Dream Catcher game review

Dream Catcher Game Review

Dream Catcher is a live casino game show created by world renowned games developer Evolution. Based on the money wheel concept made popular by land-based casinos, Dream Catcher is also a real crowd pleaser. The game is the first in a series of money wheel-based game shows delivering a positively immersive playing experience. And probably one of the easiest yet rewarding games to play due to its simplicity. Let’s take a closer look at just how this game plays.

Where can I play Dream Catcher?

While the game is offered at several of the best betting sites in South Africa, we recommend playing with one of the following bookies. You get a free sign up bonus that you can then also put towards trying out Dream Catcher.

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How to play

The objective in Dream Catcher is to predict the number segment the money wheel will stop on next. You do so by placing a bet on one or more of the 6 numbers on the betting board. The live dealer then spins the wheel following a round of betting while you keep your fingers crossed. You win the associated payout when the wheel stops on one of the numbers you’ve bet on. Simple enough, isn’t it? But wait, this game packs just a little more excitement by sometimes dishing out multipliers! We will cover these multipliers and how they work while looking at the wheel segments.

Dream Catcher wheel segments

The money wheel comprises 54 segments with pins separating these. 52 of these segments are made up of numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. Winning bets are paid with odds equal to the value of each number. The remaining 2 segments are the multipliers 2x and 7x.

Number segments

The 52 number segments on the Dream Catcher money wheel are divided as follows:

  • 23 segments of number 1 (in yellow), paying out 1:1, with a 42.59% chance to hit
  • 15 segments of number 2 (in blue), paying out 2:1, with a 27.77% chance to hit
  • 7 segments of number 5 (in purple), paying out 5:1, with a 12.96% chance to hit
  • 4 segments of number 10 (in green), paying out 10:1, with a 7.4% chance to hit
  • 2 segments of number 20 (in orange), paying out 20:1, with a 3.7% chance to hit
  • 1 segment of number 40 (in red), paying out 40:1, with a 1.85% chance to hit

When the wheel stops on your predicted number, you get paid the multiple for your bet plus your original bet. For instance, betting R20 on number 10 pays 10x R20 = R200 plus your original bet of R20. So, in total per this example you get paid R220.

Multiplier segments

Now this is really where the extreme fun starts! The 2 multiplier segments are divided onto the Dream Catcher wheel as follows:

  • 1 segment for the 2x multiplier, with a 1.85% chance to hit
  • 1 segment for the 7x multiplier, also with a 1.85% chance to hit

The Dream Catcher wheel stopping on a multiplier will have the next win increased by the value of that multiplier. Bets placed prior to the last spin remain in play and new bets are not possible at this time. The live host now spins the wheel again. The game round ends when the wheel stops on a number segment. The win amount is then increased by the value of the multiplier from the previous spin.

When the wheel stops on a multiplier more than once, multiplier values are accumulated. Should this happen, the wheel is spun again until hitting a number segment. For example, a spin hits the 7x multiplier, the following spin hits the 2x multiplier and the next number 20. The result for an original bet on number 20 being (20 to 1) x 7 x 2 = (140 to 1) x 2 = 280 to 1. Multiplier accumulation is unlimited however the maximum payout in a game round is limited by the bookie.

Placing bets

The minimum bet possible in Dream Catcher is R1 and the maximum depends on the operator serving the game. Also, betting on multiple wheel outcomes is possible and increases your winning chances. Betting time in the game is indicated by a traffic light system. With green meaning you can bet, yellow indicating betting is nearly over and red when betting time is over. ‘Repeat’ and ‘Double’ options help speed up the placing of bets and an ‘Autoplay’ option is available too.

Dream Catcher FAQ

What is Dream Catcher?

Bringing the excitement of a live casino game show, Dream Catcher is based on the popular land-based money wheel concept. A live dealer spins the vertically oriented wheel while you bet on number outcomes, with multiplier opportunities also possible.

What is the maximum payout of Dream Catcher?

The maximum payout value on Dream Cather is determined by the betting site you decide to play with. We recommend reviewing betting and payout limits on the specific game prior to playing. That being said, we have generally seen R5,000,000 as a maximum payout amount for this game.

What is the minimum bet on Dream Catcher?

Betting generally starts from a minimum of R1, but this could be different between betting operators.

What is the best bet on Dream Catcher?

Considering the chances of different wheel segments hitting, the number 1 segment has the best winning possibility by far. Covering nearly half of the wheel, this is one way to maximize your winning chances. It is however worth noting that this segment is also the lowest paying of the lot.

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Dream Catcher – Game Review Summary

Although not including all the bells and whistles of some other money wheel games, we like this one for its ease of playing. Play Dream Catcher and aim for the ultimate playing experience hitting one or more multipliers. These accumulate and are unlimited so could make for some really big wins. Other similar games in the money wheel series by Evolution include Crazy Time and Monopoly Live.

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