2021 Rugby World Cup Draw

7 January 2021 | ,

2021 Rugby World cup will be the ninth Rugby World Cup for women. Furthermore it will be held in New Zealand between 18 September and 16 October 2021 in the cities of Auckland and Whangarei. 

There are currently very few places in the world where spectators can attend and watch our greatest players run out onto the field. Indeed New Zealand fall under this category currently. This will be the last RWC tournament with 12 teams playing, as of 2025 there will be 16 teams competing. Furthermore women and girls now account for 28% of the global playing population. Thus the decision to increase the number of teams competing was designed to increase global competitiveness. Therefore this gives more teams the opportunity to compete on some of the biggest stages in the world.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a picturesque island in the Southern Pacific Ocean with more than enough to offer any traveler. Firstly they are hosting the most prestigious Rugby Tournament in the world to find the number one Women’s Rugby Team. Secondly the Southern hemisphere will be hosting the women’s Rugby World Cup for the 1st time ever. 

The World Rugby Chairman, Sir Bill Beaumont believes that the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand will influence more women, girls and boys to get into rugby. In other words RWC 2021 is set to inspire a generation of “see it, be it, play it” participants. Out of the 9 tournaments thus far The Black Ferns have claimed the title five times. New Zealand are the defending champions and the most successful team in RWC history. 

Do not dismiss any of the other teams due to NZ’s success the last decade. England and France, to only name a few, are top notch teams and we could be in for some surprises even on NZ home ground. 

The RWC Draw

The 2021 Rugby World Cup draw started off with a wonderful traditional welcome from the locals. Thereafter Sir Bill Beaumont had a few words to say and expressed how exciting it is to showcase the best in the world. Jacinda Ardern was welcomed to the stage and what an inspiration this woman has been throughout the pandemic. In her opening statement she said that this tournament has now taken on an extra special dimension for the entire world for this is one of the very few places rugby can be played in front of packed stadiums. The stadiums are boutique style stadiums with a festival feel and we cannot wait to see the spectacular event unfold. 

The seven pre-qualified teams for RWC 2021 are: Wales, Australia,Canada, USA, France, England and New Zealand. In the regional competition South Africa and Fiji have booked their places in the RWC. The remaining 3 teams will come from Europe 1, Asia 1 and the final qualifier tournament in 2021. The Rugby World Cup 2021 draw took place with New Zealand rugby titans Melodie Robinson, Dr Farah Palmer and Dan Carter and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden.


Pool APool BPool C
New ZealandCanada England
WalesEurope 1South Africa
Final Qual.Asia 1 Fiji

South Africa is currently 13th in the world rankings but at the same time they did not compete in the 2017 Rugby World Cup. However they did win the Rugby Africa Women’s Cup in 2019 thus qualifying for the RWC 2021. There has not been much opportunity to play on international level due to Covid since 2020. Thus the rankings are based on where all teams were ranked on 1 January 2020. 

We are very excited to see what the Springbok Women will achieve in the RWC, despite it being the first time in seven years that they will be competing. It will be the 1st time that the Springbok Women face Fiji and England but they did compete against France in 2006 and 2014. Coach Stanley Raubenheimer reacted to the pool draw by saying  “We always knew we would be in a tough pool but that is just the reality if you are playing on this stage. Therefore we will train for the challenges ahead and hopefully give a good account of ourselves”. 

In 2019 World Rugby launched the global “Try and Stop Us Campaign” by using 15 ‘Unstoppable’ rugby women’s inspirational stories from around the world. The objective is to lift the profile of women’s rugby, attracting new players and fans. The 2021 Rugby World Cup can not come quicker, we wonder what magic awaits from all the ‘Unstoppables’ around the globe. 

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