the game to launch it. Ensure you have a positive balance as this crash game usually requires real money bets. Nevertheless its worth checking the SoccerShop promotion page, there could be a special Aviator offer available.

Once you have the Aviator game open in your SoccerShop account your flight adventure begins. Choose if you want to place 1 or 2 bets as well as your desired bet amount for each. That is to say, most players use the 2 bet strategy. Then the plane takes flight and the multiplier begins its increase. Will you seize the opportunity and cash out early, securing most likely a modest win? Or will you push your luck and hold out for a chance at a massive payout?

Overall Aviator is a game of chance. However, it’s also about strategy. More experienced players often develop their own unique approach to the game, using their instincts while mastering the art of timing. Some prefer to adopt a conservative strategy, cashing out early and frequently to accumulate steady wins. Others thrive on the thrill of risk, holding out for higher multipliers in pursuit of larger payouts. Whatever your preferred style, Aviator offers a dynamic and exhilarating gaming experience that’s sure to keep you coming back to SoccerShop for more. For more insights have a read through our Aviator Gameplay Strategies article.

Head for a big win!

Let’s get ready! Strap in, soar to new heights, and embark on an unforgettable journey with Aviator at SoccerShop. But the casino games entertainment doesn’t stop here. Alongside Aviator you can also enjoy a big variety of slots, scratchcard as well as live dealer casino games.

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Overall, SoccerShop has a solid casino games portfolio. However, even so you find Pragmatic Play slots and live games on site the crash game titles by this provider are not available. However, aside from Aviator no other crash game is featured on SoccerShop. For a bigger variety of crash game titles you might therefore consider alternative sites such as Hollywoodbets or Betway.

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