MultiChoice Group and KingMakers partner to launch SuperSportBet

5 January 2024 |

If you are an active sports punter then the new year 2024 has started with a Big Bang for you. A new bookie just launched and it promises and unparalleled betting experience. Of course we are talking about SuperSportBET.

SuperSportBet is one of the latest entrant into South Africa’s sports betting landscape. This new bookie is the result of a strategic partnership between MultiChoice Group, a prominent African video entertainment company, and KingMakers, formerly known as BetKing. Moreover the innovative platform has been developed in collaboration with SuperSport. the latter is a well-known sports broadcasting network. Hence SuperSportBet is poised to establish itself as the premier betting destination.

The Powerhouse Behind SuperSportBet: MultiChoice Group and KingMakers

MultiChoice Group, recognised for its influence in the African entertainment industry, has joined forces with KingMakers to introduce SuperSportBet to the South African market.

With a robust presence in the video entertainment sector, MultiChoice brings its expertise to the table, ensuring a seamless integration of sports betting into the broader realm of entertainment.

KingMakers, the strategic platform partner in this venture, plays a pivotal role in the development and launch of SuperSportBet. Leveraging their experience and capabilities, KingMakers contributes its platform know-how. Innovation and user experience are crucial in the competitive SA online betting landscape.

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A Unique Collaboration with SuperSport: Shaping the Future of Sports Betting

SuperSportBet stands out not only for its partnership with MultiChoice Group and KingMakers. Moreover SuperSport, which is part of the MultiChoice Group, is part of the collaboration. That is to say, they are a household name in sports broadcasting. This collaboration brings therefore a wealth of sports expertise and insight to the platform. We expect that this ensures SuperSportBet to cater to the diverse needs of sports enthusiasts.

The fusion of entertainment prowess from MultiChoice, strategic acumen from KingMakers, and sports knowledge from SuperSport creates a dynamic synergy that sets SuperSportBet apart in the highly competitive South African sports betting market.

What to Expect from SuperSportBet: A Comprehensive Sports Betting Experience

SuperSportBet aims to redefine the sports betting experience in South Africa. By offering a comprehensive platform that caters to a wide range of users they like to be . Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan, a seasoned betting enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the sports lifestyle, SuperSportBet wants to provide a user-friendly interface, diverse sports markets, and innovative features that elevate the overall betting experience.

Conclusion: SuperSportBet – Where Entertainment and Betting Converge

With MultiChoice Group, KingMakers, and SuperSport at the helm, SuperSportBet looks like a promising addition to the SA betting landscape. This collaboration brings together industry leaders with distinct strengths, promising a betting platform that seamlessly integrates entertainment and sports expertise. As SuperSportBet takes its place in the market, it is poised to become the go-to destination SA players.

100% Bonus up to R1,000
Brand-new betting and casino site with an excellent portfolio and many promotions.
  • Diverse Sports Betting Markets
  • Excellent casino offering
  • Attractive promotions

That is to say, this cooperation of giants is unseen so far in South Africa. The closest match might be the launch of Lulabet in cooperation with platform provider Amelco in 2022. While LulaBet is a great bookie and is overall one of the best betting sites in SA it hasn’t yet reached the popularity of for example Hollywoodbets or Betway.

However, SuperSportBet is already in its own league. Just a few days after the launch they announced that they are the official betting partner of not just 1 but 2 soccer powerhouses. The partnership with the Orlando Pirates and furthermore the Kaizer Chiefs is massive step that definitely sets SuperSportbet apart. When launching SuperSportBet promised to deliver an unparalleled sports betting experience and they seem to follow through on it.

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