Monopoly Live game review

Monopoly Live Game Review

Board game meets live casino excitement! Monopoly Live is a unique live online casino game that combines one of the world’s favourite board games with live casino action and augmented reality. The game itself is based on the popular Dream Catcher wheel game but with a lot of added features and massive multiplier wins.

Where can I play Monopoly Live?

Monopoly live is available across various South African betting sites.

We recommend the following sites as they offer you a free sign-up bonus that you can play on live games.

R30 FREE Sign-up Bonus
R50 FREE Sign-up Bonus
R25 FREE Sign-Up Bonus

How to play Monopoly Live?

Similar to Dreamcatcher Monopoly Live is easy to play: you will need to predict the segment the wheel is going to stop after a spin and place your bet accordingly.

Let’s look at the wheel in a bit more detail. The wheel contains a total of 54 segments. There are 48 number segments with numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10, as well as 3 ‘2 ROLLS’ segments, 1 ‘4 ROLLS’ segment and 2 CHANCE segments.

Numbers sections

The 48 numbers on the wheel are split the following way:

  • 22 sections with number 1 (grey coloured), paying out 1:1 (Chance to hit 40.74%)
  • 15 sections with number 2 (green coloured), paying out 2:1 (Chance to hit 27.78%)
  • 7 sections with number 5 (pink coloured), paying out 5:1 (Chance to hit 12.96%)
  • 4 sections with number 10 (blue coloured), paying out 10:1 (Chance to hit 7.41%)

When you place a bet on a number and the wheel stops on it, you will receive your bet back plus a multiple of your bet. As an example, if you have bet R25 on number 5 you will receive your initial R25 stake back plus 5x R25 = R125. In total you get R150.

Special wheel sections

In addition, you can place your bet on 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS:

  • ‘2 ROLLS’: 3 sections, paying out up to R500,000 or more depending on bookmaker (Chance to hit 5.56%)
  • ‘4 ROLLS’: 1 section, paying out up to R500,000 or more depending on bookmaker (Chance to hit 1.85%)

Lastly, there are 2 CHANCE segments on the wheel which awards random cash prizes and multipliers up to 10x (Chance to hit 3.70%).

Placing bets

You can place bets from R1. The maximum bet level is different across different bookmakers. The game is quite fast paced, therefore you have only 12 seconds for placing your bets.

With the ‘Bet on all’ button you can place your chosen stake on all available bet spots. Additional buttons are ‘Repeat’ and ‘Double’. Monopoly Live has also an ‘Autoplay’ function.

Bonus rounds and special features


If the wheel stops on the CHANCE segment Mr Monopoly springs into action and present players with a chance card. This card can feature a random cash prize or a random multiplier bonus up to 10x. All players with an active bet will benefit from it. In case of a cash prize your bet is returned together with the prize win. If the card features a multiplier bonus all player bets remain in place. Then the game host spins the wheel again and the multiplier will multiply the winnings for the next spin. If another multiplier appears, the first multiplier will be multiplied and so on. As an example, if you have bet R25 on number 5 and you get a chance card with an 8x multiplier you will win R1000 (= R25 x 5 x 8).

3D Bonus round

For your chance to play the bonus game you need to place a bet on either ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’. If the wheel lands on either of these two segments the 3D bonus game starts. Players who had placed a bet on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ will actively play the bonus game while all other players can only watch. Once the bonus round is triggered Mr Monopoly leaves his chair and the wheel is replaced with a 3D animated Monopoly board.

The 3D Bonus Round features familiar elements of the traditional Monopoly board game such as Go, Chance, Community Chest, houses and hotels, Go to Jail, Railways or Taxes. Mr. Monopoly walks around the board collecting prizes, multipliers and more. His moves are determined by a pair of dice. If the wheel stopped on ‘2 Rolls’ the bonus round will last for a minimum of 2 dice rolls, in case of the wheel stopping on ‘4 ROLLS’ for at least 4 rolls of the dice.

The dice are rolled live in the studio by the game host. Then Mr Monopoly enters the board and walks the total number of both dice along the board. The prizes of the square he stops on are added to the players wins. With every dice roll Mr Monoply makes his way around the board until all rolls are used. If a dice roll results in a double an additional dice roll will happen unless this double is used to get out of jail.

At the end of the Bonus Round the winnings are paid to participating players together with the initial stake.

Monopoly Live Game strategy

The ratio of segments on the wheel means that most spins will land on either Number 1 or Number 2. This needs to be taken into consideration for your gameplay strategy. The Wheel stopping on ‘4 ROLLS’ is the most profitable outcome but also the least likely outcome as this segment is only available once.

The most lucrative outcome is the wheel stopping on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’. These 2 segments are available 4 times on the 54-segment wheel. Therefore, in average the wheel might stop at one of them every 13.5 spins.

Hence hitting one of these 2 segment requires a long-term strategy and we recommend the following:

  • Bet on the ‘2 Roll’ and ‘4 Roll’ segment with every spin so you do not miss a bonus round
  • Place reasonable amounts and bet wisely and always in your limits
  • Check the win history. If you are limited by funds start placing your bets if the bonus round has not been hit for the last 12 spins

Monopoly Live FAQ

What is Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is an award-winning live casino game by Evolution. It is a blend of the Dreamcatcher wheel game and the traditional Monopoly board game by Hasbro. Next to a live presenter you can also see Mr Monopoly live in action at various points throughout the game.

What is the maximum payout of Monopoly Live?

The maximum payout for your winnings within one game round is limited and varies per operator. In the ‘2 ROLL’ and ‘4 ROLL’ bonus round the maximum payout is set for example to R500,000 by Betway and a massive R5 million on LottoStar and Hollywood Bets.

Can I play Monopoly Live for free?

You cannot play Monopoly Live for free unless Live Games are included as part of a free sign up bonus. Gbets offers a R30 free sign up bonus which can be used on live games including Monopoly Live. The same applies to Betway and Hollywood Bets who both offer a free R25 sign-up bonus.

What is the minimum bet on Monopoly Live?

Minimum and maximum bets are set by each betting site separately. The minimum bet amount usually starts at R1.

Monopoly Live betting options
Monopoly Live multipliers
Monopoly Live bonus game

Monopoly Live – Game review summary

Monopoly Live has for sure enriched the offering within live casino games since its launch mid-2019 and is becoming increasingly popular amongst South African players. It is a hybrid Live RNG Game and combines live streamed gambling with random bonus round play. The game is streamed live, hosted by a presenter who is joined Mr. Monopoly himself throughout the bonus rounds. It is based on the Live Dream Catcher Wheel but the wheel has been modified to include additional win segments. The game has an RTP of 96.23% and offers a maximum payout of R500,000 or more (depending on operator).

While Monopoly Live works seamlessly on all devices we preferred playing on desktop, laptop or Tablet (in landscape mode) so we could enjoy the 2 viewing modes and the fun experience fully.

Like the traditional Monopoly board game, Monopoly Live offers you hours of entertainment and is a fantastic game to play. Hence it is no surprise that Monopoly Live won the prestigious EGR Games of the Year award in 2019.

We love paying Monopoly Live and hope enjoy it too. Have a look at our recommended bookies for playing this exciting live casino game or our full listing of best betting sites in South Africa.

The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the gameboard, the four corner squares, the Mr. Monopoly name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces ae trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment. ©1935, 2019 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

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