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Keno 20/80 Game Review

Keno is an instant win lottery style game that can now be played online. Why Keno you ask? Because It has become a very popular,fun and easy go to game, even more so in the lockdown period. Punters were playing Keno and other virtual sports or games for there was no live sport to bet on. Now that live Sport is starting to make a comeback Keno has remained and is still growing in popularity across the board. Some online betting operators, like Lottostar, have even launched their own versions of the games. 

Where to Play Keno Online:

With most bookmakers or operators it is pretty easy to see where to go on their site if you want to play Keno however some do not make it that easy unfortunately. Keno will mostly fall under its own heading but may also appear under the Virtual Games or Numbers Games headings. As Keno increases in popularity it will appear more prominently. These are the current licences bookmakers and operators we have reviewed where Keno is available to play. 

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Hollywoodbets offer Keno 5/80, Keno 10/80 and Keno 20/80, the number before 80 are the amount of numbers or spots you need to choose in the game. A live hostess presents the Keno games live on their site.

In Keno Big 20 or 20 you have 1 to 80 numbers to choose from. If auto select is chosen by you in the game the numbers will be chosen for you. The game also tells you whether numbers are hot or cold. There is a draw every 4 minutes and you can find Keno Big 20 or 20 with Millionaires Gaming Sports Betting, Afribet and Supabets. 

With Playa bets you will find Keno BSM under the Lotto heading. It is similar to Keno 20/80 where you choose 20 numbers from 80 numbers. 

World Sports Betting has Keno 20/80 on offer from Golden Race and you will find this under the Golden Race heading. You choose 20 out of 80 numbers and can win up to x2,000. 

Supabets offers Keno Max and Big 20 to choose between. 

Operators offering Online Games:

Lottoland has just launched a new Keno game called Keno 24/7, and as the name says it is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can play every 4 minutes and stand a chance of winning up to R10 million. Quite the reason to try your luck and give Keno a chance. 

Lottostar have their own version of Keno which is named Kino and is played exactly the same. The games available to play are Kino 10, Kino 12, Kino 14, Kino 15 and the latest game to be added to the family Kino 20. Lobola is a game available under the Kino section where you choose 9 numbers from the 80. Draws occur every 5 minutes 24/7/365. Maximum payout on these Kino games is R15 million with a minimum bet of R1 and maximum bet of R100. 

How to Play Keno Online:

Firstly select the bookmaker or operator you want to play with, follow our best betting sites for some guidance. Register with your preferred bookmaker / operator and ensure you are FICA’d, the last thinking you want is to win and be unable to draw these winnings.  

Lets give you a brief explanation of the Keno grid or card, there are three essentials. The first one is that Keno has 80 numbers. Secondly players need to pick their numbers which will range from 1 to 20 numbers. Lastly depending on the amount of numbers you bet, and how many numbers match the draw, the game calculates the player’s winnings as the balls come out.

It does not matter how you choose to pick your numbers, it is in the end purely a game of luck. However there are two ways to choose your numbers or spots. You can choose each individual number manually or opt for a random automated selection of numbers. 

Here is a step by step guide how to place a bet: 

  1. Register with a secure online bookmaker or operator (follow all relevant steps to complete your registration).
  2. There are different variants to choose from on selected online sites. Choose the game you want to play. 
  3. Select the numbers you want to play, they are placed on a grid numbered 1-80. You will never be able to choose more than 20 numbers, the amount of numbers you choose will depend on the game variant you choose. 
  4. Choose the amount you want to bet.
  5. Now it is time to bet on these selected numbers or spots as they are called. Select bet and submit. 
  6. Most Keno games are played every 5 minutes so you will have an instant result. 

The odds on these Keno/ Kino games vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions linked to each of them. 


What is online Keno?

The game of Keno uses 80 balls numbered 1 to 80, it is a game of chance and very similar to Lotto. Hope lady luck is on your side and choose a maximum of 20 numbers or less. The game is available with some online bookmakers or operators and there are different variants to choose from.

How do players choose their winning numbers?

As a result of Keno’s random nature, there is no specific direction to choosing winning numbers. Everyone has a different way or reason for choosing certain numbers, here are some of the known methods:
– Lucky Numbers: we all have a lucky number or two, use these to choose your numbers. 
– Important dates: many players base their decisions on dates that have meaning to them or their loved ones. They can include but birthdays, wedding anniversaries or graduations to name just a few. 
– Automated picks : this automation saves you the trouble of trying to choose between the numbers, leave it to the well oiled picking machine to do it for you.

Is Online Keno available on mobile devices? 

Yes, most of our recommended bookmakers are mobile compatible and some even have apps that can be downloaded.

What is a Spot in Keno? 

A spot is a individual number.

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GoldenRace online Keno game play
GoldenRace online Keno game result

Keno Game Review Summary

The game of Keno has exploded onto the market in the last 10 months and is continuously growing. It may have had a bit of a nudge due to Covid but it is now here to stay. Quite a few bookmakers have taken the plunge and added Keno to their sites and they will surely benefit from this if they have not already. Online game providers like Golden Race and Betcontruct are providing Keno to the South African market and are some of the biggest providers for live games entertainment. 

We would recommend you shop around and watch the different Keno games before you make your choice. With most bookmakers you can either watch a demo or a live draw even before registering, just to give yourself a sense of what it is about. 

If you are feeling lucky, you should experience the wonderful magic of Keno straight away. Discover the game of Keno with one of our recommended online sports betting or Lotto Operators

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