Betgames Bet on Poker game review

Bet On Poker Betgames Review

Bet on Poker by Betgames loosely follows the rules of one of the most popular poker games, Texas Hold’em. The game is streamed live and presented by a host. Therefore, Bet on Poker provides you with hours of online betting fun without breaking the bank and plenty of bet types with ever changing odds.

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Where to Play

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How to Play

Unlike some of the other Betgames titles, Bet On Poker offers you not one but 5 betting opportunities. Therefore, players can place a bet or bets on any or all 6 positions in the table. Players are betting on which hand will win the round or what type of hand will win.

The aim of the game is to create the best 5 card combination while the hand with the highest-ranking poker hand wins.

Before the round starts players can place bets on the position 1-6 they think will win the round. Players can place any number of bets as well as any combination of bets.

The game starts with the dealer dealing 2 cards face-up (pocket cards) to each of the 6 available positions on the table. Then the pre-flop (3 cards) are dealt. After each round of cards dealt, the odds of the hand/s to win are updated.

Once the flop is dealt, players can place new bets. The next card to be dealt is the Turn, with the odds again updated. Before the final card, the River, is dealt, players have one last chance to place their bets before the draw results are calculated.

Each round of betting is dealt with individually from one other and hence all bets are settled at the end of the round. It is possible for a draw to occur, in which case all bets are paid to punters who had a winning hand in any of the rounds.

Bet On Poker FAQ

What is Bet on Poker?

Bet on Poker is a live streamed poker game style live game by Betgames. You can place bets on which of the 6 hands will win the round or what type of hand will win the game.

What are the possible Bet on Poker combinations?

The possible poker combinations are:
– High Card
– Pair
– Two Pair
– Three of a Kind
– Straight
– Flush
– Full House
– 4 of a Kind
– Straight Flush
– Royal Flush

What is the minimum and maximum bet amounts on Bet on Poker?

Most online bookies we played Bet on Poker at had a minimum bet of R1. Maximum bets ranged from R250 to R2000. The maximum bet is based on the hand combination you are betting on.

How often does a new Bet on Poker game start?

A new Bet on Poker game starts around every 3 minutes. All tables are hosted 24/7 with a live dealer host.

How many decks of cards are used in each round of Bet on Poker?

1 standard deck of 52 cards is used each round. The deck is changed after a round is completed and then automatically shuffled.

Bet on Poker by Betgames is not the only Poker themed live game offered by this popular game developer. Their latest edition of poker, called 6+ Poker, is also based on a variation of Texas Hold’em. As the name suggests, the lowest card in this game, played with a deck of 36 cards, is a six.

Betgames Bet on Poker studio
Betgames Bet on Poker game play
Betgames Bet on Poker betting options

Betgames Live Bet on Poker – Game Review Summary

There is not much you can fault when you play Bet on Poker. Betgames have taken a popular poker variant and made it easy to play and provide you with an overall great gaming experience.

As you can imagine, with the different poker hands and the possibility of these being dealt, the odds can subsequently vary drastically. Odds range from 3.5/1 pre-round for a Two Pair combination all the way to a maximum of 250/1 for a Royal Flush. With betting being available before each round, the odds are also updated based on the cards already dealt.

The game plays well on both desktop and mobile devices. To experience this game as well as other Betgames titles we recommend trying the game in full screen mode while on a desktop machine.

With so many variations of bets to place, on 6 different positions on the table, we are sure you will enjoy the game as much as we did. If you would like to try Betgames for free, why not look for a South African bookie that offers you an exclusive no deposit welcome bonus that is valid on live games such as Betgames.

Gbets offer all new players a R30 Free Bonus that can be used on Betgames and other live game titles. Read our detailed Gbets review if you are interested in trying your luck for free.

In addition, have a look at our comprehensive Betgames article, which covers all licensed online betting sites who currently offer these live games.

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