F1 Betting Guide

10 March 2023 |

Formula 1 (F1) is one of the sport with the most fans globally, and during the past ten years, the F1 betting market has become one of the most well-liked in the entire world.

A new Formula 1 season is about to begin. Therefore fans are already displaying their love and zeal for their preferred teams. Furthermore, the Formula 1 races are watched by millions of people worldwide, including tens of thousands of bettors. So Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes appear to be in a three-horse battle for the 2023 season. With other teams trailing behind and poised to spoil the fun. Every year, a large number of F1 fans wager at the beginning of the season in an effort to make things more interesting. As a result, many wager on race winner and final world championship markets. Therefore, in this F1 Betting Guide we will go into more detail about the betting markets.

Formula 1 Betting Markets

The fate of the championship or a specific race can both be bet on in the world of F1 betting. In the first format, the backer can forecast which driver will claim the title throughout the Grand Prix calendar. As well as which drivers will place in the top 6 or top 3 at the conclusion of the season. In addition, punters can guess which drivers will finish first and second in the championship. Therefore let’s break down the F1 Betting Markets in the F1 Betting Guide.

Pole Position

This is a well-liked market where you’re able to bet on the driver that qualifies on pole for the Grand Prix.

Top 3

This market, which includes drivers who will finish on the podium, is a safer betting alternative.

Race Winner

Here, you’ll wager on the race’s victorious driver. Every race has new odds available both before and during with live betting possibilities.

Fastest Lap

This market is focused on the driver who will complete each lap of a race in the quickest time.

Driver’s Championship Winner

This specific market supports the world’s best driver. It changes as racers rise to the top of the rankings throughout the year.

Constructors Championship Winner

Thanks to bookmakers’ dynamic odds, you may wager on the season’s best team at any stage of the year.

Formula 1 Odds

Formula 1 odds are used by bookmakers to reflect the likelihood that a particular event will occur during a race or season. When you try to guess the number it will land on, it’s like rolling a die. Bookmakers assess what they believe to be the true chance of an event occuring based on their own estimations. When it comes to Formula 1, each bookmaker offers a variety of markets. Some of them often only provide possibilities for the winners, while others provide a tonne of opportunities. Such as picking the winner of the race or the fastest driver.

Where to place your bets

There are some excellent betting sites available in South Africa, some have promotions more suitable for your betting needs. So it is always worth shopping around and seeing what is out there. However the following bookies have specific F1 promos. We discuss these in detail in our article F1 Racing Calendar 2023:


Formula 1 Frenzy: You can receive a R100 free bet if you place R1000 in Formula 1 wagers in a single week. Only sports are eligible for the Free Bet to be used on. Also, the Formula 1 Frenzy Free Bet must to be wagered once at a minimum single bet odds of 5/10 or 1.5. Or multiple bets with odds of 12/10 or 2.20 and a minimum of 2/10 or 1.20 for each leg. Prior to making a withdrawal, this must be followed. You won’t get your stake back. So only your winnings will be reimbursed if your free bet wins.

bet.co.za has many other promotions to choose from. So whether you are a soccer, rugby, cricket, basketball or golf fan there is something for everyone.

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Podium Sitter: Get a reimbursement of up to R1000 if your driver places first. Min. Bet: R50. Only wagers placed on the race before qualifying will count. Bonus bets do not, however, apply. Your Gbets account will receive your reimbursement in actual money. This season’s F1 weekends are all subject to it.

Full Sweep: If your driver completes the full sweep on the weekend, Gbets will triple your earnings up to R2000. If your chosen driver starts from pole position and maintains a lead throughout the race. If the driver prevails, you will have won your wager. It’s a full sweep for all three!

Gbets has plenty of other promotions to choose from. So from the hattrick hero, 1st try double or anytime scorer you are sure to find something.

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We hope you found this F1 Betting Guide useful and it helps you understand your betting markets. As you can see there is a great variety of markets available to cater for any Formula 1 fan interested. Lastly, for more info on the race calendar have a look at our F1 Racing Calendar 2023 article. For all other top sport events read our Sport Previews that come out monthly and March Sport Preview 2023 covering the start of the F1 Season.

When it comes to sportsbooks, there is no one size fits all. The finest betting site for one bettor may not be the best one for another bettor. Looking at our bookie listings, organised by favourite sports, and our in-depth reviews is a fantastic place to start when seeking for the current top betting sites.

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