Aviator Gameplay Strategies

19 November 2023 | ,

There is one game that is just dominating the gambling landscape at the moment: Spribe’s Aviator! Every day millions of players across the globe try their luck in the hunt for big wins.

While Aviator is a simple yet thrilling game it’s outcome is mainly determined by luck. Nevertheless there are some strategic approaches that can optimise your chances of success.

In this guide we give you an overview of the top Aviator strategies. While there is no one-size-fits-all winning strategy, players often employ various tactics to enhance their gameplay experience and potentially maximise their earnings. Understanding the different Aviator gameplay strategies can help you make more informed decisions and navigate the game more effectively.

If you have never played the game before you might want to read through our Aviator game review. It helps you to understand the gameplay in detail before then applying a winning strategy.

Top Aviator Strategies

Early Cash Out Aviator Strategy

One approach when playing Aviator is the Early Cash Out Strategy. This tactic involves cashing out early in the game at a smaller multiplier, aiming for smaller but more frequent winnings. By cashing out before the multiplier reaches extreme levels, you can minimize the risk of a sudden crash. At the same time you can already secure some profits. The Early Cash Out Strategy is ideal for players who prefer a more cautious and consistent gameplay experience.

Progressive Betting Strategy

The Progressive Betting Strategy is another popular tactic employed by players in Aviator. This method revolves around gradually increasing the bet amount as the game progresses. Starting with smaller bets and progressively raising them as the multiplier rises allows players to potentially maximise their winnings. As always cashing out at the opportune moment is necessary. However, this Aviator gameplay strategy requires a careful balance between patience and risk-taking. Holding out for too long can lead to a sudden crash and then the loss of your stake.

Conservative Cash Out Aviator Strategy

For players who prioritise securing a decent win without taking unnecessary risks, the Conservative Cash Out Strategy is a viable option. This approach involves cashing out when the multiplier reaches a predetermined satisfactory level. By implementing this strategy, you can avoid the temptation of waiting for higher multipliers while ensuring a steady and controlled gameplay experience. The Conservative Cash Out Strategy is suitable for players who value stability and consistent, albeit moderate, earnings. The inbuilt Aviator cash-out feature is a good tool to use for this strategy. It allows to set a certain multiplier level before the start of the betting round. Once reached, the game automatically cashes out for you.

Risky High Multiplier Strategy

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some players prefer the thrill of the Risky High Multiplier Strategy. This approach entails waiting for extremely high multipliers before cashing out, with the potential for substantial winnings. However, it comes with the inherent risk of a sudden crash, potentially resulting in a complete loss of the bet. Players who opt for this strategy must be prepared to accept the possibility of both significant gains and losses, as it hinges on a high-risk, high-reward mindset. When you are prepared to take the risk then you can aim for big Aviator payouts. For example at 10bet you can win up to R15 Million per Aviator bet.

Combination Strategy

In Aviator, players have the flexibility to combine various strategies to adapt to different gameplay scenarios. The Combination Strategy allows you to tailor you approach based on their risk tolerance and preferences. You can choose to cash out early in some rounds to secure modest winnings, while in other instances, you may opt to take the risk and wait for higher multipliers to maximise your potential earnings. This versatile strategy enables you to maintain a balance between caution and calculated risk-taking, providing a dynamic and adaptive gameplay experience. It requires a decent bankroll and quite few rounds of gameplay.


Aviator offers an exhilarating and dynamic gaming experience. It is a game of chance and hence the outcome is unpredictable. This also means that the outcome of one round is detached from the outcomes of previous rounds. Due to the nature of crash games there is moreover no guaranteed winning strategy.

Nevertheless you can still enhance you gameplay by adopting various tactics. This can include the option to either cash out early, seizing modest but secure gains, or to patiently await big multipliers, aiming for a potentially higher payout. Understanding the above listed Aviator gameplay strategies can help you navigate the game more effectively and make informed decisions. By carefully considering your risk tolerance and gameplay preferences, you can devise a personalised strategy that aligns with your objectives and enhances your overall Aviator gaming experience. Why not try one or more strategies when you play the next time for example on Betway or Hollywoodbets?

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In addition to applying a strategic approach you might also want to shop around for the best offers. In our new section we provide you every month a detailed overview of the available Aviator promotions and more.

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