Accumulator Betting Guide

7 December 2023 |

Accumulators have become a favorite among South African punters looking to ramp up both their sports betting excitement as well as potential returns. Even with small stakes the returns can be quite high.

In this guide we cover all aspects of Accumulator Betting to help you start while finding the best value. From how to place an accumulator bet to tips and strategies for potential success to betting site recommendations – we cover it all.

Understanding Accumulator Betting

Accumulator Betting, also known as Acca Betting or Multi Bet, involves combining multiple individual bets into one single wager. Then the odds of individual selections are multiplied together into overall increased odds and hence bring the opportunity for higher wins. Many betting sites offer multi-bet boosts in addition which can further increase the winnings.

The catch is that all selections must win for the overall bet to be successful and hence Accas carry a higher risk.

Accumulator betting is especially popular when betting on football. With so many matches, leagues and competitions available at the same time you might place bets on various fixtures anyway. By combining all into one multi-bet you benefit from greater rewards.

Best Accumulator Betting Sites

When starting with sports betting choosing the right betting site for you individual preferences is a crucial part. The same applies when you decide to start with accumulators.

Several betting sites in South Africa focus on the preferences of multi-bet punters, providing a smooth user interface, competitive odds, and moreover special promotions to further increase your potential rewards. The below sites are great options for accumulator betting.

100% Welcome Bonusup to R3,000on sports & games
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  • Bet Vegas Live Games

Use the power of Multi-Bet Offers and Bonuses

All of the above betting sites offer you special bonuses which are in most cases Multi-Bet Boosters. This means, the more selections or legs you add to your betslip an additional percentage boost is added. These can be a great incentive by increasing your overall winnings. When leveraging these bonuses cleverly you can therefore significantly amplify your potential profits.

For just combining 2 selections into 1 Acca bet most sites already offer you a multi-bet bonus of 2%. This percentage increases the more legs you add.

  • 10bet South Africa offers you a Multi Bet Booster up to 100% which can bring extra cash winnings up to R100,000!
  • With the available Multi Bet Bonus on Playa Bets you get even up to 125%. This comes with an increased risk as you need to add more legs to claim the bigger percentage.
  • Hollywoodbets also has a special accumulator betting offer up to 30% offer called Soccer Bonus Bonanza.
  •’s Multi Bonus requires at least 5 legs with a maximum of 50% extra.
  • With Supabets’ Multi-Bet Bonus you can increase your winnings up to 125%

With acca betting it makes sense to shop around. Your selected fixtures might have different odds across the various sites and moreover the multi-bet boost percentage can vary.

Below we give you a quick overview for 5, 10 as well as 25 legs and the possible extra reward you can earn:

In addition, to benefit from a multi-bet booster your selections need to usually fulfil minimum odds requirements. Ensure you read the terms and conditions of each offer carefully.

Potential Returns vs Risks

Acca betting is open to everyone, offering the potential for significant returns as combined odds can multiply potential winnings. However, it comes with higher risks. To win your wager, all selected outcomes must be successful. If any selection fails, the entire accumulator bet is lost.

While there’s no upper limit on how many selections or legs you can include in one multi-bet, many players in South Africa prefer not to risk too many selections, as the chances of winning may decrease with each addition. For instance, including four legs and playing a Four-Fold-Accumulator might be wiser than adding seven legs for a Seven-Fold-Accumulator.

Tips for Successful Accumulator Betting

Nothing is guaranteed in the exciting world of sports betting. While some selections may seem almost certain to win, unpredictable outcomes are common, especially in soccer fixtures. Here are some tips and strategies for successful Acca betting:

  • Thorough research on teams and players, including past performance, current form, and other factors that might influence the outcome.
  • Start with lower stakes: as multi-bets have a higher risk its sensible to bet lower stakes.
  • Assess the individual odds of each selection and consider the probability of outcomes. Avoid overly ambitious selections that may jeopardise your entire accumulator bet.
  • Strike a balance between the number of selections and potential returns to minimize the risk of losing the entire bet. Adding more selections increases your risk of potentially loosing your stake.
  • Acknowledge the higher risk involved in Accumulator Betting and set realistic expectations. Avoid bets beyond your comfort zone or budget, especially if you’re new to sports betting.
  • Always bet responsibly and only bet with an amount you can afford to lose.


What is Accumulator Betting?

Accumulator betting involves combining multiple individual bets into one wager. All selections must win for the overall bet to succeed. It offers higher potential returns but comes with increased risk, making it a popular and challenging form of sports betting.

What is the advantage of Accumulator Betting?

Accumulators are multiple bets combined into one overall bet. As the odds of each individual selection are multiplied together the potential return can hence be bigger.

How many bets should I include in an multi bet?

Generally an accumulator consists of two or more selections. Two selections are doubles, while 3 selections are called trebles. The decision on how many legs you want to include in your multi bet you depends on your personal risk vs reward evaluation.

What is a correct score accumulator?

When placing a correct score accumulator you need to predict the exact final score of multiple matches or events. Instead of just predicting the outcome of a match (win, lose, or draw), you must then accurately guess the final score of each selected game. Correct score accumulators are challenging to win but often come with fantastic odds and hence larger payouts if the bet is successful. This bet suits punters who enjoy a high level of precision while being willing to take a higher level of risk.

We hope this guide helps you to dive into the exciting world of accumulator betting. With the potential of higher returns accumulator betting opens the door to a dynamic and rewarding sports betting experience. While this betting type comes at a higher risk, it is also more fun. Test your knowledge and strategy and win your reward.

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