The 3 lucky Betgames

1 February 2021 |

Betgames has become a household name for South African bettors. These short but fun and highly entertaining games see more and more fans.

The 12 games strong Betgames range includes 3 lucky Betgames: Lucky 5, Lucky 6 and Lucky 7. While they are very similar there are also some differences and we have a closer look at all 3 in one article.

Recently all 3 Lucky games studios have seen a much needed overhaul. The games are now presented in more stylish studios. While the games and betting options themselves remain unchanged the optical refresh and enhanced features add to the fun of the games.

Key characteristics lucky Betgames

Lucky 5, 6 & 7 are very similar to traditional keno or lotto games but with fixed odds. Therefore, instead of only betting on numbers, you can enjoy a much bigger variety of betting options including Sums, Even/Odds, Colour and more.

All 3 lucky Betgames have some characteristics in common:

  • All 3 lucky Betgames are played using one drum/game machine, containing a certain amount of numbered, coloured balls.
  • In each game round a certain number of balls is randomly drawn.
  • There is one betting round per game and the betting takes places between the game rounds.
  • A new game starts every 5 minutes.
  • Each lucky game round is super fast and depending on the game only lasts a few seconds.
  • The games are broadcasted live from a Betgames’s studio 24/7/365.
  • A live presenter hosts the game.
  • You can follow the game via the live audio and video stream.
  • ‘How to play’ guides and results pages give you detailed information on game rules and also past draw results.

The 3 lucky Betgames

Lucky 5

In our games section we have listed a detailed review for Lucky 5 but have summarised the main key points below:

  • “5 out of 36”, therefore 5 out of 36 balls are drawn per game
  • 36 balls with numbers 1-36
  • The balls have 4 colours: white, blue, green and red.
  • The colours are divided equally and therefore there are 9 balls per colour.
  • The numbers 1-9 are on white, 10-18 on green, 19-27 on red and 28-36 on blue balls.
  • Total Sum of all balls: 666
  • White balls sum: 45
  • Green balls sum: 126
  • Red balls sum: 207
  • Blue balls sum: 288
  • Betting options: 94
  • 6 Betting categories: Numbers, White Balls, Green Balls, Red Balls, Blue Balls, Different Colours
  • Best payout: 1000x
  • Best bet: With over 300000 winning possibilities for bets on coloured balls under 2.5 this in one of the easiest bets to win but comes with low payouts.

Betgames Lucky 6

  • “6 out of 60”, therefore 6 balls out of 60 balls are drawn per game
  • 60 balls with numbers 0-9
  • The balls have 2 colours: red and blue
  • The colours are divided equally and therefore there are 30 balls per colour; each number 0-9 is available 3 times per colour
  • 3 sectors labelled A, B and C with 2 balls going into each sector
  • Total Sum of all balls: 270
  • Red balls sum: 138
  • Blue balls sum: 132
  • Betting options: 38
  • 5 Betting categories: Numbers, Count, Colours, Odd/even, Total Sum
  • Best payout: 90x
  • Best bet: betting on the sum of balls to be over 15.5 and under 38.5 gives you over 940000 winning possibilities but come with quite a low return.

For more information please also have a look at our detailed Lucky 6 review.

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 is the oldest of the 3 lucky Betgames and already launched in 2012. Below we have listed the key facts about the game. For more details please also have a look at our Lucky 7 review.

  • 7 out of 42, therefore per game 7 out of the total of 42 balls are drawn.
  • 42 balls with numbers from 1 to 42.
  • The balls have 2 colours: yellow and black.
  • The colours are divided equally and therefore there are 21 balls per colour.
  • Total Sum of all balls: 903
  • Yellow balls sum: 451
  • Black balls sum: 452
  • Betting options: 78
  • 6 Betting categories: Numbers, Black/Yellow Balls Total, Total Sum, Total Count, Odd/Even, Black/ Yellow
  • Best payout: 2000x
  • Best bet: betting on a specific numbers give the best return but has also the least probability. Focusing on total sum of numbers or colour betting (such as dropped black or yellow balls will be more than 1.5) is seen as a good way to balance probability and payout.


As you can see from the above listings the 3 lucky Betgames have quite some common features. The main differences are the amount of balls used and drawn as well as the variety of betting features. There are also quite some variance in payouts with the best payout set at x90 in Lucky 6 compared to x2000 for Lucky 7.

Lucky 6 sits right in the middle between Lucky 5 and Lucky 7. The draw works differently as the drum contains 3 sectors and the same numbers appears more than once.


What is the biggest win in Lucky 7?

Lucky 7 offers you the biggest payout of x2000 your stake for correctly guessing 7 numbers.

Are Lucky 5, 6 & 7 fair games?

Lucky 5, Lucky 6 and Lucky 7 are developed by Betgames. All the lucky Betgames are fully licensed by reputable gambling authorities and therefore completely fair and random.

Where can I play the lucky Betgames?

BetgamesTV has partnered with many SA sports books. Therefore you can play them at a variety of sites. Please have a look at our list of recommended bookmakers below.

How to play

The 3 lucky Betgames are really easy to play and also to bet on. In addition, the betting slip is common across all bookmakers and very straightforward.

Follow these steps to start playing:

  1. Log into your betting account (if you do not have one yet, register one at a licensed betting site like the ones listed below).
  2. Choose the game you want to play; the game rounds of Lucky 5,6 & 7 do not overlap so you can also easily switch between the games in one session.
  3. Select the bets you want to play from the various betting options. You can place more than one bet per game round and add your bets combination to the betting slip.
  4. Decide on your stake per betting option.
  5. Once your are happy with your selected bets click ‘Place bet’.

Where to play Lucky 5, 6 & 7

The 3 lucky betgames are available across most South African betting sites. Some bookmakers, such as Gbets, even include them in their 1st deposit bonus.

All of the below listed bookmakers are fully licensed and hence guarantee you a safe and reliable betting entertainment.

R25 Sign UpSports Bonus Bet
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Aside from Lucky 5, Lucky 6 and Lucky 7 many bookmakers feature a lot more Betgames. From ‘War of Bets’ to ‘Wheel of Fortune’, Betgames provide fast-past, unique betting fun. Don’t miss the latest additions Andar Bahar and brand-new Betgame Rock Paper Scissors. The latter is based on the well-know hand sign game we all know since our childhood days and therefore this game is easy to understand while being highly entertaining.

Whichever game from the 3 lucky Betgames you choose – they are all offering short but sweet entertainment.

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