Lotto Instant Win (LiW) – lotto style instant win live games

7 December 2020 |

We all love lottery betting. From our very own South African lottery draws to international lotteries like GoSloto or UK 49’s – through betting we can participate in all of them.

In addition, we see many game development companies bringing lotto-style instant games to the South African gambling market. The latest addition are the titles by Lotto Instant Win (LiW). We therefore had a deeper dive into the company and the lucky numbers games offered.

About LiW

PinProjekt, the company behind Lotto Instant Win, was founded in Zagreb, Croatia. The company aims to revolutionise the lottery betting industry by offering more draws for more fun. Since starting out over 1. millions official draws played and every day another 2000 draws are taking place. There are currently over 20 distinct games available that play across 5 different studios. Each studio is equipped with a special lotto drum and the machine determines which games can be played in each studio.

Key facts about the Lotto Instant Win Games:

  • The games are continuously streamed live in real time from 5 different studios with real presenters
  • Each studio has a dedicated drum machine and therefore hosts specific games
  • The games play 24/7
  • A new game starts every 7-10 minutes
  • 2000 draws take place every day
  • The outcome of each draw is instantly available after the draw has finished. Therefore, you immediately know if you have won.

Where to play Lotto Instant Wins

The games are currently only available at Hollywood Bets and Gbets but we expect other betting sites to integrate them soon. Hollywood Bets offers new players a R25 free sign up bonus on registration which can be used on the latest lotto instant win games. Gbets R30 free sign up offer does not include LiW. For more details about Hollywood Bets or Gbets and their betting offering read our detailed reviews.

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LiW Games

The Lotto Instant Win games are very unique games that offer you fast, fun and exciting entertainment. The games portfolio contains currently 17 titles which are played from different studios.

Studio 1

Studio 1 has a 48 ball drum with balls numbered from 1-48 and therefore the following games are played:

  • Win 5/48
  • Win 7/48
  • Lucky Six 35/48
  • Special Extra Win Jackpot games

Each draw covers all the above 4 games and you can bet on all of them
The game starts with 5 numbers being drawn. If you participate in ‘Win 5/48’ then this part of the draw is relevant for you. You need to choose between 1-5 balls and afterwards bet on how many of your selected ones are drawn. Additionally, you can also bet on colour of the first ball and sum of all 5 balls.

Next another 30 balls are pulled out of the drum. This activates the games ‘Lucky Six 35/48’. To participate you select between 6-15 balls. If at least six of your predicted numbers are drawn you win.

After the initial 35 balls another 7 balls are drawn. This activates the game ‘Win 7/48’. To enter you select between 1 and 15 numbers and then decide how many of your selected numbers are drawn (1-6).

Finally, once only 6 balls are left in the drum the Extra Win Game plays. If you were unlucky and have not had a single match in the Lucky Six game, then you will win the jackpot. In case of more than one lucky looser the jackpot is split equally between the players.

There are several additional quick-fire bets available such as colour of the first ball or sum of the initial five balls in Win 5/48 or over/under bets.

Studio 2

Studio 2 has a 20 ball drum with balls numbered from 1-20 and hosts 2 games:

  • Win 5/20
  • Win 10/48

The game starts with 5 balls being drawn. Choose between 1 and 5 numbers and decide how many you are predicting correctly. Then place your bet. Secondly, 10 more balls are drawn. This activates Win 10/48. To take part you select up to 8 numbers and bet on how many of these will be pulled from the drum.

Additional bets can be placed on sum of balls or if the first ball features a number higher or lower than 10.5.

Studio 3

A 37 ball drum containing balls with numbers from 0 to 36 is used in Studio 3 to play the game Win 1/37. The game is a bit similar to roulette but you can bet on more colours. There are 7 ball colours in total: 6 balls in each grey, light blue, dark blue, black, red and yellow and 1 pink. In addition to betting on ball colour you can bet on overs/unders and various other options.

Studio 4

Studio 4 has a 80 ball drum with balls numbered from 1 to 80.
Therefore a comprehensive range of games is offered:

  • 6 Win games: Win 5/80, Win 10/80, Win 20/80, Win 30/80, Win 40/80 and Win 50/80
  • 3 Keno games: Keno 5/80, Keno 10/80 and Keno 20/80

In all Win games you choose between 1 and 15 numbers and bet on the outcome of these being drawn. The Keno games are played alongside in addition. In Keno 5/80 you select up to 5 balls, in Keno 10/80 and 20/80 up to 10 balls. Your win depends on how many numbers you can match.

Studio 5

One drum machine is not enough? Then try the instant win game in studio 5 which has a 49-ball drum and a 10-ball drum. Both drums spin synchronised and offer you exciting betting options. Studio 5 games are curently not yet live in SA.

Lotto Instant Win Games – Final Words

Instant Win Games are per se not new to us. But the LiW Games have taken them to a new level. With a continuous live streams and instant results these fast paced games are highy engaging. In most studios a variety of games can be played alongside of each other with various betting options. The games play very frequently with 2000 draws a day. That really are a lot of opportunitis to win each day! All games never take long so these are exactly the right ones if you are short on time.

Let’s end with a little fun fact: LiW took 5 years to develop its unique technology and the current range of games. All drums are custom build and operate completely automated. At no point do the live presenters interact with the balls of the game itself. Therefore, the lovely ladies are just a nice add-on for our eyes. You might have recognised this during the initial time of lock down during the COVID pandemic when the Lotto Instant Win games played without any live presenters.

The LiW games have won already awards for the best live streamed gaming product and we are sure they will add more to their list soon.

Try them on Hollywoodbets who offers LiW as part of their betting portfolio. For a full overview about the Hollywoodbets games range read our detailed guide.

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