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Betgames 6+ Poker game review

6+ Poker Betgames Review

Betgames 6+ Poker was released in January 2020. It is a great addition to their already impressive live betting offering. Poker6+ brings a new twist to a popular poker format and with it increased chances of winning big.

Read our 6+Poker live game review to see if you will enjoy the subtle changes they have brought to the already popular Bet On Poker. If you prefer sticking with the standard rules and poker hands synonymous with Texas Hold’em, read our Betgames Bet On Poker game review.

BetGames is innovative, creative and have a unique approach to producing live casino games. The Live games Betgames have released moslty elements of lottery and TV-betting. In early 2020, BetGames launched Live 6+ Poker, an innovative game of poker played with a reduced 36-card deck. BetGames made sure to create a warm atmosphere, a possibility for increased interaction. They disturbed the traditional order for best hands in poker to the benefit of the player.

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How to Play 6+ Poker

Gameplay is very similar to Bet On Poker. There are a few subtle changes which we will explain further. As with Bet On Poker, 6+ Poker also offers you 5 betting opportunities. However, where you have 6 positions to place a bet on in Bet on Poker, 6+ Poker changes gameplay a bit. In Poker 6+ you are betting on whether the dealer or player will win the round or if it will be a draw.

Standard poker rules apply. Get the best 5 card combination, if you don’t have it, at least you can bet against the player in each of the 5 betting rounds and turn the odds in your favour.

Players can place bets on the dealer or the player to win before the game starts. Players can also place bets on poker combinations. This is the part where this game changes gameplay. Less cards mean mathematically there is an increased chance of a ‘Full House’, ‘Straight’ or ‘3 of a kind’ appearing.

The game also shows a ‘Three of a kind’ beat a ‘Straight’ and a ‘Flush’ beat a Full House’. These changes sure add to the increased excitement of playing live 6+ Poker by Betgames.

The Betting Rounds Explained

You get cards face-up.(pocket cards). Along with the dealer’s 2 cards facing down. The flop (3 cards) follows with updated odds displayed on screen again. Then you get the Turn card and odds updated. The last card you get is the river card. This is also the last chance for a player to place a bet on who will win the round.

The dealer’s shows his or her cards when time runs out to place a bet. It is also possible for a draw to occur. You can therefore place a bet on this happening.

6+ Poker Game FAQ

What is 6+ Poker?

6+ Poker is a poker style game offered by Betgames. The game is hosted by a live dealer. You are betting on if the dealer or player will have the best poker hand. You can also bet on possible poker combinations during the game.

What are the differences in the 6+ Poker combinations compared to standard poker?

With the reduced number of cards, it means some of the possible combinations have a different hierarchy. In 6+ poker, a ‘Flush’ beats a ‘Full House’ and a ‘Three of a kind’ beats a ‘Straight’.

What are the highest odds offered in the game?

Betting on Royal Flush being drawn during the game can get you odds of 500/1. Odds do differ from bookie to bookie, so compare and shop around.

6+ Poker spices up standard poker live betting. If you prefer a game that follows the standard poker rules, then Betgames Bet on Poker might be more for you. This was their first poker style game and is still a very popular game among South African online punters.

We have also reviewed the top betting sites in South African to make it easy for you to find the best online betting sites to play with.

Betgames 6 Plus Poker studio
Betgames 6 Plus Poker live dealer
Betgames 6 Plus Poker betting options

6+ Poker Live – Game Review Summary 

Filled with glitz and glamour and presented by live hosts 24/7, 6+ Poker is a definite winner in our books.

Players have 5 rounds of betting with odds changing after each stage of the game. Odds range from 2/1 pre-round betting on the dealer or player to win. Betting on any of the poker combinations can bring you odds between 5/2 for a Two Pair and 500/1 for a Royal Flush.

Betgames have invested a lot in getting the gameplay of all their live games to a very high standard on both desktop and mobile devices. If you struggle getting a good connection, you can also switch the dealer feed off and still enjoy a great user experience.

We recommend both Bet on Poker and 6+ Poker for any player who enjoys Texas Hold’em. The games play well and the addition of the live dealers make these games fun for anyone, You can just want to watch a few rounds before actually participating.

We will say Betgames are doing many things just right. Their games are fresh and original. 6+ Poker fits into the company image perfectly.

If you would like to try 6+ Poker for free, sign up with Gbets today for a Free R30 welcome bonus that you can use on any of the Betgames titles. We have also written a detailed review on Gbets if you would like some more information before signing up.

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