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Super 7 Live game review

Super 7 Game Review

Super 7 is a Golden Race game based on lottery and has tapped into the ever popular instant win market. It is a fixed odds lottery game where there is a random draw of 7 balls out of a possible 42.

The odds for your bet are determined on the number of balls you predict to guess correctly. It is a fun, quick and exciting game. There are so many lottery and instant games to choose from these days and Super 7 is definitely one to give a try. Keno, Keno Deluxe and Mega 7 are very much the same compared to Super 7.

There are many more similar games available by Golden Race and they may enter the South African market in the near future.

Where to Play

There are only 2 online bookmakers who offer Super 7 in South Africa at the current moment:

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How to Play Super 7

The game is a lottery based game which means it is mostly a game based on luck. You can place a bet while watching a live video stream with a lovely host where 7 out of 42 balls will be randomly chosen. You start off by choosing your selections and then you place your bet. The game sequence has 3 steps: firstly, placing your bet, then the draw takes place in a live stream and lastly, the results display.  

Placing a Bet

All bets placement happens before the draw start. There is always a countdown so you can see how much time is left before the next draw. The results are immediately available and displayed after each draw. Moreover bets are settled instantly. Here are a few very easy steps to follow to place your bets: 

  1. Log into your preferred betting account 
  2. Then choose your live game (under Golden Race tab or Live Games or numbers games), in this instance it will be Super 7. 
  3. Choose your betting options
  4. Enter the betting amount in your betting slip 
  5. Click place bets 
  6. And lastly sit back and follow the draw

Bet Types & Game Statistics

Super 7 has a variety of bet types available. Firstly, “Numbers” where you guess and bet on one out of seven numbers drawn, two out of seven numbers drawn, three out of seven numbers drawn and so forth.

  • 1 out of 7 – odd: 1.25
  • 2 out of 7 – odd: 2.85
  • 3 out of 7 – odd: 12
  • 4 out of 7 – odd: 100
  • 5 out of 7 – odd: 2000
  • 6 out of 7 – odd: 3000
  • 7 out of 7 – odd: 7000

Secondly you can bet on the “colour of the balls” in the draw in a variety of other ways. As an example you can bet that the 1st ball will be Red, there will be 3 White balls, first and second ball will be the same colour and so on. 

Then you have “Sum” where you bet on the total combined number the balls add up to. And if the total will be Over/Under a given number.

The next betting type is “Count” where you predict if it will be Over/Under a given number of white or red balls.

Lastly, there is Even/Odds and you predict whether there will be odd or even numbers for the balls drawn and in the order they will appear. 

Game Statistics

  • Numbers drawn most times
  • Numbers drawn least times
  • Sum Over/Under
  • Sum Odd/Even
  • Colour Over/Under

Even though there are game statistics available just keep in mind that Super 7 is a game of chance. On all Golden Race games you can see the results of the last 3 to 5 draws as well as statistics of the last 100 draws. It shows which numbers came up the most times and which have come up the least.

Super 7 FAQ

What is Super 7?

Super 7 is a lottery game from game provider Golden Race.

Where can I play Super 7?

You can currently play with online bookies Hollywood Bets and World Sports Betting.

Is Super 7 the only game from Golden Race?

No there are quiet a few casino games from Golden Race. To name a few available online with SA bookmakers: Mega 7, Keno and Spin 2 Wheels. There are other games as well but they are not being offered on the South African market as yet.

Super 7 Live game results
Super 7 Live Dealer Game
Super 7 Live betting options

Super 7 – Game Review Summary

Super 7 is a fixed odds live lottery like game and is part of the collection Golden Race has to offer. We have enjoyed the fast pace and instant winning on this game. The hosts are engaging and friendly and every game has its own unique number. Overall, it offers the perfect balance between low and high prices with its creativeness and massive set of market options. With Super 7 there is a longer wait than the other live games but 5 minutes is not the end of the world. If you like playing Super 7 then Spin2Wheels, Live Keno and Mega 7 could also be for you.

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