Supabets Jackpot Race

9 February 2023 |

Jackpot Races are a popular mechanic within Habanero Slot games. While you might have already heard about the Spina Zonke Jackpot Races at Hollywoodbets some players don’t yet know that you can also enjoy races on other sites.

Supabets also features Habanero slot games and moreover also offers you a jackpot race. Below we have a detailed look at the Supabets Jackpot Race and how to get your hands on a share of R100,000.

Supabets Jackpot Race Details

Every Friday evening between 8pm and 10pm is Jackpot Race time at Supabets. During this time you should play the included Habanero slot games (see list below) for you chance to win. All bets of min. R2 on these slots titles qualify and then could bring you the jackpot win. The jackpot is guaranteed to be triggered during the 2 hour racing time. The player who placed the bet closest to the trigger time will win the first spot and hence the main prize amount while 69 other players will win the runner-up prizes.

Jackpot Race Paytable

So Friday night can be your lucky night! Every Friday a total jackpot amount of R100,000 is waiting to be won. This jackpot amount is split the following way between 70 players.

  • 1 – R21 000
  • 2 – R12 000
  • 3 – R8 000
  • 4 – R6 500
  • 5 – R4 000
  • 6 – R3 500
  • 7 – R2 500
  • 8 – R2 000
  • 9 – R1 500
  • 10 – R1 000
  • 11 to 20 – R800 each;
  • 21 to 30 – R700 each
  • 31 to 40 – R650 each
  • 41 to 50 – R600 each
  • 51 to 60 – R550 each
  • 61 to 70 – R500 each

Hence if you place your bet the closest to the jackpot trigger time you will walk away with R21,000. Independent of which spot you end up your jackpot race win amount is credited after the race directly to your Supabets account wallet. From there you can withdraw it or use it for further bets across the whole Supabets betting portfolio.

R50 + 100 free spins + deposit bonuses up to R5000
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How to play?

Joining the Supabets Jackpot Races every Friday between 8-10pm is very easy. Follow the following steps to start racing:

  1. Firstly, register or log into your Supabets Account
  2. Once the clock hits 8pm on Friday evening the jackpot race starts. Then you can start placing your min. R2 bets on selected Habanero slot titles.
  3. Once the jackpot triggers the jackpot race ends and afterwards all winners are credited as per the paytable.

It is important to remember that the jackpot can be triggered at any point during the racing time. Hence you need to ensure that you manage your bankroll wisely to possibly be ale to play for 120 minutes. The jackpot triggers randomly and we have seen it happen early as well as very late. Therefore there is no clear strategy of when you should place your bets. Ideally continuous and moreover responsible gameplay is recommended.

Included Games

The jackpot race mechanic isn’t available in all Habanero slot games. Moreover the included titles vary from time to time. Nevertheless there is a great variety of games included in the Supabets Jackpot Race, such as the following:

  • London Hunter
  • Four Divine Beast
  • Fa Cai Shen Deluxe
  • Lucky Lucky
  • Loony Blox
  • Lucky Fortune Cat
  • Wizards Want War!
  • Magic Oak
  • Mount Mazuma
  • 5 Lucky Lions
  • Knockout Football Rush
  • Scopa
  • Egyptian Dreams Deluxe
  • Bomb Away
  • Wild Trucks
  • Naughty Santa Milk & Chocolate
  • Colossal Gems
  • Nuwa
  • Techno Tumble
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Santa’s Village

The included games features some of the most popular Habanero slot games, such as Wild Trucks as well as Nuwa. You might have already played Lucky Lucky and Knockout Football Rush when claiming the Supabets welcome bundle. As a reminder, when you register a new Supabets account you get 100 free spins on these 2 Habanero titles.

Interestingly neither Hot Hot Fruit nor Hot Hot Supabets are not part of the list. This differs the Supabets Jackpot Race therefore from the Hollywoodbets’ Spina Zonke Jackpot Race which usually includes Hot Hot Fruit.

R50 + 100 free spins + deposit bonuses up to R5000
100% African-owned and run bookmaker with a wide and varied offering
  • Wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Slots, Instant & Live Games
  • Lots of special features


What is the Supabets Jackpot Race?

The Supabets Jackpot Race is a special promotion that runs every Friday between 8pm -10pm. If you play selected Habanero slot games during this time you have the chance to win the jackpot race and furthermore your share of R100,000. More information is available in Bet& Win’s Supabets Jackpot Race article.

How can I join the Supabets Jackpot Race?

Everyone with a valid Supabets account can join the jackpot race every Friday. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register with Supabets here. The jackpot race plays every Friday between 8pm & 10pm. For your chance to win your share of R100,000 you need to place min. R2 bets on the participating slots and hope that your bet is the closest to the jackpot trigger time.

Habanero slot titles are fun to play and the integrated jackpot race mechanic makes them even more interesting. Not all betting and casino sites that have these slot games make use of the jackpot race feature but Supabets does. So if you like spinning the reels of these slots anyway you might want to give the Friday night jackpot race a go. You might furthermore win twice with 1 bet.

R50 + 100 free spins + deposit bonuses up to R5000
100% African-owned and run bookmaker with a wide and varied offering
  • Wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Slots, Instant & Live Games
  • Lots of special features

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