Evolution Crazy Time game review

Crazy Time Game Review

Enter a live online game show jam packed with crazy multipliers up to 25000x and fun filled bonus games. Crazy Time is a live casino game show by Evolution. Based on the hugely successful Dream Catcher money wheel concept, the game includes plenty of multipliers and 4 bonus rounds.

Where to Play

Crazy Time is available at several online betting sites in SA. We recommend trying the game on one of the following sites since they offer a free signup bonus.

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How to play Crazy Time?

Your goal is to make a prediction of the segment the money wheel will stop on by placing a corresponding bet. After a round of betting, the live host spins the wheel and the anticipation builds. At the same time, a slot above the wheel determines the multiplier associated with a specific wheel segment. It’s that simple, but this game has the potential to deliver an even greater entertainment factor. For instance, the wheel landing on one of the bonus segments sees you gaining additional multipliers on winning bonus bets.

Now, taking a closer look at the base game, let’s start from the Top Slot multiplier above the wheel.

Top Slot multiplier

Randomly spins to reveal a wheel segment with an associated multiplier if both land on the central line. This additional multiplier is added to matching wheel segment bets and spins once per game round.

The wheel itself contains 54 segments made up of numbers and the bonus games. Firstly, numbers include 1, 2, 5 and 10 making up 45 segments. Secondly, segments for Pachinko (2), Cash Hunt (2), Coin Flip (4) and Crazy Time (1) bonus games take up the remaining 9 segments.

Number segments

The 45 number segments on the Crazy Time money wheel are split as follows:

  • 21 segments of number 1 (in blue), paying out 1:1, with a 38.88% chance to land
  • 13 segments of number 2 (in yellow), paying out 2:1, with a 24.07% chance to land
  • 7 segments of number 5 (in pink), paying out 5:1, with a 12.96% chance to land
  • 4 segments of number 10 (in violet), paying out 10:1, with a 7.4% chance to land

Placing a bet on a number segment and the wheel landing on it, you get paid the associated multiple of your bet plus your original bet. For example, betting R10 on number 2 pays 2x R10 = R20 plus your original bet of R10. The total for this example therefore being R30.

Bonus Game segments

Maximize potential multipliers by betting on the Bonus Game segments. 4 Bonus games appear on the wheel as follows:

  • Pachinko – 2 segments paying out up to R5,000,000 with a 3.7% chance to land
  • Cash Hunt – 2 segments paying out up to R5,000,000 with a 3.7% chance to land
  • Coin Flip – 4 segments paying out up to R5,000,000 with a 7.4% chance to land
  • Crazy Time – 1 segment paying out up to R5,000,000 with a 1.85% chance to land

Note that maximum winning values may differ depending on which bookie you decide to play with.

Placing bets

Betting starts from as little as R1. The maximum bet amount may vary depending on the bookie you decide to play with. To maximize your winning chances, it is possible to place bets on multiple outcomes. The Bet on Four option places your bet on all 4 number or bonus game segments.

‘Repeat’ and ‘Double’ buttons allow you to place your bets a little faster and an ‘Autoplay’ function is also available. If you have a winning Bonus Game bet, in some games you will have some further decisions to make. We’ll explore these in a little more detail while looking at the bonus games. To participate in a bonus game you must have placed an applicable bonus game bet during the base game. Otherwise you can still see the game play out as a spectator.

Bonus games and features

Pachinko bonus

A puck is dropped into the multiplier wall containing several pegs and 16 multipliers along the bottom. The puck drop zone is randomly indicated at the start of the bonus game. Also before dropping the puck, multiplier values are increased according to the Top Slot if applicable. Queue the puck drop and let the excitement unfold.

The puck landing on a DOUBLE would double the multipliers. Consequently, the puck is dropped again to land in one of the doubled multipliers, or again on the DOUBLE. On occasion, if the puck landed on a very low multiplier like 2x, 3x or 4x, a Rescue Drop may happen.

Cash Hunt bonus

108 randomly generated multipliers are displayed on a wall and increased according to the Top Slot if applicable. These multipliers are then covered with arbitrary symbols and rearranged. You take aim with the cannon and try to hit the highest multiplier.

Coin Flip bonus

A two-sided coin coloured red and blue determines the multiplier in this exhilarating bonus game. First each side of the coin has a random multiplier attached to it. Then, if applicable, the Top Slot result sees multiplier values increased accordingly. Queue the coin flip, with the side facing up being the winning multiplier. On occasion if the multipliers are very low, a Rescue Flip may happen.

Crazy Time bonus

The ultimate bonus adventure in this crazy game. The live host steps through a red door into the crazy virtual world with a massive 64 segment money wheel. Three flappers coloured green, blue and yellow appear on the wheel. Huge multipliers make up the majority of segments on the wheel. Multiplier values are increased according to the Top Slot if applicable. During the decision time, choose your flapper and watch the wheel spinning. With the wheel stopping on a DOUBLE or TRIPLE, it spins again until landing on a multiplier.

Crazy Time FAQ

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a live game show by Evolution with a live host leading you through the game action. The base game plays with a money wheel and includes the chance of entering 4 different bonus games. The bonus games contain a multitude of multipliers for huge winning potential, the ultimate being the Crazy Time bonus.

What is the maximum payout of Crazy Time?

Different bookies may apply varying limits to the maximum payout on Crazy Time. And we recommend always checking the limit with your preferred bookie. That being said, we have generally seen a R5,000,000 maximum payout limit being applied by most bookies showcasing this game.

What happens if I get disconnected while playing Crazy Time?

Provided that your bets have been placed without issue, the game will play out as normal. Then, once your connection is restored you can view the game result in your transaction history. If you bet on a bonus game, applicable bonus picks will be made automatically.

What is the minimum bet on Crazy Time?

Bets start from a minimum of R1, although again this might vary from one betting operator to another.

Crazy Time top slot multiplier
Crazy Time Cash Hunt bonus
Crazy Time Coin Flip bonus

Crazy Time – Game Review Summary

Since the game’s release in early 2020, it has already proven to be a massive hit with live game show players all over. Based on the very popular Dream Catcher money wheel, Crazy Time offers even greater winning opportunities. Packed with multipliers and an all-round fun theme, the game promotes an exciting experience throughout. We always really enjoy playing Crazy Time and hope you do too! Play live casino games at one of our recommended sites or review the more extensive listing of best SA betting sites.

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