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SuperPicks is a great platform that combines the thrill of football prediction with the excitement of fantasy football, all while offering participants the chance to win real money – and the best part? It’s absolutely free to play!

In this detailed guide we explain you everything there is to know about SuperPicks and how you can join the fun.

SuperPicks Free-to-Play Games Overview

SuperPicks offers you 2 free-to-play games: Predictor and Fantasy.


The first SuperPicks game is Predictor. You can join in every week for free for you chance to win R2 Million. Every week 6 soccer matches are selected and you need to correctly predict their outcome (exact score at the end of 90 minutes). If you manage to correctly predict all 6 then you have the chance to become a millionaire. While the game is free to enter the prize money is real cash!

So do you think you can do it? Then sign up with SportsPicks and showcase your football knowledge and intuition by accurately forecasting the outcomes.

As it can happen that more than one participant gets all scores 100% correct there might be the need for a tiebreak. Here’s where the tiebreaker question becomes crucial. Once you’ve submitted your predictions for the scores in the six games, you’ll be asked in addition to specify the minute you think the first goal will be scored across these matches. If you anticipate an early goal in any of the games, enter a low-minute number. Conversely, if you believe all the games will start slowly, input a higher minute number. In situations where multiple participants accurately predict all scores, the player with the closest tiebreaker answer will then claim the jackpot.

Another outcome of the SuperPicks Predictor game can be that no participant manages to predict all 6 match scores correctly. Then there is a consolation prize of R30,000 up for grabs. This reward is awarded to the player with the most accurate weekly score predictions.

Points are awarded the following way:

  • Predicting the correct score: 5 Points
  • Predicting the correct outcome: 2 Points
  • Incorrectly predicting the above: 0 Points

The participant to gets the highest total points and hence tops the weekly leaderboard gets the R30,000 consolation prize.


The second SuperPicks game, Fantasy, allows you to build your own dream team by selecting players from real football matches. Use your expertise to select the players you believe will excel and engage in a thrilling competition with fellow SuperPicks fans for the chance to win cash.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select a match: every week you can choose between matches from the top football leagues and furthermore tournaments worldwide. Each match boasts its own prize pool.
  2. Create your team: once you picked a match of your choice to participate in start to build your winning team. You need to select 11 players who you anticipate will excel in the chosen match. Player performance directly translates into fantasy points – the better they perform, the higher your team’s score. Keep in mind that you are constrained by a budget of 100 credits, necessitating careful consideration in your player selections.
  3. Win Cash Prizes: once the match kicks off, your team starts earning points based on the actual on-field performances. Monitor your team’s progress through the live leaderboard accessible at My Contests > Live.

That is to say, both SuperPicks games are definitely a great offering for soccer fans! What’s even better is the chance to win real cash for free.

SuperPicks Bet Boost

SuperPicks partners with Super Sports who is also a partner of brand-new SA betting site SuperSportBet and both bring you an exciting promotion: the SuperPicks Bet Boost. This special feature takes the betting favourites from the 6 SuperPicks Predictor fixtures and transforms them into a 6-fold accumulator bet. Moreover, this acca bet is enhanced with boosted odds. Every weekend, players can explore the latest SuperPicks Bet Boost on the SuperSportBet platform, enhancing their gaming experience and offering an additional chance to turn their football predictions into a lucrative venture.

100% Bonus up to R1,000
Brand-new betting and casino site with an excellent portfolio and many promotions.
  • Diverse Sports Betting Markets
  • Excellent casino offering
  • Attractive promotions


What is SuperPicks?

SuperPicks is offers the exciting opportunity to play 2 games at no cost while standing a chance to win actual cash prizes! You have the option to indulge in either of the 2 free-to-play games: Predictor or Fantasy. In Predictor, challenge yourself to predict the scores of 6 soccer matches and aim for the grand jackpot prize of R2 million! Alternatively, in Fantasy, select a match, build your dream team, and compete for daily cash prizes!

Is SuperPicks really free?

Yes, playing SuperPicks comes at no cost! Enjoy the exhilaration of free gameplay, plus to win substantial sums of money every week.

How can I get in touch with the SupaPicks team?

Should you have any inquiries regarding your SuperPicks account, please reach out to To ensure a prompt response, include the following details in your email: first name, surname as well as the mobile number you use to log in to your SuperPicks account.

What SuperPicks games are available?

At there moment there are 2 free-to-play games available: Predictor and Fantasy. Learn more about these in Bet & Win’s SuperPicks guide.

In which countries can I play SuperPicks?

At the moment players in Ghana, Nigeria as well as South Africa can join in and enjoy the 2 free-to-play predictor games.

100% Bonus up to R1,000
Brand-new betting and casino site with an excellent portfolio and many promotions.
  • Diverse Sports Betting Markets
  • Excellent casino offering
  • Attractive promotions

Play for free, win for real!

We hope this guide helps to start your SuperPicks prediction fun! Remember, SuperPicks is entirely free to play, so why not have a look and see if you can win some cash. Once you know that like to participate regularly you might even want to download the SuperPicks App, for an even easier way to play on your mobile.

That is to say, they are not the only free-to play predictor games available to SA soccer fans. You might also want to have a look at other predictor games such as

If you are in Ghana and are looking for an alternative or addition then you might want to have a look at PrideBet’s free-to-play games. Especially the daily SportsQuiz is good fun and promises a reward of up to GHS 25,000.

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